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Ancient Battlegrounds
Pictish Invasion
Level 48


King Cruithne


Speak with Fionn Mac Cumhaill about the Medallion of Passage.


Hibernia, my emerald land. The Hills of my fathers, rivers of my brothers, and the ancient trees of our glorious goddess mother are poisoned by this cruel and [savage] foe.

It is perhaps fortunate that you are here *class* for I have just received information that will give us the advantage in this savage war of [attrition].

Many a battle, there we would stand on the knife's edge of victory when, as from nowhere, the Pictish line would be reinforced by fresh fighters. We knew not where they came, so the King has summoned our wisest [Elders] to research these barbarians.

It's the lcket, *race*. The power is hidden in the medallion they wear around their necks. Once our Elders understoof, they were able to tap into its [power].

Go, *name*. Afix the medallion of passage around your neck and wait atop the Portal Pad for a caremony that I have not seen in age...

May The Morrigan's valor guide you on the battlefields of old, *class* of *realm*.


Sir Yvain has shared with you the new found secrets of the Pictish invaders. Follow his instructions for the glory of Albion.

  • Equip the Caledonia Medallion of Passage
  • Stand on the Portal Pad at Castle Sauvage
  • Enter Caledonia
  • Slay King Cruithne
  • Return to Sir Yvain in Castle Sauvage


Thank you, *race*. You have brought me renewed hope that the mighty realm of Albion shall crush these barbaric invaders.

Your efforts shall not go unrewarded.


  • 1.5 bubbles of experience
  • 330 gold
  • Silver-bound Chest
  • Camelot 10 Year Crest
  • Omni Merchant Stone
  • Title: Caledonia Skirmisher
  • Title: Conqueror of Caledonia