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Patch Notes: Version 1.84B

The actual patch notes are small in B, but that's only because our programmers were focusing on optimizing the network code this week. The changes are the kind of performance things that you feel rather than see. "Made network gooder" is a really silly patch note, right? Here are the two notes that you can see:


Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.84b Release Notes
May 25, 2006



 - The "/gc officerdisplay" command has been replaced with "/gc webranks". The /gc webranks command determines whether characters in the guild will be listed with their ranks on the herald. The command "/gc webranks hide" will hide ranks, "/gc webranks show" will show ranks. Newly created guilds default to showing ranks.
 - Added offline guild member removal support. This is performed with the /gc remove command and may be used on a targeted character or on a specified character with the form "/gc remove (name)" or "/gc remove (name)-(server)" for clustered servers.