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Blackfang (Albion)
New User Journey
Level 3
Holtham in Constantine's Sound
Lieutenant Cantren
Major Brutrin
grey wolf, Blackfang


Travel a short distance north, northeast and slay 3 grey wolves. When this is done, dispatch Blackfang, the wolf mother. Report to Brutrin in Holtham when you have completed this task. (NOTE: Switch to the overview map to locate the quest waypoint)


We have been alerted that Constantine's Sound is being invaded by both Midgard and Hibernian forces and the Midgard invaders are drawing near.

Our scouts have seen the frosty sails of their ships through the trees to the southwest. Major Bruitin has instructed me to send him qualified fighters to aid in the defense of Holtham.

I see that you are progressing in your training, however I will not send you to engage the invaders until I am certain that you are capable of surviving in combat.

The hills to the northeast are the hunting grounds of the wolf mother, Blackfang, and her brood of bloodthirsty grey wolves. Slaying them will be proof enough that you are prepared to pit yourself against the foes of Midgard and Hibernia.

When you have completed this task, visit Major Brutrin with proof of Blackfang's death. I wish you luck, *race*.


  • Kill 3 Grey Wolves in the field to the northeast
  • Kill Blackfang the wolf mother
  • Report to Major Brutrin


What's this? Blackfang's ear?

Lieutenant Cantren was right to vouch for you. I require no more proof of your bravery and skill.


  • 1,377 experience
  • 3 silver and some copper
  • shining Recruit's Plate Boots
    AF 18 Str 3 Dex 3 Qui 3 Slash 1%
  • shining Recruit's Chain Boots
    AF 18 Str 3 Dex 3 Qui 3 Slash 1%
  • shining Recruit's Studded Boots
    AF 18 Str 3 Dex 3 Qui 3 Slash 1%
  • shining Recruit's Leather Boots
    AF 18 Con 3 Dex 3 Qui 3 Slash 1%
  • shining Recruit's Quilted Boots
    AF 9 Con 3 Dex 3 Acu 3 Slash 1%


You will have to kill the 3 grey wolves before you can kill blackfang.