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Patch Notes: Version 1.90

Dark Age of Camelot
Live Version 1.90 Release Notes
Frontiers and Class Changes
September 5, 2007

With Version 1.90, we bring to you a major overhaul of New Frontiers. All frontier and battleground keeps have been updated with new art and pathing, which includes the removal of ladders from all Realm vs. Realm structures. In addition to the art changes, we have removed the varying keep guard contingents, added more climb points, reconstructed the Siegecraft skill, and introduced Siege Towers. "New Frontiers" is, indeed, new once again. We hope you enjoy the new face of Realm versus Realm combat in Dark Age of Camelot.

In addition to the Realm versus Realm updates, we implemented loyalty rewards for our veteran players, added a /roleplay command, updated all damage-over-time spells, and made additional adjustments to the following classes:Â Animists, Armsmen, Berserkers, Cabalists, Clerics, Druids, Eldritches, Healers, Heretics, Mentalists, Runemasters, Shaman, and Theurgists.


  • All characters have been granted a free Mythic respec. The respec is available via the command: '/respec mythic'
  • Players who have accounts which have been active for 5 years are eligible to receive two new trophies as rewards to our veteran players.
  • Players should visit the Census Overseer, in their capital city, just outside the throne room, to find out if they are eligible.
    • Note: Your account does not need to be active for 5 years consecutively, but 5 years accumulatively to be eligible. Characters also must be at least level 40 to be eligible.
  • A 5 minute realm timer has been added for all clustered servers. Before switching realms on a cluster, players must now wait until the 5 minute timer is up.
  • Speed, Power, Health, and Endurance songs that require an instrument on Bards and Minstrels are no longer interruptible.
  • Fixed an issue where players could execute a combat style immediately after being affected by certain types of stuns.
  • Damage bonuses (Acuity, etc.) will now apply to ground-targeted spells.
  • Focus spells (such as the Heretic's "Torrential Blaze") no longer trigger a weapon-delay-based recast timer. i.e., casting a new spell while focusing another will still end your focus, but will also start casting the new spell (rather than saying "You must wait 3 seconds to cast a spell!").
  • Hastener speed has been reduced in value to match speed chants from secondary speed classes in each realm. The two values should now be equivalent.
  • If a player equips a Constitution bonus Mythirian when their Constitution stat and cap are already maxed out, the player's hit points will now properly raise.
  • The Champion Level ability Mind Concussion now has the correct icon for a spell of its type.
  • All servers now have the /release city option.


  • A new command has been added which allows guild members to deposit coin directly into that player’s guild bank. The command is as follows: '/gc deposit [copper]'
  • Players can now use the /roleplay command to turn on a roleplay flag. When the flag is enabled, the player's name will be a different color and have (RP) on the end of it.
  • The /who command has been updated to allow searching for players based on the new RP flag. To search for fellow role-players use the following command: '/who rp'
  • The /gc upgrade and /gc type commands have been removed.
  • The /advice command has been removed from the /appeal menu.
  • The broadcast channel's selected color will now be saved and loaded when zoning and logging in.
  • 'You cancel your effect' is now sent to the Spell Expire Channel instead of the Spell Channel.
  • 'You are now preparing to perform a XXX style as backup for XXX!' is now sent to the Action Channel as opposed to the System Channel.
  • The following messages have been moved from the System Channel to the Important Channel:
    • You move and interrupt your spellcast!
    • You are ready to fire!
    • You move and interrupt your shot!
    • You are ready to fire a volley shot! (Shots remaining: X)
  • The following message is now sent to the Items Channel:
    • You use the XXX.


Siegecrafting has been completely revamped and fleshed out into a full tradeskill. Recipes now range from 5 to 1000 skill, covering everything from weak, makeshift devices to fully fortified engines of war. This even includes a few infernal devices discovered by making use of Demon Seal Fragments scattered across Agramon Island.

No longer are unrelated tradeskills required to build these machines. All siege ingredient and apparatus recipes have been moved from the original, primary tradeskills into Siegecrafting. No longer are palintones restricted only to keep hookpoints. New palintone recipes are now available for normal construction. On top of all that, new ammunition types are now available for every siege engine (with the exception of rams). Greek fire, diseased carcasses, thunder bolts, toxic bolts, and many other varied ammunition types can now be made for greater flexibility and power.

  • Each siege engine is now available in 10 different configurations that vary in power, from makeshift (the weakest) to fortified (the strongest). The better the configuration, the more damage the engine will do with its default ammunition and the more hitpoints it will take to destroy it.
  • Siege engines will now salvage for roughly 70% of the wood required to make the engine.
  • Siege ammunition will now sell for 70% of the material cost used to make the ammunition.
  • Ammunition is also now available in 10 different configurations that vary in power. The better the configuration, the more damage it will do.
  • Siege ammunition has been restricted so that ammo of a certain tier can only be used on a siege engine at the corresponding tier or higher. This means that the highest level ammo will only work on the highest level siege engine. Ex. "scorching greek fire" is a tier 9 catapult ammo, which means it can only be used on a "˜Rugged Field Catapult" (tier 9) or a "Fortified Field Catapult" (tier 10). Ammunition delves will reflect the minimum siege engine required.
  • The previous method of combining deployed rams to build a battle ram, then a war ram has been eliminated. Battle Rams are now constructed by combining un-deployed siege ram apparatuses. War Rams are now constructed by combining un-deployed siege and battle ram apparatuses.
  • To deploy any of the siege engines more powerful than the current siege engines (i.e. anything with the "sturdy" qualifier or greater), you must be within 7000 units of a Siege Tent.
  • Siege Tents can be deployed by /using a Siege Tent Kit (created through Siegecrafting) at any location labeled as a "potential siege tent location". Three such locations can be found at every keep in the frontier (one inside the keep, two outside).
  • Siege Tents can be destroyed by the enemy realm to prevent you from building further powerful siege engines. Doing so leaves rubble which can be manually cleared away by force or left for a few minutes to disintegrate on its own. Once the rubble is cleared, a new Siege Tent can be constructed.
  • Permanent Siege Supply boxes for each realm can be found in Thidranki, Braemar, Wilton, Molvik, and Leirvik near the center keeps. These serve the same function as Siege Tents.
  • Each battleground has restrictions on the level of siege engine that can be built there. Sturdy and all lesser siege can be built in Thidranki. Leirvik will accept everything up to and including the rugged set.
  • Battleground Siegemasters will now create siege appropriate for the battleground they dwell in.
  • Siege available from keep hookpoints will now include all engine configurations from normal to durable.
  • Runed Demon Seal Fragments can now be found scattered across Agramon. These spawn slowly at a number of random locations across the island. These are used for the recipes in the Infernal Engineering list in Siegecrafting (including the Image of Nefastus, Demon Seal Boulder, and Demon Seal Barrage). They can be picked up by anyone and traded at will, but will be destroyed upon logout or linkdeath.
  • All Infernal Engineering recipes may only be used within range of a Siege Tent.
  • The Image of Nefastus is an idol of a long-forgotten demon lord of Darkness Falls that can be constructed to give anyone who interacts with it one of three damage type buffs (changing all melee damage done by you to that damage type). It will last for at least 10 minutes, then only as long as there are players nearby.
  • The Demon Seal Boulder is catapult ammunition that contains a small, dormant link to Darkness Falls. If broken within scent of an enemy player, a demon may be lured through to fight for your realm for up to 5 minutes before returning to its dark abyss. If there are no enemies to be found near the point of impact, the boulder merely shatters, completely wasted.
  • The Demon Seal Barrage is catapult ammunition that functions very similarly to the Boulder, the difference being that it will instead pull up to 10 lesser demons through, depending how many enemies can be found near the point of impact.


All six pieces of the Tempered Svarlaedar Armor now correctly display as level 46 in the recipe delve window and tool tip.


  • The towns of Ludlow, Ardee, and Vasudheim have been repaired and the majority of their residents have returned to their homes, though some have chosen to remain in the tents.
  • The Dragonsworn have retreated. Camps remain in Cornwall, Dartmoor, Skona Ravine, Malmohus, the Bog of Cullen and Sheeroe Hills.
  • The Medal of Honor and Honoring the Hardworking quests have been disabled.
  • The Storytellers James Maury, Snorri Sturlson, and Edward Plunkett stand outside the gates of the capital cities to help players learn the tale of the Dragon's revenge. They offer a quest chain that leads to the Dragonsworn Manual of Arms reward.
  • The Dragonsworn raiders have been defeated, and will no longer attack Humberton, Tir na mBeo, and Huginfel. The Dragonslayers have returned to their homes in these towns.
  • A Dragonslayer Journeyman has taken the Dragonslayers' posts in each realm's allied town. 'The Great Hunt' quest is now given by these journeymen. It is repeatable, and each completion grants a token that can be traded in for a single piece of Dragonslayer Armor.



  • All New Frontiers and Battleground Center Keeps, Portal Keeps, Towers, and Bridges have been redone. The revamp includes all new artwork for all pieces and new layouts based on these new pieces.
  • All relics and keeps have been reset to their original realms.
  • All keeps and towers have been set to level one and are unclaimed.
  • The time it takes to repair keeps, towers, and siege equipment is now 5 to 15 seconds based on your skill amount versus the required skill amount. Previously, it was always 20 seconds.
  • Left-clicking on a keep or tower will now display which realm owns the keep and the level of the structure.
  • There are no longer any maintenance costs associated with claiming, upgrading, or keeping a keep/tower. If a guild claims a keep/tower, that structure will automatically begin leveling to level 10. As long as a guild claims ownership of the keep, it will remain at its current level. If a guild releases the keep it will return to level 1 after a certain amount of time.
  • Keep types (melee, magic, stealth) no longer exist. All keeps will now have the same guard contingent based on the level of the keep only.
  • The guards that are available from keep hookpoints have been revamped. Once purchased, a player can speak with the guard and choose from several options based on the type of guard purchased. The guard's attire will change based on the options chosen by the player. This differentiation in wardrobe will help players identify the guard's abilities at a glance.
  • The new keeps were designed so that there are fewer spots on the keep that can be 'breached' by holes. Players can identify walls that will 'break' by the semi-circle that looks like a wooden grate at the bottom of the wall.
  • There is an additional NPC available at all keeps that are level six or higher. This NPC is a short distance one-way teleporter that defenders can use to be teleported outside of the keep. Please note that the teleportation process takes several seconds to perform and enemy realm members in the area of the teleport destination will see a flash of light prior to the player's arrival, so be prepared for a fight if you use this method to leave the keep!
  • The number of Supply Chest Keys that drop when a Keep Lord has been defeated has been increased at the higher level keeps. In addition, in the higher level keeps, the keys will drop to all members of the group that receive the kill credit. The Supply Chests have been updated so that the items you can receive now include ammunition from the new Siegecrafting tradeskill.
  • Tower captains have been moved up to the highest internal level for every tier of the tower.


  • Angry bwcas in Cathal Valley now drop Enchanted Tinderbox instead of Everspark Tinderboxes.


When an enemy player enters the region around a keep (i.e., receives the "˜You have entered <keep name here" system message), hookpoints along the walls and elbows will show up to indicate where a Siege Tower can be built. Enemy players can then interact with these hookpoints to build a Siege Tower.

Building a Siege Tower requires that players have the materials available. The recipes are as follows: Albion/Midgard: 10 Alloy Metal Bars and 20 Ironwood Wooden Boards, Hibernia: 10 Dolomite Metal Bars and 20 Ironwood Wooden Boards.

If you have the materials available and interact with the hookpoint, the building process begins, represented currently by a large plume of dust. The Siege Tower building process is represented by a Hit Point meter. It will begin at 0 and slowly work towards full health. Defenders can attack the building process to attempt and destroy it before it can reach full health or delay the building process. Once at full health, it will become an actual structure, complete with pathing, destroying the wall it is attached to in the process.

The completed Siege Tower can be used to enter the keep. The Siege Tower can be destroyed by defenders through the process of repairing the wall that the Siege Tower is attached to. The attacking realm can keep the Siege Tower alive by repairing the Siege Tower/wall it is attached to. Attacker's repairs will damage the keep wall and the goal is to keep the wall at zero health so that the Siege Tower can remain attached. If the wall is healed by defenders past a certain point, it will become repaired and the Siege Tower will be destroyed.

  • Outpost pieces will now degrade as a Siege Tower builds, culminating in the destroyed tower.
  • Outpost pieces cannot be repaired while the tower is building and a message will inform players that there is a Siege Tower being built if they try.
  • Players attempting to build a Siege Tower while stealthed will be unstealthed by the building action.
  • Players attempting to build a Siege Tower while stealthed will be unstealthed by the building action.
  • Siege Towers are only enabled where hookpoints currently work on NF and regular servers. Hookpoints, and therefore siege towers, do not work in BGs or on PVE ruleset.
  • Constructing a Siege Tower will flag the outpost as "under siegeâ"

Note: Due to the way the Siege Tower operates, pieces with a Siege Tower Hookpoint will now not take damage normally. This means the only way to "˜damage" or "breach" that particular piece is via a Siege Tower.


General Changes

  • Buff Changes
    • The maxium number of Concentration buffs a character can cast has been increased from 20 to 50
  • Damage over Time (DoT) Spells
    • DoT spells will now tick twice as fast as before, and have half the duration. This means that DoT spells will deliver the same amount of damage as before, in half the time.
    • Bonedancer DoTs in the Bone Army spell line have been brought up to the levels of Cabalist and Mentalist DoT.
    • Shaman Spec DoT spells will now stack with shaman baseline DoT spells.

Spell lines affected by this DoT change will be:

  • Albion:
    • Baseline Matter
    • Cabalist Matter Spec
    • Sorcerer Matter Spec
    • Wizard Earth Spec
  • Hibernia:
    • Druid Nature Spec
    • Mentalist Mana Spec
    • Mentalist Mentalism Baseline
  • Midgard:
    • Bonedancer Bone Army Baseline
    • Bonedancer Bone Army Spec
    • Shaman Cave Baseline
    • Shaman Cave Spec
  • Flexible Weapons
    • The endurance cost for Python has been reduced by 50%.
    • The proc from the Python style is no longer Area-effect (AE).
  • Left Axe
    • The endurance cost of Doublefrost has been reduced.
  • Animist
    • The following Animist spells have had their casting times reduced from 3.0 to 2.8 seconds.
      • Creeping Base
      • Wisp Heat
      • Wisp Glow
      • Wisp Spark
      • Wisp Fire
      • Wisp Flame
      • Wisp Blaze
      • Wisp Flare
      • Wisp Pyre
      • Wisp Inferno
    • Arboreal Spec
      • Spirit of Anger
      • Spirit of Ire
      • Spirit of Outrage
      • Spirit of Aggravation
      • Spirit of Enmity
      • Spirit of Rage
      • Spirit of Wrath
      • Spirit of Fury
      • Spirit of Vengeance
      • Spirit of Hatred
      • Circle of Anger
      • Circle of Enmity
      • Circle of Fury
      • Circle of Wrath
      • Circle of Rage
      • Circle of Vengeance
  • Armsman
    • The Growth Rate on the Polearm style "Defender's Rage" has been reduced to appropriate levels for a front positional opening style.
  • Berserker
    • The Berserker's RR5 ability, Ferocious Will, is now a flat 25% Absorb buff for 30 seconds.
  • Cabalist
    • Power costs have been reduced for the Cabalist's Health transfer line of spells. New costs are as follows:
Shift Health 2
Shift Vigor 3
Shift Essence 4
Shift Vitality 6
Shift Spirit 8
Transplace Health 10
Transplace Vigor 13
Transplace Essence 16
Transplace Vitality 19
Transplace Spirit 24
  • Cleric
    • The proc rate of the cleric's RR5, Retribution of the Faithful, has been increased to 50%.
  • Druids
    • Nature's Womb, the Druid's RR5 ability, will now provide Stun Immunity when the initial stun wears off.
  • Eldritch
    • The following Eldritch spells have had their casting times reduced from 3.0 to 2.8 seconds.
    • Mana Spec
      • Lesser Ensnaring Blast
      • Ensnaring Blast
      • Greater Ensnaring Blast
      • Entangling Blast
      • Greater Entangling Blast
      • Webbing Blast
      • Greater Webbing Blast
      • Demobilizing Blast
      • Greater Demobilizing Blast
  • Healer
    • Healer's RR5 ability, Sputin's Legacy, has been changed. Before, you would fire the buff and it would grant you the ability to self-resurrect if you died while the buff was active. It has been changed to allow the user to cheat death instead. Now, when the buff is fired, if the Healer takes enough damage to die while the buff is active, it will heal for a random amount and the Healer will not die.
    • The Healer RR5 ability, Sputin's Legacy, will now proc a 5 second spell and damage immunity in addition to its Cheat Death functionality. This will fire either when the spell expires, or when the healer receives a deathblow while the spell is active.
  • Heretics
    • The original delve values have been doubled for the focus damage spells, focus AoE damage snare, and focus single target damage snare.ÂÂ
    • The Damage Pulse Focus Arawn’s line of spells will now tick every 2 seconds for a duration of 20 seconds at a 50% increment up to the maximum 400%.
    • The Damage Snare and AoE Damage Snare focus spells will now tick every 2 seconds for a duration of 32 seconds at a 50% increment up to the maximum 400%.
    • Glistening Blaze, Whirling Blaze, and Torrential Blaze will now tick every 2 seconds for a duration of 32 seconds at a 40% increment up to the maximum 450%.
  • Mentalist
    • Fixed an issue with Mentalism which prevented Intelligence from properly affecting the spells from that line.
    • A new Direct Damage (DD) line of spells has been added to the Mentalist's Mentalism baseline.
Level Name Effect Damage Type
3 Lesser Phantom Pain 11 Energy
7 Phantom Pain 25 Energy
10 Greater Phantom Pain 36 Energy
14 Lesser Phantom Abrasion 50 Energy
19 Phantom Abrasion 68 Energy
24 Greater Phantom Abrasion 86 Energy
29 Lesser Phantom Injury 104 Energy
34 Phantom Injury 122 Energy
40 Greater Phantom Injury 143 Energy
45 Phantom Disfigurement 161 Energy
50 Phantom Mutilation 179 Energy
  • Runemaster
    • The following Runemaster spells have had their casting times reduced from 3.0 to 2.8 seconds.
    • Suppression Spec (Runemaster)
      • Minor Entrapping Rune
      • Lesser Entrapping Rune
      • Entrapping Rune
      • Lesser Tangling Rune
      • Tangling Rune
      • Lesser Snaring Rune
      • Snaring Rune
      • Lesser Rune of Mazing
      • Rune of Mazing
  • Shaman
    • The 20 second timer has been removed from the Direct Damage line of spells in the Shaman's Cave spec line. Spells affected are below:
      • Fungal Mud
      • Fungal Froth
      • Fungal Muck
      • Fungal Slush
      • Fungal Slime
      • Fungal Ooze
      • Fungal Sludge
      • Fungal Ichor
      • Fungal Scum
      • Fungal Mucus
  • Theurgist
    • The range of the Theurgist's elemental pet summon spells has been reduced from 2000 to 1875 units.
    • Theurgists have had a cap placed on the total number of pets they can have out at a time. A Theurgist is now allowed 16 active pets, of any type, at a time.
    • The physical size of many Theurgist elementals has been reduced to alleviate some targetting issues caused by large elementals.
    • Two new spell lines have been added to the Theurgist's Earth specline: a single target Direct Damage (DD) and an Area-Effect Direct Damage **(AEDD). These are as follows:

Area Effect DD Line:

Level Name Effect Damage Type
6 Lesser Sand Flurry 19Â Matter
11 Sand Flurry 35 Matter
16 Greater Sand Flurry 51 Matter
22 Lesser Gust of Sand 70 Matter
27 Gust of Sand 85 Matter
31 Greater Gust of Sand 98 Matter
36 Blast of Sand 114 Matter
42 Tempest of Sand 133 Matter
50 Hurricane of Sand 158 Matter

Single Target DD Line:

Level Name Effect Damage Type
5 Rough Pebbles 18 Matter
10 Scratching Pebbles 36 Matter
15 Scuffing Pebbles 54 Matter
19 Scraping Rocks 68 Matter
25 Wearing Rocks 90 Matter
30 Erosive Rocks 107 Matter
34 Abrasive Boulders 122 Matter
41 Grinding Boulders 147 Matter
49 Demolishing Boulders 179 Matter


Albion Monsters

  • The trophy monster, Windchaser Naihera, has an increased chance to spawn.

Quests - Albion

  • Secret Orders - Heather Barclay will no longer speak nonsense at the end of her dialogue on step 1.
  • Putting Two and Two Together – Master Kless will no longer trail off at the end of the completion text.
  • The NPC guild leaders in Albion (Dostram, Bishop Kustan, Master Narudos, and Sir Amren) will no longer accept Nimue's letter for Rest for the Dead (Epic 9) from classes that don't belong to their guild.

Item Notes

  • Geddsyn, the Svartalf Apprentice, now offers a large shield Dragonslayer weapon choice to Thanes. As with the other weapons offered only through the apprentices, players will need to choose one of the weapons offered by Raxnathor first and then hand that weapon to Geddsyn to be offered the shield.
  • The Soot Covered Vest drops are now to set to allow the proper dye type for them.
  • The Midgard and Hibernia versions of the Fine Steel Long Sword can now be dyed with weapon burnishes like their Albion counterparts.

(Hibernia) The Soul Glimmer dagger now has the correct damage value.

  • The Moss Covered Robes can now be dyed with cloth dye.
  • The Granite Seer's Gloves of the Spirit now have the proper inventory icon and will show up correctly on the player's character when worn.
  • The Midgard version of the Dragonsworn Hunting Spear will now salvage correctly.


Albion Monsters

  • Xanxicar now has an Epic Encounter title.



  • Battlemaster styles will now cost a flat amount of Endurance, regardless of weapon speed.

Oceanus Encounters

  • The Leviathan and Kraken encounters have had their spawn time decreased so they will be up more frequently.

Item Notes

  • The weapons summoned by the Belt of the Sun and the Belt of the Moon artifacts can no longer be placed in a player's vault.
  • The Master Level 10 summoned Astral Cloaks can no longer be placed in a player's vault.
  • The Aten's Shield spell ability, Spear of the Golden Flame, now has the correct spell icon.
  • The Sword of the Storm's Eye will now correctly give Arcanite bars instead of Arcanium bars when salvaged.


Quests - Hibernia

  • Taking Samples - Aethugda now has a yellow quest indicator.


  • The locations of the monsters that live in each of the Frontiers keeps have been adjusted for the new keep layouts.
  • The paths of the patrols that circle each keep have been adjusted slightly to go along with the new keep designs.


  • Rams can now only be boarded by players friendly to the player that placed the ram.
  • Siege Towers can now be built by all unfriendly players on PvP servers.
  • Siege Towers can now be repaired by all players unfriendly to the outpost on PvP servers.