Level: 10
Captain Viteri
Elder Krenyn
Related NPC's:
Channeler Avalloc
Leads To:
Quest:Make Safe the Roads


Speak with Channeler Avalloc in lower Fintain for passage to Mag Mell where Elder Krenyn resides.


The town of Fintain and it's stronghold of Dun Cormya are deeply in your debt, *race*. The experience and abilities which you have gained here are sorely needed in other areas in Hibernia, particularly where the realm war is raging. There is more training you must experience before you master the *class* profession, but there is no question that you are well on your way. The many peoples of Hibernia are here to help you, *name* and there are many adventures that lay ahead. I send you to the capable care of Elder Krenyn, in Hibernia's glorious town of Mag Mell. Channeler Avalloc in lower Fintain will provide you with passage. Thank you, *name*. You will not be forgotten.


See Channeler Avalloc for passage to Mag Mell Channeler Avalloc says, "Greetings, *class*. Do you wish to leave Lamfhota's Sound? It is within my power to send you to Mag Mell if you would like. Just tell me when you are [ready] and I will send you on your way!" Channeler avalloc says, "Farewell, brave *race*." Speak with Elder Krenyn in Mag Mell


I have been expecting you, *name*. Welcome to Mag Mell.


  • 7,756 experience
  • 7 silver and some copper



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