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Earthbound Souls
Level 2-6
Burial Grounds
Guard Kellor
Guard Kellor
earthbound soul


(Step 1-4) Travel to the corridor to the north northeast of Guard Kellor and slay an earthbound soul. USE the Flask of Restraining to capture the soul. Do this for three earthbound souls.


Guard Kellor says, "Well met, [Race]. Welcome to lower Midgard. It would be wise to be careful when traveling in these hallowed grounds. These are quite [treacherous] times."

Guard Kellor says, "The various souls who have been stirred up have been attacking those who stray off of the path. These creatures have become quite a [problem]."

Guard Kellor says, "I am trying to help deal with this menace by providing monetary reward for any who can bring me three captured earthbound souls. Would you like to [try] your hand at this chore to earn a bit of money?"


Guard Kellor says, "Please take this flask. You may use it to capture the earthbound souls once you slay them. These beings are bound here, so killing them simply will not do the [job]."

Guard Kellor says, "Travel to the corridor north northeast of me and slay three earthbound souls. Use the Flask of Restraining after each kill to capture the souls. Return to me once you complete this errand."

(Step 5) Return to Guard Kellor with the Three Restrained Souls.


Guard Kellor says, "I am glad that you returned safely, [Race]. Did you obtain the Three Restrained Souls? Please hand them to me."

Guard Kellor says, "Thank you for providing this service to the forces, [Race]. Be well."


  • 35 experience
  • 37 copper


There is no visual quest marker at this time to indicate that this NPC has a quest for you.