Level: 6
General Acheren
Related NPC's:
Hibernian Sentry, Hibernian Sergeant, Hibernian Commander
Leads To:
Quest:Upgrading Your Weapon


Eylimil has asked you to oust the Hibernian Invaders from the island by defeating three Hibernian Sentries, two Hibernian Sergeants, and a Hibernian Commander. Report back to General Acheren in upper Hafheim when you have succeeded.


I have been observing the invasion force as they've come ashore. it seems that the officers have arrived and have set up their camp beside the dock, to the southwest. Infiltrating the camp to dispatch the commanders will be no easy feat. They are guarded by several sentries and elite Sergeants. These Hibernian fighters are more experienced than the grunt invaders that you vanquished on your way to me. You must take care to protect yourself and not engage too many foes at once. If you are careful, you can lure in the Commander's guards one or two at a time. They're not too bright, after all. I wish you luck in your task, *name*, When you have met with victory, report back to General Acheren in Hafheim.


Slay 3 Hibernian Sentries Kill 2 Hibernian Sergeants Eliminate the Hibernian Commander


Excellent work, *name*. You are more valuable than I could have dreamed. This village owes you its survival and thanks.


  • 20,900 experience
  • 9 silver and some copper
  • shining Recruit's Chain Coif
  • shining Recruit's Studded Helm
  • shining Recruit's Leather Helm
Melee 1, Dex 6, Hits 10
  • shining Recruit's Padded Cap
Magic 1, Con 6, Hits 10



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