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I am having problems when trying to create an account with my new CD-Key, what do I do?

These are common questions and answers about entering your CD-Key information. Try these common solutions, they will most likely solve your problems.

Upon entering my new account information I am getting the message "Your CD Key is already in use". What could be the problem and what can I do to correct this issue?

If you experience a long pause or timeout after entering your new account information and CD key and experience the message "Your CD Key is already in use" please perform the following:

  • Go back to the account password screen
  • Re-enter your account name and password Both are case sensitive
  • Click on OK to enter Dark Age of Camelot
  • You should be able to enter the game at this time

DO NOT perform the following:

  • DO NOT try to re-enter your account information all over again.
  • DO NOT keep attempting to click on "ok" in the new account information screen.

One of the main reasons why it is saying that your "CD key is already in use" is because it actually is, by "YOU" the user. When you entered your information the first time, it registered you, even if you did not get a message back. Try to log in, you should be able to.

I am getting the message "Your CD key appears to be invalid". What can be the problem and what can I do to correct this issue?

There are many reasons why this may be happening. Please double check and perform the following:

  • Double check to make sure you are actually entering the correct CD key presented to you on the jewel case. 99% of all "invalid CD Keys" are really incorrectly entered.
  • Make sure the CD key is being entered with the CAPS LOCK key turned on. It must be in upper case.
  • If your CD key has the symbol "I" it is actually an uppercase i, NOT an L or a 1.

Also, please be sure you are not trying to create a new account with an expansion CD key. These keys can only be used to upgrade existing accounts.