Level: 7
Captain Inarea
Captain Inarea
Related NPC's:
Commander's Huscarl, Midgard Commander
Leads To:
Quest:Reclaiming Dun Cormyra


Find the Midgard Commander behind the tower. He is guarded by four Huscarls who you must kill. Once they are dead, dispatch the Midgard Commander then return to Captain Inarea


A fine job with the invaders, *name*. Now that we have regained our foothold and are maintaining a solid defensive position, we can begin to focus on more strategic targets. For us to quell this invasion, we cannot simply eliminate the invaders, for they will be quickly reinforced. We must strike at the heart of their invasion force. To the rear of the tower, our sentries have located the Midgard Commander. It is he you must kill, but it will be no easy task. In order to dispatch the Midgard Commander, you must first destroy the two elite Huscarls which guard him. Once they are gone, kill the Midgard Commander. Return to me when you have completed this task.


Kill the Commander's Huscarls. Kill the Midgard Commander Return to Captain Inarea


I must admit, I was skeptical that you would meet with victory. You seem to be skilled for one so lacking in their seasons. I have another duty for you, *name*. One of the utmost importance.


  • 38,250 experience
  • 14 silver and some copper
  • Recruit's Scale Gloves
  • Recruit's Reinforced Gauntlets
  • Recruit's Leather Gloves
  • Recruit's Woven Gloves
Con 4 Slash 2% Crush 2%



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