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Patch Notes: Version 1.86 - Labyrinth of the Minotaur


With this version, we are happy to introduce Dark Age of Camelot's fifth retail expansion, Dark Age of Camelot: Labyrinth of the Minotaur. As of this morning, Labyrinth of the Minotaur is available via two methods - either by purchase and download from the internet, or by purchasing and installing the new 'Fifth Anniversary' edition of Dark Age of Camelot, now available in stores. To purchase and download the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion from the internet, please follow these steps:

 - Login without selecting a quick login character.
 - Press the "Account Info" button on the server selection screen.
 - Press the "View Expansions" button on the account information screen.
 - To purchase, check the box next to Labyrinth of the Minotaur and press the "Purchase" button.
 - To download, click on the 'download' link next to Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

Please read below for a summary of changes and features for Dark Age of Camelot: Labyrinth of the Minotaur and Version 1.86. You will find specifics on the Version 1.86 items under the NEW THINGS AND BUG FIXES section, later in this patch note.


The ancient race of Minotaur has returned to the lands of Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia to reclaim powerful but corrupt relics hidden long ago by their ancestors. Lust for these relics once brought about the downfall of the powerful Minotaur kingdom and their evil influence now threatens the kingdoms of Man.

The Minotaur seek the help of the three Realms to reclaim the lost relics and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. In exchange, the Minotaur have promised to share the secrets of the Mauler, a unique profession whose practitioners draw upon the powers of the earth to enhance their martial arts prowess.

Only the mightiest of heroes will be called into the service of their king to aid the Minotaur with their quest. They will venture deep beneath the former Minotaur capital on the island of Agramon to explore the maze-like Labyrinth, a dungeon whose size knows no equal. Rumors of an army of mechanical constructs powered by dark magic abound and it is said that Cerberus himself watches over the relics.

Those heroes lucky enough to emerge from the Labyrinth in possession of a relic travel the Frontiers as marked men. There are many that covet these relics and they will stop at nothing to possess them. The pursuit of these relics will escalate into a vast struggle that will burn like a wild fire, engulfing all races and beings across the Realms.


These features are only available to customers who install the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion pack.

Pre-order Reward

 - All players who pre-ordered the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion qualify to receive a special "clockwork" kitten pet. To obtain this reward, players should speak to the Royal Escort in each capital city.

New Player Race

 - The Minotaur. Half man, half bull, the Minotaur is the first race to be available to all three realms.

New Player Class

 - The Mauler. Unlock this new brawler class and channel the elemental powers of the earth.

New RvR Dungeon

 - The Labyrinth. Deep beneath the island of Agramon, this vast maze is the largest single dungeon in all of Camelot.

New RvR Gameplay Experience

 - Minotaur Relics. Players may acquire and use these relics, but will become targets to be hunted by the other Realms.

New Item Slots

 - Mythical Items. Hunt the depths of the Labyrinth for these rare new items.

Additional Champion Levels

 - Champion Levels 6-10. Five additional Champion Levels allow players to expand their powers, abilities, and items slots.

Additional Advanced Player Controlled Horses

 - New horses have been added that are exclusive to the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion.


 - Remains for trophies are dropped by the following Labyrinth of the Minotaur bosses: Zhulrathuul, Goblin Chief Muxog, Agramon, Cerberus and the Minotaur Construct.


 - New hints, tips, advice, and even messages of humor now display on the loading screens.

 - The ambient music in the Darkness Rising client now works correctly.

 - Another sweep has been done in correcting realm friendly NPCs that report they are worth MLXP.

 - The range restriction when using tinderboxes near monsters has been reduced by half.

 - The repair button on the mini-delve window for items will now work correctly.

 - The particle effect on the Dochar Druid Hammer has been fixed.

 - New Hasteners have come to town.  They are working hard near the crafting areas of the capital cities.

 - The three main Hastener spells have had their duration increased to ten minutes.

 - All three main Hastener spells have had their speed increased.

 - Power regeneration and power heal spells no longer affect characters with combat power regeneration.

 - Characters with combat power regeneration will now resurrect with power in the same way as vampiirs.

 - Friendly pulsing spells no longer be canceled by secondary cast spells.

 - Secondary cast spells are now cleared when you die. This will prevent situations where a player would die mid cast, and finish casting after releasing or being resurrected.

 - Nearsight immunity spells no longer put you in combat mode.

 - Fixed a bug in the Atlantis client that would cause some spell effects to display improperly.

 - Pets will now break their controllers’ stealth when the pet attacks something.

 - Various emotes that deal with mounts now use the proper pronouns.

 - Pets will now move with their controllers through Teleporters (excluding hard-load teleports).

- Keeps and towers on the Realmwar maps will now be properly colored.

Performance Related Fixes (Catacombs Client)

During the 1.86 patch cycle, the development team determined that performance-related issues needed to be one of our top priorities.  With that in mind, the team aggressively sought out and fixed several issues that would cause the game’s performance to degrade over time.  A total of eleven performance-degrading issues relating to the interface windows, character faces, loading screens, sky dome, trees, and tree shaders were resolved.

Note: The Catacombs client affects players who use Catacombs, Darkness Rising, or Labyrinth clients.


 - The Runemaster’s Realm Rank 5 spell was causing players to evade much less than the advertised 90%. This has been fixed.

 - Fixed an issue where Animist bombers were not interrupting other players. Bombers once again have the ability to interrupt.

 - Midnight Sun (Axe) will now correctly chain off of Valkyrie’s Shield for Berserkers and Shadowblades.


 - The Rune Sewn Starklaedar Boots now correctly have the +5 quickness cap bonus.

 - Grandmaster merchants in housing will now sell Ra Gems

 - With this version, we are introducing capital city crafting bonuses. When crafting in Jordheim, Tir na Nog, and Camelot City, players will receive a 10% bonus to crafting speed and a 5% bonus to skill gain chance for all tradeskills.


 - Corrected an instance where some guards in Mularn would spawn with their race displaying incorrectly.

 - The mini-map for Darkness Falls has been overhauled.

 - It is now be easier for players to zone in to Deliah’s Den.

 - Players will no longer zone to their last bindpoint while swimming underwater in Cornwall and Lyonesse.


 -  Demon-tainted bears in all realms are now worth experience.

Albion Monsters

 -  Guardsman Thomas will now respond to the /where command just like other guards.

Midgard Monsters

 - Fixed an issue where a trap was hitting players in the level 45 Midgard epic dungeon and reporting a strange name.

Hibernia Monsters

 -  Villainous brutes near Connla will no longer be gender-confused.

Quests - Albion

 - Outcast Ormgarth - This quest's level was increased to level 25 to bring it more in line with its difficulty.


With this version, we are happy to introduce the first part of our new and improved quest system. This new system provides an improved quest display and more intuitive quest functionality. Its implementation will take part in multiple phases. For this first phase, we have introduced a new set of level 1-10 quests. Moving forward, new quests will be designed in this style for wider level ranges and greater complexity. Some things to note for this new quest system are:

 - In most cases, quest items will not appear in your inventory. Instead, they will be stored inside your journal. If a quest component requires any type of interaction, click the item icon inside the journal.

 - In some cases, clicking item icons inside the journal will create temporary items inside your inventory. These items may need to be used or worn in a traditional manner to achieve the objective of the quest.

 - The new quest system does not utilize slash commands. Slash commands have been replaced with either interactive world objects, such as wagons or tree stumps, which are activated by right-clicking or with quest components that require an interaction with an icon located in the quest journal.

 - Waypoints, replacing textual directions in most cases, are visual indicators of quest objectives located on the in-game map. Quest givers are also represented by way points. The waypoints vary by color with yellow representing quest givers and red representing a target or point of interest. Further adjustments will be made to waypoints in the future.

 - Rewards can now be viewed prior to completing a quest. In some cases, you may be given the option of choosing between different rewards. You may right-click on the reward options before actually selecting the item you want. This allows you to view the item stats and bonuses. This system functions similarly to the traditional item delve.

- With the addition of the new style 1-10 quests, the old-style level 1-5 quests that began with Master Frederick, Dalikor, and Addrir have been disabled. The rewards for these old-style quests have been rolled into the new quests.

Quests - Albion

 - Players from levels 1-5 can find new style quests in Cotswold.
 - Players from levels 6-10 can find new style quests in Ludlow.

Quests - Midgard
 - Players from levels 1-5 can find new style quests in Mularn.

 - Players from levels 6-10 can find new style quests in Vasudheim.

Quests - Hibernia

 - Players from levels 1-5 can find new style quests in Mag Mell.

 - Players from levels 6-10 can find new style quests in Ardee.


 - Most, though not all, monsters within the Passage of Conflict that con purple to level 50 characters are now worth Master Level experience.


 - Reduced the number of drakoran monsters who wield bows in Avalon City.


Stygia Encounters

 - Adjusted the Snake Charmer encounter to reset properly in cases where the initiator of the encounter abandons the encounter.

Oceanus Encounters

 - Eternal Plant: Lowered the number of followers and fanatics that can spawn in the progression of this encounter.

 - Master Level Trial 1.5 "Conflict": Sentinels will no longer attack pets. This allows pet classes to once again complete this trial.


 - The spawn rate has been lowered for Legion and all of its minions in the final chamber leading to the Lair of the Demon Lord.

 - The majority of common monsters throughout the hallways of the Chapter 3 dungeons have had their spawn rate lowered slightly. Monsters found within the hallways leading up to and inside the "Boss" rooms have not had their rate adjusted.


 - Pet spam and Call of a Thousand Storms will now work on Keep lords and their minions that spawn over level 70.

 - The Keep Lords of Dun Scathaig and Dun Crimthainn have been fixed.  They will no longer teleport players out of the keeps upon spawning.

 - The following trainers have been added to the Ruins of Atlantis: Valkyrie, Warlock, Bainshee, and Vampiir.


 - The Hasteners have returned to their stations within the three main capital cities.

 - The following trainers have been added to the Ruins of Atlantis: Valkyrie, Warlock, Bainshee, and Vampiir.