Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

About Pendragon[]

Pendragon is the public test server for Dark Age of Camelot it will receive patches before live servers do in order for the community to test the latest patch. Various NPCs exist on this server to ease your testing.

Pendragon started out with a normal players community and levelling was done in the normal fashion, the policy regarding this server was changed in order to allow greater testing and NPCs were added to grant levels.

Playing on Pendragon[]


You do not need to sign up in order to access Pendragon. All account holders have the ability to play on the Pendragon test server. In order to log in to Pendragon, you will need to perform the following:

Open up your C:\Mythic\Camelot folder. Within that folder, you will find two similar icons: Camelot.exe and Camtest.exe. Running Camelot.exe allows you to login to the main servers. If you click on the Camtest.exe file, you will connect to a different login server that will then allow you to enter Pendragon. Once the program launches, proceed to login as normal. You may also right-click the Camtest.exe icon and make a shortcut to it on your desktop so that you may more easily re-enter the Pendragon test server in the future.

Pendragon NPCs[]

  • Celestius Loot Dispenser (Receive full ML10 loot)
  • Testermatic (Gain levels, gold, bps, rps, dragon scales, cl levels)
  • Slash, Thurst and Crush (outside the capital city as testing dummies)

Pendragon FAQ[]

Where do I get free ML10 loot?[]

In the capital cities, find a purple mob looking like Sagittarius. His name is "celestius loot dispenser". If you try to interact with him, you will notice that nothing happens. You have to whisper your realm to it, e.g. /whis Midgard. Then you will receive a full roll of ML10 loot. This can be repeated as many times as you want. If you stand near a merchant, you can also use this as a source of money ;)

How is the fastest way to get 50?[]

If you have a lvl 50 character on another server, then you can just go with your newly created lvl 1 character to the trainer in the main city and use /level and you will be boosted to level 44. After that, find the mob named "Testermatic" who will get you to level 50 in a few minutes using the option "several levels". Note that you have to wait 2 minutes between issuing "several levels" again. You can also teleport or re log to remove the 2 minutes waiting time.