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Level: 1
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Quest:Earning Renown


Speak with Chieftain Kilroy to learn about the various quest icons you will encounter throughout your adventures. (NOTE: After accepting the quest, speak with the chieftain by right-clicking on him, then choosing the icon you wish to learn about.)


hail and well met, *race*. I am Kilroy, Chieftain of the town of Fintain. You are here because you have chosen to swear fealty to the realm of Hibernia. We are locked in a bloody war against the self-righteous crusaders of Albion as well as the barbaric forces of Midgard and the need for strong and loyal fighters has never been as great as it is now. You have come here to Lamfhota's Sound to begin your preparation for the battles ahead. You will want to begin by learning how to identify when there are quests or tasks available to you. These quests and tasks will be paramount in your advancement because they will provide you with the equipment and experience you will need to defeat your foes on the field of battle. Let us waste no more time, there is much to learn and do. Speak with me and I will give you a very quick explanation about the various icons you will encounter as you adventure through these lands. As I explain the icons, my assistant Willem will demonstrate them to you.


Speak with Chieftain Kiltroy to learn about Icons Kilroy says, "During your travels across the realm you will encounter the opportunity to participate in Quests which you can locate by the icons which Willem here will display for you. Let us begin! Or are you already [familiar] with everything?" Kilroy says, "If you need a refresher course, don't hesitate to stop by and speak with me again."


You may return to me at any time if you would like to review these icons again.


  • 40 experience
  • 17 copper