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A Dragon's Curse Campaign Chapter 2[]

The campaign continues! Find the Blood Stone!

To start chapter 2:

  • Speak with Commander Selan in Childe’s Tomb in Dartmoor.
  • Plan your next move with the Drakulv traitor, Garmr in Drakulvhamn in Malmohus.
  • Visit Salle the Glimmer Fairy in the Rift in Sheeroe Hills.

The entire dungeons are now open for exploration!


  • Several new quests and quest types have been added to the dungeon:
    • Normal Quests – Can be done as a solo player.
    • Elite Quests – Will typically involve a small group to complete. These are marked (Elite) in the quest’s title.
    • Battlegroup Quests – Will require a battlegroup to complete. These are marked (Battlegroup) in the quest’s title.
    • Campaign Quests – Will have varying degree of difficulty. These are marked as [Cursed] in the quest’s title. They also state if they are achievable (Solo), as a (Small Group), or require a (Battlegroup).
    • All quest credit is battlegroup credit (but can be completed as a solo or group as well).


  • Aurulite and loot changes:
    • The Aurulite Merchants have new potions!
    • Legacy Merchants that offer legacy Catacombs items have been added inside the dungeons.
      • These will be updated with more legacy items in the coming chapters. 
    • The chance for all enemies in the new dungeons to drop aurulite has been increased.
      • Named, non-elite enemies, have an increased chance to drop aurulite. However, they are typically more difficult than regular enemies.
      • Enemies marked <Elite> always drop a larger stack of aurulite. Elite enemies are typically powerful and require several allies.
    • The crafting ingredient, powdered aurulite, has been added to the loot table of the dungeon enemies