Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
There are expanded rules in place that govern anyone playing on DAoC PvP specific servers. These servers differ from the standard DAoC servers in the following ways:
  • No Realm affiliations. Players are free to join groups, and guilds with any member of any other Realm. Players of all races can communicate freely with one another.
  • Wide open PvP. Any player can attack any other player that is not in their group or guild. Players who are level 10 and below have the choice to be immune to any PvP in their home realms. More details on this are listed below.
  • Players get experience for killing other players. There is a death penalty as well.
  • Relics are controlled by Guilds, not by Realms. Guilds can store any Relic controlled by them in any Outpost they control.
  • Players can shop at any store, although they can not use items that require skills they don't have. They can, however, sell loot at any store.
  • Darkness Falls is open to all players at all times.
  • Capital Cities are safe areas.
  • You are given a small time of PvP immunity after zoning or entering the game. You are also given a small time of immunity after you resurrect at a bindstone (which is obviated if you attack anyone in that time).
  • -Players under 10th level have a "PvP" flag that can be permanently removed at any time - if the flag is set, you cannot attack other players or be attacked while in your Realm's home zones.

There are modified rules in place that govern anyone playing on DAoC PvP servers. All rules from the DAoC Rules of Conduct apply, except as noted in the following expanded rules:

Honor in Combat for PvP Servers.

  • There will be no enforcement of the usual Honor in Combat polices. If you have an Honor in Combat issue with another player, you have PvP tools at your disposal to take care of it.

Harassment Policy for PvP Servers.

  • This server features open killing and communication between everyone on the server. Most of this type of behavior is not considered harassment, and is the intended purpose of this server. Please carefully read the Harassment Policy in the Rules of Conduct, this outlines exactly what harassment is, and how to report it if it happens to you.
  • We WILL be strictly enforcing the harassment policy as it is written in the Rules of Conduct though. This server is not an open invitation to harass people.

If you cannot abide by these rules, or are not prepared to experience unrestricted PvP, please DO NOT play on these servers.