The Pictish Invasion is the second campaign for Dark Age of Camelot and features an invasion of all three realms by the Picts.

Pictish camps were seen to spring up around the realms. The Picts are the original settlers of Hibernia and are the menace behind Hadrian’s Wall, the tribes of the Picts have united under one leader and have come back with plans for revenge. They have waited for the right moment, with the three realms weakened by their constant battles.

Chapter 1 - An Old Enemy Returns

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Pictish Camps are seen across the realms.


Zone Locations
Camelot Hills
  • 27k, 21k
  • 34k, 49k
Campacorentin Forest
  • 50k, 25k
  • 2k, 18k
Avalon Marsh
  • 39k, 22k
  • 18k, 43k
  • 49k, 32k
Black Mountains North
  • 30k, 34k
Black Mountains South
  • 14k, 5k
  • 36k, 41k
Salisbury Plains
  • 16k, 17k
  • 25k, 50k


Zone Locations
Lough Derg
  • 39k, 7k
  • 16k, 42k
Silvermine Mountains
  • 35k, 10k
  • 18k, 47k
Shannon Estuary
  • 18k, 17k
Lough Gur
  • 10k, 13k
  • 45k, 45k
Bri Leith
  • 44k, 13k
Cursed Forest
  • 28k, 13k
  • 27k, 27k
  • 54k, 35k
Cliffs of Moher
  • 56k, 55k


Zone Locations
Vale of Mularn
  • 48k, 44k
  • 56k, 16k
East Svealand
  • 4k, 6k
  • 59k, 29k
West Svealand
  • 36k, 55k
  • 56k, 16k
  • 17k, 20k
Myrkwood Forest
  • 58k, 20k
Skona Ravine
  • 46k, 62k
  • 12k, 31k

Chapter 2 - An Encroaching Threat

Royal Emissaries have been sent to the border keep of the realms to direct the response to the threat.

Defenders of the realm are directed to locate a Pictish Settlement in the Frontiers and slay Pictish Settlers until they locate information relating to the Pictish Invasion.

Pictish Frontier Camps

Zone Location
Emain Macha
Hadrian's Wall
Pennine Mountains
Odin's Gate
  • 3 camps on the borders

Chapter 3 - Leave No Stone Unturned

Pictish Warlords are preparing to siege the border keeps. Defenders of the realm are ordered to slay the Warlords at their camps.

New NPC's have appeared in each realms primary border keep to direct the defence.


Chieftain Zone Location
High Chieftess Caitt Llyn Barfog 48k, 7k
Arch Druid Talorgen Llyn Barfog 57k, 25k
Grand Magus Fochel Black Mountains North 13k, 35k
Overseer Crautreic Black Mountains North 31k, 12k


Chieftain Zone Location
High Chieftain Foclaid Cursed Forest 20k, 57k
Arch Druid Lutrin Cursed Forest 5k, 47k
Grand Magus Morbet Bri Leith 53k, 35k
Overseer Muircholaich Bri Leith 25k, 21k


Chieftain Zone Location
High Chieftain Circenn Raumarik 49k, 55k
Arch Druid Derelei Raumarik 58k, 32k
Grand Magus Gnith West Svealand 5k, 18k
Overseer Feredach West Svealand 34k, 6k


Chapter 4 - Laying the Trap

Defenders of the realm lay a trap for High Chieftain Fidach by allowing him to capture a border keep.

Chapter 5 - Ancient Battlegrounds

Defenders of the realm are tasked with defeating King Cruithne who has taken up residence in Caer Caledon in Caledonia .

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