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Patch Notes: Version 1.80D


Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.80d Release Notes
Darkness Rising
November 9, 2005



 - In some instances, characters with high realm ranks and high master ability levels were hitting a cap on the number of abilities they could receive. This has been fixed.

 - All styles are now organized into lists according to skill, and both style and ability spell lists are now sorted by level like normal spell lists.

 - Bow weapons will no longer delve to chat as crossbow weapons.

 - Players who release after death and do not switch regions, or are resurrected, will now have their worn magical effects re-initialized properly.

 - Attempting to use an item and failing due to a current action timer was incorrectly setting the re-use timer. This has been fixed.

 - Players may no longer place items in saddlebags over the 200 pound limit, regardless of how the item is added.

 - Berserkers now return to berserk form properly if they have another illusion that expires while they are still berserked. If the berserk state expires from a berserker, they will not drop out of any other applicable illusions if they're still active.

 - Leaving berserk and bainshee form will now correctly return the character to any illusory form it may have had before going berserk/bainshee.
 - Players can no longer summon a mount while seated.

 - Added all available /bg commands to the message reported back when typing /bg.

 - Raised the base concentration pool for players with champion levels who have no native concentration pool. This will allow armsmen, for example, to cast their 5 champion buffs rather than 3.
 - Bug fix: Speedwarp will now properly affect players on horses.
 - Bug fix: When using the command "/where", sometimes guards would not point in the right direction toward the NPC being asked about. This has been fixed.



 - Halloween Festivites are now over. The costume potions' magics have all worn out and will now do nothing if consumed. Players may sell back potions to any vendor.

 - Members of the Circle of Five will now reliably grant shepherd Champion Experience to those players helping realm mates defeat the demons for the first time.

 - Various Thane Champion Weapons now correctly have 12 minute re-use timers on their spells.

 - The Armsman Satago Pike now correctly debuffs Thrust damage.

 - The Armsman Satago Mattock now correctly debuffs Crush damage.



Darkness Falls

 - The High Lords will no longer BAF.

 - The difficulty of the Beliathan encounter has been reduced slightly.

 - The difficulty of the Legion encounter has been reduced slightly.