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Patch Notes: Version 1.88G
Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.88g Release Notes
Clustering and Archery Changes
March 20, 2007


  • The Classic, Shrouded Isles and Ruins of Atlantis zones (Ruins of Atlantis in Albion, Ruinerar av Atlantis in Midgard and Scrios de Atlantis in Hibernia) have been clustered.
  • As Quickness no longer has an effect on Archery, all Quickness on bows has been converted to Dexterity. This will effect any dropped bows already in your inventory, as well as those dropped in the future.
    Note: This will not effect items created by the Random Object Generator (ROG).
  • (Pendragon Only) - (Albion) The rapier guild gifts for level 10, 15, 20, and 25 have been changed so the damage and skill are set properly as Thrust.
  • (Pendragon Only) - Additional items have been converted from the old archery bonuses to the new bonuses.
  • (Pendragon only) - Messaging has been updated for the Archery system.



  • The timer on Siege Shot has been reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Siege Shot will no longer share a recast timer with Phase Shift.
  • Volley is now implemented and is a Ground Targeted Area Effect archery shot, that will hit up to a maximum number of targets. The maximum number of targets is 2 more than the number of the shot. IE: Volley 1 will hit three targets max, and Volley 8 will hit 10 targets max.
  • Wild Power has been removed from archers and replaced with the Realm Ability Falcon's Eye.
  • Queuing archery shots will now work properly. This fixes a bug with certain combinations of shots, such as Crit Shot, that caused oddities when queueing.


Oceanus Encounters

  • The scrolls for the artifact 'Gem of Lost Memories' will drop more frequently now. This brings these scrolls up to the same drop rate standards as the rest of the artifact scrolls.

Item Notes

  • Legendary bows will now grant a damage type buff when equipped to change the damage type of your non-magical archery shots. Note that the mundane damage type buffs (Blunt Arrows, Thrusting Arrows, Slashing Arrows) will overwrite these buffs, in which case you may re-equip the bow to re-apply the buff.
  • The studded versions of the Guard of Valor in Albion and Midgard now have the same bonuses to Spell Duration and Range that the Hibernian Reinforced version has.


Item Notes

  • Hibernian Darkspire Jewelery drops have been adjusted from power level 50 to power level 49. This brings their power level in line with the same drops from Albion and Midgard.