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Patch Notes: Version 1.88I
Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.88i Release Notes
Archery Adjustments
March 23, 2007


  • Volley damage is now correct for bows with procs.
  • Crit shot can no longer be fired while unstealthed.
  • Players will no longer see an arrow persist on the archer's hand when a shot is interrupted or when releasing a shot.
  • Arrows will no longer scale to conform to the size of the target.
  • Sounds for the Volley archery skill have been implemented.
  • The Damage Per Second (DPS) of your bow now has an effect on your damage for archery shots. If the effective DPS of your equipped bow is less than that of your max DPS for the level of archery shot you are using, the damage of your shot will be reduced. Max DPS for a particular level can be found by using this equation: (.3 * level) + 1.2