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Black Bear Threat
New User Journey
Level 1
Holtham in Constantine's Sound
Sir Remson
Lieutenant Cantren
small black bear


Kill 3 small black bears roaming the field northeast of Sir Remson, then report to Lieutenant Cantren nearby. If you have difficulty finding them, open your map to see where Remson has marked their location. (NOTE: Type /map to open your Map Window;)


You may have noticed several people throughout town with the lesson Quest icon over their head. You should feel free to travel around town and speak with these individuals to see what you may learn.

If you are ready to become prepared for the combat in our war torn land, however, I have a task for you. To the northeast of my location a population of small black bears have been slowly accumulating. These creatures have been attacking innocent townsfolk at random, and they must be cleared from the area.

I have marked your map with the location of these creatures so that you may find them and reduce their numbers. When you have finished, I would like you to report to Lieutenant Cantren who can be found north of me, along the road to lower Holtham. I have marked his location upon your map as well.


  • Exterminate 3 small black bears
  • Report to Lieutenant Cantren north of Sir Remson


I have been expecting you, *name*! I see that you have been helping to protect Holtham against the malevolent creatures nearby.

We will require more of your assistance, brave *race*, and for it we shall not fail to reward you.


  • 180 experience
  • shining Recruit's Plate Hauberk
  • shining Recruit's Chain Hauberk
  • shining Recruit's Studded Vest
  • shining Recruit's Leather Vest
  • shining Recruit's Quilted Robe

Magical bonuses on the items: AF: 18 (9 for Cloth) - Body 2%, Spirit 2%, Crush 2%, Slash 1%