Level: 9
Captain Inarea
Chieftess Cormya
Related NPC's:
Midgard invader, Master of Runes, Midgard Hunter
Leads To:
Quest:A Dispatch to Fintain


Enter the courtyard of Dun Cormya and slaughter at least 12 Midgard invaders. Once done, report to Sergeant Sakinthlas and advise him that you have come to ensure the safety of Chieftess Cormyra.


Our forces have regained their foothold out here at the tower, thanks in part to your bravery and skill. My concern is for Dun Cormyra and the Chieftess who resides there. Chieftess Cormya has long defended Lamfhota's sound, and the town of Fintain by keeping the forces of Albion and Midgard at bay. This simultaneous invasion is bringing Dun Cormyra to the brink of capture and that would be disasterous for the realm of Hibernia. Follow the path south and enter the courtyard of Dun Cormya. Slay all invaders that you find. Show them no mercy, *race*, for the safety of the realm is at stake. Once you have hewn down the invaders, speak with Sergeant Sakinthlas who stands guard over the last remaining barrier between the barbarians of Midgard and our noble Chieftess Cormya, he will grant you access to the inner keep.


Kill 12 Midgard Invaders Speak with Sergeant Sakinthlas Sergeant Sakinthlas says, "oh thank The Morrigan for you, *name*. I was sure that Dun Cormya was going to be overrun by these monstrous invaders from Midgard. Please enter the keep through the doors behind me. Chieftess Cormya will be most happy to see you. Speak with Chieftess Cormya in the inner keep


My dear *name*. You have shown remarkable bravery during a time of great fear and strife. The soldiers at Dun Cormya and the good people of Fintain owe you a considerable debt of gratitude. You've come this far, I ask that you do one last service.


  • 57,500 experience
  • 22 silver and some copper



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