Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Level: 10
General Acheren
Chieftain Feidrid
Related NPC's:
Channeler Olofsven
Leads To:
Quest:The Legacy of Midgard


Speak with Channeler Olofsven next to the Bindstone in Hafheim for passage to Mularn where Chieftain Feidrid resides.


Yes, Hafheim is at your service, but you are meant for service to the entire realm of Midgard. I am going to send you to Cheiftain Feidrid, once a legendary warrior who commanded our armies on the frontier. He's recently taken up residence in Mularn and is training our most promising new recruits for this unceasing realm war. Please see Channeler Olofsven in the center of Hafheim, by the Bindstone, and he will give you passage to Mularn. Midgard is an impressive realm, *name*, spanning leagues and we need everyone to do their part in defending its borders. Farewell and may the gods go with you.


Go to Channeler Olofsven for passage to Mularn Channeler Olofsven says, "Greetings, *class*. Do you wish to [leave] Grenlock's Sound? It is within my power to send you to Mularn if you would like. The distance is quite far and would take an entire day by horse. A travel spell is the fastest and safest way to get there." Channeler Olofsven says, "Very well then. You will be able to return here until you have reached your 16th season of training. Speak to any of the other Channelers of the realm to travel back. Are you [ready] to leave now?" Channeler Olofsven says, "Farewell, brave *race*." Speak to Chieftain Feidrid in Mularn


Hail, *race*. Welcome to Mularn.


  • 7,680 experience
  • 7 silver and some copper