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Gather the Energy
Level 1
Kobold Undercity
Summoner Groum
Summoner Groum


(Step 1-5) Gather 5 balls of energy. Simply find a free floating energy and interact with it to capture it with the gem Summoner Groum has given you.


The Summoner Groum says, "Greetings [Name]! We are in this secluded area because it is easier to concentrate while attempting to summon [energy] from all this fungus.

The Summoner Groum says, "The fungus is a great source of energy. It seems to replenish itself without much of a problem. We [harvest] it to use in many different things.

The Summoner Groum says, "We have gatherers throughout the caverns. I can only assist this group here because I cannot be in two [places] at once!"

The Summoner Groum says, "If you want you can help [gather] energy from the other parts of our city! Would you like to?"


The Summoner Groum says, "Great! Here take this gem! I have one like it and I use it to harvest the energy that the gatherers summon. All you need to do is find some free floating energy and [grab] it!"

The Summoner Groum says, "Just simply interact with the energy as you see it pass by and it will be stored inside the gem. If you bring back five stored smaller energies I will be able to store it and you will be rewarded for your efforts!"

You examine floating energy. It is neutral to you.

The floating energy flashes for a brief moment and is absorbed into [Name's] gem.

(Step 6) Return to Summoner Groum with the fully charged gem!


The Summoner Groum says, "Wonderful! It looks like you have a fully charged gem. Give it to me and I shall give you your reward!"


  • 3 experience


The floating energies are glowing balls that are in the air around this area. They do not have a nameplate.