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Patch Notes: Version 1.76

Patch Notes: Version 1.76|


Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.76 Release Notes
Guild System Enhancements
June 23, 2005


As our players know, the community in any online game is of paramount importance to enjoyable gameplay. The backbone of that community is contained in the player guilds and alliances in the game. As such, after discussions with our community, we have focused this patch on improvements and revisions to our player guild system.

We also know that artifact durability and the availablity of single line respecs are a concern for our players. We have listened to your feedback on these issues and present new systems in these areas in this patch.



General Guild Changes

 - Players can now flag themselves as looking for a guild using the command /lfguild. Once a player has used the /lfguild command to flag him or herself as looking for a guild, the flag will remain on until typing /lfguild again or until joining a guild. Players who have flagged themselves as looking for a guild will be displayed to authorized guild leaders in the new Social Interface, which is described in more detail in the "Social Interface And News System" below.
 - We have added additional guild emblems for all new and existing guilds to choose from. We also added a new pattern, a solid color, as a select guild emblem pattern. All existing guilds have been awarded a single guild emblem respec, which can be used simply by visiting the guild emblemeer in the capital cities.

Guild Merit System
If you are in a guild, you can now earn 'Guild Merit Points' for your guild. You earn these by leveling, getting new realm ranks, completing master levels and getting certain levels of trade skills.
 - Guild Merit Points can be achieved by any character on an account achieving certain milestones, and are earned for a guild provided that the character is in the guild. If a character is guildless when he achieves a milestone, no Guild Merit Points are awarded.
 - The rewards are greater for the first time that a character hits a milestone in a given achievement on that server. Secondary achievements on that server and account will receive a reduced reward.
 - For example, the first time that a player achieves Master Level 5 on a server, his guild will receive 100 Guild Merit Points. Every additional character on that account and server will only award 50 Guild Merit Points for Master Level 5.
 - Note that these achievements are measured by account and server. So if one character on an account 'passes' the highest achieving character on that account in that achievement, then the guild will recieve the first time award.
 - Players will receive a message when they've earned guild merit points for their guild.
Rewards for the primary character of each area of achievement:

 - Levels 2-50: You get a certain number of guild merit points per level. (Value: These scale from 6 at level 2 to 253 at level 50.)

 - RR 2+: You get a certain number of guild merit points per RR. (Value: 3*(RR-1)^2.)

 - ML 1-10: You get a certain number of guild merit points per ML completed. (Value: 20*ML completed.)

 - Tradeskill 700, 800, 900, or 1000: You get a certain number of guild merit points per each of these levels. (Value: Tradeskill level -600.)

Rewards for all secondary characters of each area of achievement:

 - Levels 45-50: You get the same 45-50 reward as a primary guilded character, but no reward below 45.

 - RR2+: Same reward as a primary guilded character.

 - ML 1-10: Half the reward that the primary guilded character receives. (Value: 10* ML completed.)

 - Tradeskill 1000: 250 points.

Guild Bonuses From Guild Merit Points

 - Guilds can spend their guild merit points to get up to five merit bonuses.
 - The current guild command is "/gc buff <type>", where type is: artifact, crafting, rps, xp or mlxp.
 - Merit bonuses cost 1000 guild merit points and will be applied to everyone in the guild. The bonus provided to the guild by the merit point system, as noted in /gc info, lasts 24 hours.
 - Guild members must have permission from the GM in order to select bonuses for the guild. ("/gc edit <rank num> buff Y" would be the command to allow a certain rank permission to grant the guild bonus buffs.)

 - The bonuses available to be granted to a guild are:

Master Level Experience Bonus - 20%
Craft Haste Bonus - 5%
Artifact Experience Bonus - 5%
Realm Point Bonus - 2%
PvE Experience Bonus - 5%

Guild Levels
All current and future guilds have been granted a leveling system. This system will track a guild's level based on the amount of guild realm points a guild has. Some guild features, such as guild dues, will require a minimum guild level to activate.
 - A guild's level is visible by using the /gc info command. This will also be visible on the Camelot Herald.

Guild Dues

Guild Dues are intended to provide funding to guilds by its members in order to allow the guild to perform the routine tasks required for the smooth operation of the guild. For example, guild dues might be useful for paying house rent on a guild house.

 - Players may use the command "/gc due <1 or 0>" to turn guild dues on or off. When they are on, 2% of all looted coin goes to the guild bank. When activated, 2% of all looted coin will be automatically deducted and directly deposited into the cashbank of the guild.
 - Guild members must have permission from the GM in order to turn dues on or off for the guild. ("/gc edit <rank num> due Y" would be the command to allow a certain rank permission to turn dues on for the guild.)

 - In order for a guild to collect guild dues, the guild must be level 5.

 - At guild level 5, a guild leader can choose to activate guild dues. To do so, the guild leader would use the following command: "/gc due #" - where # is 1 for on and 0 for off.

 - The guild leader may set permissions for members to withdraw money from the guild bank. Do do so, use the following command: "/gc edit <rank> withdraw <y or n>". Note that since this command has always been in the game, guild leaders will want to ensure it's not already activated for ranks they do not wish to have this ability.
 - To withdraw money, a guild member with permission must either use the command "/gc withdraw #" - where # is the amount of money in copper pieces - or use the guild tab on the Social Interface by clicking on the guild bank amount to bring up the coin selector window.
 - There is a 30 second restriction between subsequent withdrawals. This simply means that once a withdrawal is made, anyone else in the guild who is authorized to make withdrawals must wait 30 seconds before making another withdrawal.
 - Any rank 0 guild leader may request a log detailing which members have withdrawn money from the guild bank. The command for doing so is "/gc requestlog". The log will display the names of all members who have withdrawn money, as well as the amount withdrawn. For example, the log might display something like the following:
[2005/07/4 04:30:03] John Doe withdrew 4 gold pieces from the guild bank.
[2005/07/4 04:35:18] Joe Smith withdrew 4 gold pieces from the guild bank.

 - Every member will be able to view the amount in guild bank through the guild window in the Social Interface. (See below for details on the Social Interface.)
 - The amount that can be stored in a guild bank is capped at 400 platinum.

Guild Mission System

The purpose of the Guild RvR Missions system is to build a sense of unity within the guild by encouraging guild members to work together with each other to achieve common goals. Accomplishing Guild RvR Missions provides meaningful rewards to the guild as a whole.

 - Guild leaders (rank 0 GM players), by default, may obtain Guild RvR Missions by talking to the RvR mission General. Guild leaders may also, by permission, allow other guild members to obtain Guild RvR Missions. (Type "/gc info" to view the new commands.)

 - To obtain missions from the General, the guild leader selects the "Guild Mission" option, and then selects the enemy realm in which the mission is to be conducted. Upon selecting the enemy realm, the mission is granted to the entire guild.
 - When a mission is chosen, each member of the guild will have the mission display in the quest journal.
 - Once a guild mission is granted, the guild will be required to complete all of the following (in any order) to receive the reward:

Complete 20 kill enemy missions.
Complete five guard kill missions.
Take 5 towers belonging to a particular realm.
Take 2 keeps belonging to a particular realm.

 - Successful completion of a guild mission results in the following rewards for the guild: 4,000 guild realm points, 100 guild bounty points, a 24 hour 2% bonus to all magical damage and a 24 hour 2% bonus to all melee damage.

Social Interface And News System

The social interface is a new system designed specifically to provide players with vital information about their guilds, alliances, realms, realm mates and realm news events - all provided at the touch of a button and with the use of an intuitive new "Social" window.

 - Players can bring up the Social Window by typing the command /social or by using the "Social" button on the player stat sheet.
 - All players may use the social interface. However, use of the guild command buttons (such as promote and demote) still require permission from the rank 0 guild leader. If a player has permission, the buttons will be available. If a player does not have permission, the buttons will be grayed out.
 - The social interface contains five tabs: News, Guild, Alliance, Friends and LFGuild. The first tab, News, displays all relevant realm news - Realm Vs. Realm Global, Realm Vs. Realm Local and Player Vs. Enemy. The second tab, Guild, displays all guild members. The third tab, Alliance, displays all alliance members. The fourth tab, Friends, displays all friends from the /friends list. And the fifth tab, LFGuild, displays all currently online players who have flagged themselves as looking for a guild to join. All tabs are explained in more detail in the following sections.
 - The Guild and LFGuild tabs will be hidden if you're not in a guild. The Alliance tab will be hidden if you're not in an alliance.
 - News Tab: The news tab contains three categories of events - Realm Vs. Realm Global, Realm Vs. Realm Local and Player Vs. Enemy. Realm Vs. Realm Global news lists any realm activity pertaining to the capture and release of keeps and towers; Realm Vs. Realm Local news lists the last five players to have achieved new realm ranks; and Player Vs. Enemy lists the last five players to have achieved level 50 or to have achieved 1000 skill in a tradeskill. The Player Vs. Enemy portion will also list the names of battlegroup leaders, as well as the number of participants in the battlegroup, when one of the following monsters is killed by the battlegroup: Gjalpinulva, Golestandt, Cuuldurach the Glimmer King, Olcasgean, Apocalypse and King Tuscar.
 - Guild Tab: The guild tab lists all players in a guild, as well as provides added functionality to guild members. Use of this tab allows the player to sort through all guild members, whether online or not, by level, class, rank, group, zone/last online or by any notes attached to the players listed. (NOTE: Players who are /anon or haven’t been logged in for 30+ days will not show up in the guild window.) This tab contains a "Note" button, which allows the player to place upon himself (or upon others if the player is a guild leader with permission) a special instruction. For example, if Joe goes on a dragon raid, he may wish to place upon himself a note that says "On dragon raid. Meet at Cornwall or send for more information." (Note that for longer notes, the player will not see the entire message in the window, but mousing over the note will display the entire note in a tooltip.) To grant a member of the guild permission to use notes, the command is: "/gc edit <rank> note <y or n>". The guild tab also houses the new guild banner purchase interface, which is explained in the "Guild Banner System" section below.
 - Alliance Tab: The Alliance tab lists all players in an alliance. Use of this tab allows the player to sort through all alliance members, whether online or not, by level class, group, zone/last online or by the guild the player is in.
 - Friends Tab: The Friends tab lists all players who are flagged as friends.
 - LFGuild Tab: The LFGuild tab lists all players in the realm who are currently online and who have used the /lfguild command to flag themselves as looking for a guild. (Note: The LFGuild tab is viewable on the social window only if you have invite privileges for your guild.)

Community Window And Custom UI Support Information

 - The following templates were added to styles.xml to support the new window -- Custom UI authors should read over these templates, and implement them similarly.

Styles for a Tab Control:

TabsTemplate - generic_tabs
ButtonTemplate - button_tab

Styles for a Listbox Header:

HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - listbox_header
HorizontalResizeButtonTemplate - listbox_hrbutton

Styles for a Horizontal Resize Button:

HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_normal
HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_pressed
HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_normalhighlight
HorizontalResizeImageTemplate - generic_hr_image_disabled
HorizontalResizeButtonTemplate - generic_hr_button

 - Addition to assets.xml

Texture - page4:

This references a new image (ui/isles/page_04.tga) that contains the listbox header icons for all skins as well as the Atlantis Skin tab images. The Shrouded Isles Skin tab images have been added to the existing ui/isles/skin1_pieces4.tga file.

Additional Implementation Notes for Custom UI Authors

 - The remainder of the templates are located in the community_window.xml file before the definitions.

 - The generic_textarea_sm template used in this window is frequently not defined in Custom User Interfaces. Authors may want to find-and-replace references to that template right off the bat.

 - Some Custom UIs already contain a Texture named page4, so that may need renaming as well.

Guild Banner System

This version marks the introduction of our guild banner system. With this system, players will be able to, via the social interface, buy, summon and then utilize special banners which are intended to be visible rallying points on the RvR battlefield that give various beneficial effects to surrounding guild members and groupmates.

To buy and summon a guild banner, a player must meet the following requirements:

 - Use the "Buy" and "Summon" buttons on the social interface or use the "/gc buybanner" and "/gc summon" commands.

 - Be in an outdoor frontier zone or a frontier dungeon zone.
 - Be in a group. If the player leaves the group, the banner’s effect drops and the banner remains up for 30 seconds - giving the player a chance to rejoin the group. (Even if rejoining the group, however, the player will need to re-summon the banner.)
 - Be in a guild.
 - Have guild banner permissions from the guild leader. To grant guild members permission to buy or summon banners, the commands are as follows: "/gc edit <rank> buybanner <y or n>" and "/gc edit <rank> summonbanner <y or n>".
 - Only one member of a group may have a banner summoned.
 - Only one member of a guild may have a banner summoned.
 - Note that base class characters may summon a banner, but the banner will have no effect.
Special Rules Regarding Guild Banners

 - The guild banner will last for 30 minutes, at which time it will become inactive and will need to be resummoned.
 - If the carrier of the guild banner is killed, the banner will drop to the ground, at which point the banner is up for grabs by carrier's own group or the enemy group that killed the carrier. Any member of the enemy group that killed the banner's carrier may pick up the banner after it has been on the ground for 30 seconds. If the enemy group captures the guild banner, the guild whose banner was captured will not be able to buy another banner for 24 hours.
 - Stealth rules: Stealthing with a banner will unsummon the banner, and banners cannot be summoned while stealthed.
 - If the carrier of the guild banner is killed by a monster, any other player, friend or enemy, may pick up the banner. Again, if it is captured by an enemy, the guild whose banner was captured cannot buy another banner for 24 hours.
 - Guilds must be level 7 or above in order to purchase banners (see the Guild Leveling system notes).
 - Guild banners cost guild bounty points. Costs are weighted based on the guild's level. The higher the level of the guild, the more expensive the banner. When clicking the "Buy" button, players are presented with an accept/decline window before a purchase is actually made, which also states how many bounty points the banner will cost. This allows the player to decline the purchase if it's deemed too expensive.
 - A captured enemy banner may be displayed in a house as a trophy.
Guild Banner Effects

 - Spells on banners will emit short duration PBAOE buff spells around the banner's carrier.
 - Each class archetype will summon a different banner with a different effect.

 - Banner effects will be restricted to group members and guild members of the banner's carrier. Group members will receive 50% of the designed bonus for the banner. Guild members within 1500 units will receive 100% of the designed bonus for the banner.

 - If a player with a banner joins a group that already has a banner, the group banner will take precedence and the player joining the group will lose his banner.
 - Players receive the effect of whatever banner grants the highest bonus - in most cases, guild banners.
 - Spell Resist Banner - Banner of Warding: 10% bonus to all magic resistances. (Note: This stacks with other effects.)
 - Melee Resist Banner - Banner of Shielding: 6% bonus to all melee resistances. (Note: This stacks with other effects.)
 - Crowd Control Duration Banner - Banner of Freedom: -6% reduction to the time effect of all Crowd Control.
 - Haste - Banner of Besieging: 20% reduction in siege firing speed. (Note that this effect does NOT stack with Warlord.)

Class Associations With Banners

Albion Classes associated with each banner

 - Spell Resist: Wizard, Theurgist, Sorceror, Cabalist.
 - Melee Resist: Armsman, Mercenary, Reaver, Paladin.
 - Crowd Control: Necro, Friar, Infiltrator, Scout.
 - Haste: Cleric, Heretic, Minstrel.

Midgard Classes associated with each banner

 - Spell Resist: Spiritmaster, Bonedancer, Runemaster, Warlock.
 - Melee Resist: Warrior, Berserker, Savage.
 - Crowd Control: Shadowblade, Hunter, Valkyrie, Thane.
 - Haste: Healer, Shaman, Skald.

Hibernian Classes associated with each banner

 - Spell Resist: Animist, Enchanter, Eldritch, Mentalist
 - Melee Resist: Hero, Blademaster, Champion, Vampiir
 - Crowd Control: Ranger, Nightshade, Valewalker, Warden
 - Haste: Druid, Bard, Bainshee

Specialty Server Rules - Guild System Enhancements

 - (Gaheris Only) News events from all realms will display on the news page.
 - (Gaheris Only) Guild banners dropped on the ground can be returned to the owning guild by anyone picking them up.
 - (Gaheris and Mordred Only) Banners can be summoned anywhere in the world.
 - (Mordred Only) The news tab will not be available on Mordred.
 - (Mordred Only) Guild banners dropped will only be returned to your guild if someone from your guild picks it up. Any other pick up is a loss.



 - Players can now purchase a single line respec anywhere in the game world by using the "/respec buy" command. Using "/respec buy" will only allow the player to buy a single line respec if they do not already have one.
 - We have created and placed on the Camelot Herald a chart detailing the specific costs in gold for respecs available through the new respec system. Please visit this link to view the chart: <a href="http://www.camelotherald.com/documentation/respec-costs.php">http://www.camelotherald.com/documentation/respec-costs.php</a>.
 - In their lifetime, players are eligible for nine discounted single line respecs, and unlimited single line respecs at full cost. The full cost scales based upon the player's level. For example, the first time a level 50 player purchases a single line respec, it will cost 2 platinum; and the ninth time will cost 43 platinum; with the tenth and final cost of 50 platinum. A level 10 player will be able to purchase respecs for much, much less.

 - When "/respec buy" is used, the player will receive a dialogue box stating how much the respec is and how much the next respec will be. At this point, the player may accept or decline the respec. Upon acceptance, the money will be automatically deducted from the player's inventory. If the player does not have enough money for the respec, it will fail.

 - Players may use the "/respec buy" command from anywhere in the game to purchase a respec, but players must go to their trainers in order to use the respec they've purchased.

 - Note that this new respec system in no way affects the respecs available to all players at level 20 and level 40.

Respec Command Enhancement
 - The "/respec" command has been improved upon in order to offer more feedback for failed "/respec <skillname>" attempts. Available skills on the player will now be listed out if the command fails in order to assist in its usage.



 - Durability loss has now been removed from artifacts. Once repaired at a smith, all artifacts will be reset to full durability and will no longer lose durability.
 - Condition loss on artifacts will still occur. Artifacts will now cost significantly more than standard weapons, armor and items to get the condition repaired.
 - Note that when repairing an artifact for the first time, durability loss will figure into the initial cost, as well as condition.
 - With these changes to durability, artifacts can no longer be repaired by players.
 - Repairing artifacts at player houses will no longer provide the house discount.



We are proud to introduce our Basic Crafting system. This system was designed and built with the new player in mind, as a means of introducing the new player to the craft system available in Dark Age of Camelot. Here is some more information on the system and how it works:

 - All newly created characters, as well as existing characters which have not yet joined a crafting order, will be granted the Basic Crafting skill upon logging into the game.
 - Since Basic Crafting is purely an introductory crafting system for new players, or existing players who haven't chosen a crafting order, recipes in this system are limited to samples of all of the original orders (tailoring, weaponcrafting, armorcrafting and fletching), up to items that require 200 points of skill. The Basic Crafting skill cannot exceed 200 points and if players reach that level, they are encouraged to choose one of the advanced crafting orders in order to proceed to recipes that exceed 200 points of skill.
 - Spellcraft and Alchemy are excluded from the Basic Crafting order system.
 - Players may choose another crafting order to have the Basic Crafting order replaced. When doing so, any skills shared between Basic Crafting and the new order will be transferred. Since Spellcrafting and Alchemy do not share any skills with Basic Crafting, in cases where the player chooses Spellcrafting or Alchemy as an advanced craft order, all of the Basic Crafting skills and sub-skills will be removed.

 - While players will be granted the four original advanced crafting orders (tailoring, weaponcrafting, armorcrafting and fletching) along with Basic Crafting, those orders can never exceed the Basic Crafting skill level. If a player wishes to pursue an advanced crafting order instead of Basic Crafting, he must visit the appropriate advanced crafting trainer and have the Basic Crafting skill removed by selecting the advanced order.



 - We have added titles for achievements in the following areas:
Deathblow Count - The number of deathblows scored against enemy players in RvR.

Dragon Kills - The number of times a player has participated in killing the epic dragon in the player's realm.

Epic Dungeon Completion - The number of times a player has participated in killing one of the following monsters: Olcasgean, Apocalypse or King Tuscar.

Solo Kills - RvR kills on which a player has scored a vast majority of the realm points.

 - Note that all new titles are granted based on achievements made after 1.76 goes live. Players will not receive credit for the listed achievements for any activity prior to 1.76 going live.



 - Players who are protecting, guarding, intercepting or bodyguarding someone will now see who they are performing the action for in the right click/tooltip.

 - Delving artifacts will no longer display "100% exp earned towards level X" and will instead be between 0 and 99%.

 - Player names in the looking for group window will now be server specific.
 - Using the mez feedback or stun feedback buff on Ceremonial Bracers and Gem of Lost Memories will no longer put the player in combat.

 - When delving ranged weapons, the range of the weapon is now displayed.

 - Caravan Missions will no longer be overwritten by Personal Missions in the quest journal.

 - Most Hasteners throughout the Realms will now respond to the key word "movement".

 - The teleportation NPCs found in the Border Keeps, Shrouded Isles and the housing zones have been changed so that teleporting is now free. You simply need to speak to them to select your destination to teleport instead of purchasing a necklace. Additionally, locations have been added to each teleporter to allow players to reach important locations without having to make multiple teleports. The exception to this is the teleport to Catacombs, which can still only be reached through the capital cities.

 - Several monsters were not returning home as they should or when they should, resulting in a number of potentially bugged or exploitable encounters. This has been addressed throughout many encounters in the game.

 - Oil and ram interaction has been altered. Properly timed boiling oil attacks (poured while a ram is attacking the door beneath the oil pot) will now hit the ram, and players on the ram will take damage accordingly.

 - The /bg grantcredit command will now function properly when granting credit for ML10.

 - Shepherd Master Level experience will now be awarded anytime someone in your group completes a step for which you already have credit. Previously, you had to also be working on or higher Master Level. (For example: an ML2 player could not receive MLXP for Shepherding a player on an ML6 step, even if they had already completed the step.)
 - Delve information for objects now includes the realm name, if the object is realm specific.
 - (Gaheris Only) A rock giant wizard that was spawning inside the keep wall at Caer Benowyc has been moved.



Resurrection Changes

In order to address situations where resurrection overwriting and power loss occur, we have made the following changes to the resurrection system:

 - If a player declines your resurrection, or the resurrection timer has run out, you will get the power expended on the resurrection refunded back to you.

 - Higher value resurrection spells will overwrite lower value resurrection spells that have been cast on a player. Power will be refunded back to the player that cast the resurrection spell that was overwritten.

 - If a lower value resurrection spell lands after the player has a higher value resurrection spell cast on them, power will be refunded to the player that cast the lower value resurrection spell and the spell will not overwrite the higher value resurrection that is already on the player.

 - If two players cast the same value resurrection spell on the player, the first spell to land will be cast on the player and the second will be refunded back to the caster.

 - Perfect Recovery resurrections will overwrite spec (and base) line resurrection spells (power refund will occur for the player who has had their resurrection overwritten).

Realm Ability Changes

 - We have increased the amount of crowd control duration reduction for each level of Determination. The new values for each level of Determination are as follows:

Determination 1: 4% reduction to crowd control duration
Determination 2: 8% reduction to crowd control duration
Determination 3: 20% reduction to crowd control duration
Determination 4: 38% reduction to crowd control duration
Determination 5: 55% reduction to crowd control duration

 - Clerics will now receive a message when Retribution of the Faithful procs on an enemy target and when the effect has worn off on the target.

 - Anger of the Gods will no longer display 0.0 damage when delved.
 - (Bug Fix) The Heretic's realm rank 5 ability "Fanaticism" will now only affect players that can recall to lords.
Master Level Ability Changes

 - We have reduced the types of wood that can be summoned with the Summon Wood master ability to two types: ironwood (common summon) and duskwood (rare summon).

 - The master level ability "Focusing Winds" will now work correctly.

 - The Faultfinder style has been removed and replaced with a Faultfinder ability. The ability is an object only damage add, with a reuse timer of 2 minutes. The damage add is a 20.0DPS bonus.

 - Bodyguard miss messages will now go to the "You Miss" channel, instead of the "You Hit" channel.

Secondary Speed Changes

With the secondary "caster" speed adjustment in 1.75, the highest caster speed, when used in combination with sprint, was faster than the highest Bard, Skald, or Minstrel speed. We did not intend for secondary speed users to be able to exceed the values received from primary speed users, so we are changing secondary caster speed values to compensate for primary speed values. Note that these values are still higher than the values before v1.75

 - We have decreased the speed bonuses for the following spell lines:

Sorcerer - Amplify Movement
Theurgist - Brisk Wind
Enchanter - Effervescence
Warden – Guardian's Encouragement
Healer – Ease of Movement
Runemaster – Token of Movement

Hibernia Style Changes

 - A hinder effect has been added to the Blades style, Brilliant Blade.

General Changes and Fixes

 - The Mercenary and Blademaster class ability, Flurry, can now be used on enemy realm guards and keep lords.

 - The icons for the Sorcerer's and Mentalist's group power regeneration spells have been changed.

 - The following speed spell lines will no longer occasionally skip pulses: Ease of Movement (Runemaster), Amplify Movement (Sorcerer), Brisk Wind (Theurgist).


 - Turrets will now correctly scale when the Convoker ability, Summon Mastery, is used.


 - Armsmen will no longer be interrupted during the crossbow draw time when using the Snapshot realm ability.

 - The Polearm style, Defender's Aegis, has had its effect changed from a hinder to a bleed.


 - The delve information for the Commanding Call spell line now correctly includes the spell function and description.

 - The hotbar icon for the realm rank 5 ability, Sonic Wall, has been changed to the correct icon.


 - Dwarf Berserkers will now shapechange into a smaller version of the bear model when Berserk ability is used.

 - The standard bear model has had its scale increased to standard Troll height.


 - Fixed a bug that was causing the fossil mystic and fossil seer pets to have extremely high resist rates on their spells.

 - The fossil mystic's lifetap spell has been changed to a direct damage spell to further reduce the resist rates seen with these pets. Please note the damage type and damage values have not been changed.

 - The fossil mystic and fossil archer pets will no longer run away indefinitely from their attackers.

To provide the Bonedancer's subpets with buffs that are more appropriate for their subpets' abilities, we have swapped the pet buff lines in the Darkness and Bone Army specialization lines.

 - The Dex/Qui pet buff spells in the Bone Warrior (Bone Army spec) line have been changed to Str/Con pet buffs.

 - The Str/Con pet buff spells in the Bone Mystics (Darkness spec) line have been changed to Dex/Qui pet buffs.

 - Fossil healer pets will no longer continuously go into and out of combat mode while the Bonedancer and commander pet are attacking a monster.


 - We have increased the proc rate for the Cleric's RR5 ability, Retribution of the Faithful.


 - We have added two group damage add spells to the Enchantment spec line. The spells are available at the following spec levels:

35 Dazzling Arms - 7.9 dps
45 Radiant - 10.0 dps


 - The Incense line of spells will no longer display a point blank spell effect graphic around the caster.


 - The hotbar icon for the realm rank 5 ability, Fanaticism, has been changed to the correct icon.


 - The reuse time for the Spirit of the Hunt ability has been lowered from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.


 - Added spell effects to the casting animations for the following spell lines: Regenerate Flesh, Cleaving Guardian, Poison Gasp, Strength of the Dead, and Develop the Servant.


 - We have added two group damage add spells to the Darkness spec line. The spells are available at the following spec levels:

33 Greater Rune of Agony - 7.9 dps
41 Greater Rune of Misery - 10.0 dps


 - The night-time only restriction from the realm rank 5 ability, Shadowstrike, has been removed.


 - Fixed a bug where Shield of Immunity could not be fired after the Sorcerer was interrupted.

 - Shield of Immunity can no longer be used when Mastery of Concentration is activated and vice versa. Due to this change, Sorcerers have been stripped of the Mastery of Concentration realm ability and their points refunded upon login so they may repurchase this ability if they choose to do so.


 - We have added two group damage add spells to the Path of Earth base line. The spells are available at the following levels:

35 Earthen Rage - 7.9 dps
45 Earthen Fury - 10.0 dps


 - The Valykrie group offensive procs will now scale based off the level of the player on whom it is cast.

 - The Sword style, Odin's Clip, now has an improved growth rate for its style damage.

 - (Bug Fix) Valkyrie's Dominance is now correctly set to Spirit damage, instead of Energy damage.

 - The hotbar icon for the RR5 ability, Mark of Prey, has been changed to the correct icon.
 - We have lowered the resist bonus from the following spells, due to situations where the target would never receive an outright resist against the spell: Heated Claw, Fiery Claw, Smoltering Claw, Flaring Claw, Scorching Claw, and Sweltering Claw.

 - We have adjusted the progression of the Vampiir's heal over time spell line so the heal amount is more appropriate for the spec level at which the spell is received. With this change, the Vampiir will now have a heal over time spell available at Shadow Mastery 26.

4 Recuperation - 15/pulse
15 Restoration - 35/pulse
21 Renewal - 70/pulse
26 Greater Renewal - 100/pulse
38 Regeneration - 180/pulse
46 Greater Regeneration - 300/pulse

 - Vampiirs have been granted a free single line respec as a result of the above changes.

 - (Bug Fix) Call of the Raven and Vengeance of the Raven now correctly have 15 second recast timers.
 - (Bug Fix) Objects, such as siege equipment, will no longer provide power to the vampiir.


 - The Wizard's RR5 ability, Wall of Flame, will now correctly do damage on the last tick of the spell.



 - The dark depths of the North Sea have grown extremely dangerous as an ancient terror begins to stir.

 - The shades inside the Passage of Conflict will no longer attack players while they are invulnerable.

 - Basilisks and cockatrice have had their chance to stun reduced.

Passage of Conflict

 - The sages of each Realm have discovered the means to protect their people from the Summoner's wards located at the entrance within their Frontiers. Wards located at other entrances within the Passage of Conflict and the Summoner's Hall remain dangerous to those who would trespass. Please note that this change is not in effect on Mordred.

New RvR Wood Buying Option

 - Players will now be able to purchase Oakenwood, Ironwood and Heartwood stacks with personal bounty points. These wood stacks are available from siege merchants outside of the border keeps. Please note that these wood stacks can only be used for repairs, and cannot be used for crafting of any kind.



Map Updates

 - Map Update (Albion) - The Kill Task dungeon in Campacorentin Forest is now correctly displayed closer to Caer Ulfwych.

 - Map Update (Midgard) - The Kill Task dungeon in Gotar is now correctly displayed South West of Nailiten.

Quests - Albion

 - Arleigh's Assistant - This quest now starts with Arleigh Penn in Prydwen Keep. This is a reworking of Camdene's Components, moved to a more level appropriate location.

 - Bishop Burhoff's Curse - Dark Bishop Burhoff may now be found behind the Vetusta Abbey in Black Mountains South.

 - Impressing Commander Hayward - This quest has been updated to reflect the recent monster changes in Cornwall. Players between levels 33 and 35 may obtain this quest from Pethos.

 - Scryer - Minstrels will now be able to complete this quest.

 - Supplies for Lillian - This quest has been updated to reflect the recent monster changes in the Avalon Marsh and the minimum level has been changed to 28.

 - Save the Spirits - The level range for this quest is now 28-36 and Aserod Ilonus has taken up residence near the Yarley farm in Cornwall.

 - Wizard Lost - The Green Witch may now be found at night in Salisbury Plain.

 - Wizard's Appeal - Players are no longer required to kill a Cornwall Hunter as part of this quest. Instead, players will now be sent to West Downs to meet with a new NPC who will ask them to kill a tomb raider on the nearby Salisbury Plain.

Quests - Midgard

 - The Wanestone Jewel - Players are now directed to hunt dark wolves in Gotar on step two.

 - The Three Sisters - The journal directions have been updated to guide players to Coplin's new location.

 - Reyer's Best Friend - The svartskogsfru camp has been moved closer to Gna Faste.

 - Saving the Clan - Players who are level 50 with a full experience bar will now be able to complete this quest.

 - Sveabone Hilt Sword - Players can now find low level Sveawolf cubs on the northern edge of Vasudheim.

 - Family Business - This quest has been updated to reflect the recent monster changes in Myrkwood and the minimum level has been changed to 26.

 - Krrrck's Torment - This quest's minimum level has been raised to 32. Bonedancers and Warlocks have been added to the list of classes that can start this quest.

 - The Creatures of Myrkwood - All three versions of this quest will now fit in with the updated monster levels. Several kills needed for these quests have been relocated or changed to more appropriate level monsters.

Quests - Hibernia

 - Battlegrounds - Players who lose the Tir Na Nog Assistant on step 3 can now return to Sentinel Maitias to get reset to a point where they can summon a new Assistant.

 - Innis Island Upkeep - This quest has been raised to the 40-42 level range.

 - Ailbe's Claw - Vampiirs above level 35 can now get this one time drop weapon.

 - Ilisa's Trade - Players will no longer be sent to the Cliffs of Moher after turning in the Smithing Text or Smithing Song Globe to Eli.

 - Morven's Return - Vampiirs will now be able to choose the piercing dagger as a reward for this quest.

Item Notes

 - TRADESKILLS: The Legendary Spiked Flail recipes (Albion Weaponcraft) will now produce weapons with +DEX instead of +STR to better meet the needs of both Albion flexible weapon classes. These recipes now require "vapor essence jewels" instead of "fiery essence jewels". (Note: the Legendary Pick Flail recipes and products are unchanged.)

 - The Flameforged Spear is now correctly flagged as a two handed weapon.
Encounters - Albion

 - Monsters whose levels were adjusted in 1.75 in classic zones have had their treasure tables adjusted to be appropriate to their new level (for those treasure tables that were not properly adjusted in 1.75).

 - A swamp creature calling itself the Marsh Lord has taken residence within the south west area of Avalon Marsh.
 - An evil inconnu has been spotted roaming the depths of Campacorentin Forest.

Encounters - Midgard

 - A leader has emerged amongst the svartalf outcasts that have taken up residence between Galplen and Gna Faste.
 - A powerful svartalf sorceress has found a magical tome and has been heard chanting magical rites inside Myrkwood Forest.

Encounters - Hibernia

 - A poison elemental has been spotted near Connla's Well in Shannon Estuary.

 - An elf with the ability to draw power from the recently deceased has been found hiding in the Silvermine Mountains.



Monsters/NPCs - Hibernia

 - Various monsters that would sometimes remain invisible while attacking have been fixed.

Dungeons - Hibernia

 - (Galladoria) Players will no longer be dropped into the water when teleported out of the tunnel leading to the Olcasgean's room.



Artifact Encounters

 - Cloudsong - The quest journal will now inform players if they need to gather more bronze, marble or both.

Item Notes

 - The following items have had their level set to 35. This will enable those items to be filtered into the battlegroup treasurer system: Many Facetted Ruby, Desmona's Crown, Rassa's Mirror, Kirkleis' Ring, Dimitri's Sword, Bulis's Shield, Kaletor's Staff, Thoa's Staff, Storm Crystal, Radiant Sunstone, Sandstone, Gem of ABsorption, Crystalized Ghillan Eye, Blood fo Daehien, Marid Figurine, Uraeus Tail, Siam-he Head, Runed Metal Plate, Agne's Control Crystal, Tarnished Bronze Shield, Tarnished Bronze Sword, Tarnished Bronze Head, Tranished Bronze Torso, Tarnished Bronze Left Arm, Agne's Treasure Chest Key, and Control Crystal.

Quests - General

 - Players whom have the Cure for Kepa or Tasks for Antioos quest in their journal may talk to their local Arbiter to have them cleared from the journal.

Stygia Quests

 - Players under level 46 will now be prevented from turning in the magical scarab wings to Tey.

Oceanus Encounters

 - Kraken and Leviathan will no longer suffer defensive penalties when in combat with a large number of attackers.

 - Pets under the effect of the Kraken's ink cloud will tend to become confused and behave in irrational ways.

 - (Trial 1.8) The visible effect on the shark that possesses the ruby is much more pronounced.

 - The Skyros Dreadnaught will once again award Master Level experience.
Volcanus Encounters

 - The Volurgon Mandra will now seek out players hiding in every corner of their room.

Aerus Encounters

 - The animate swords from Ibn's chests will now despawn 15 minutes after being summoned.

 - An issue which could prevent Suralle from respawning has been corrected.


 - Rrionne and her reflection will no longer attempt to stay at range to cast spells.



General Changes

 - The Facial Respec NPCs - Lolicia the Magical, Jaron the Magical and Dailliana the Magical - have been moved to the capital cities. You can find them near the Channeler NPCs.

 - Midgard - The Spellbound Cerulean Great Hammer has been adjusted to the correct level.

Monsters - General

 - High Shaman Arteg's Orb of Physical Defense and Orb of Magic Defense have had their levels lowered.

Quests - Midgard

 - Precision Attack - Tronsil can now be found in the southern regions of Nyttheim.


 - Monster camps in the Albion Aqueducts have been reduced in number. This fixes a bug where too many monsters prevented pet summoning classes from summoning their pets.

 - The obelisks used for travelling around Catacombs can no longer be buffed by players.

 - (Hibernia Frontlines) The Possessive Spirit encounter will now reset properly if the players attacking him die and release.

Instanced Adventuring

 - The Level 21 to 30 Kill Task Dungeon that was in Myrkwood Forest has been moved closer to Nailiten and is now South West of the Town.

 - The level 21 to 30 Kill Task Dungeon in Campacorentin Forest has been moved closer to Caer Ulfwych and is now to the East.

 - Albion Instanced Dungeons - The Lair of the Exiled will no longer give an error when trying to exit.

 - The gargoyle pets inside the Darkspire will no longer drop players randomly around the spire.

 - Fafnir, Mordred, and Dub will no longer chase players outside the throne room of the Darkspire. Additionally, players will have to be inside the throne room to deal damage to them.

Item Notes

 - Darkspire armor now has new graphics. Prior attained items from Darkspire will not be effected by this change.

 - The Spellbound Cerulean Hammer and the Spellbound Cerulean Great Hammer (Midgard) are now set to the correct material type and dps.

 - Cianan’s Cataclysmic Shield (Midgard) has been adjusted from All Magic Skills and Acuity to bonuses to Shield Skill, Hit points and Hit Point Cap.

 - The Otherworld Espionage Shield (Albion) is now correctly set to level 49 armor factor instead of level 45.

 - Zahur’s Club (Hibernia) will now salvage for the appropriate Hibernian metals.

 - The armor sold by the aurulite merchants now have new graphics when viewed under the Catacombs client. This will not retroactively change existing armors.



 - This version introduces to the game a housing rental email reminder system. When rent on a house becomes due within seven (7) days, and also within 24 hours, an email is sent to the email address on file for the account which owns the house. Therefore, any house on which the rent is due at both seven (7) days out and 24 hours out will generate two emails to the email address on file for the account which owns the house. House rental email reminders will look similar to these examples:

Rent of 800 gold pieces due in 7 days on lot 1976 on Lionel and neither the lockbox nor merchant has enough to cover it.

Rent due of 2 platinum pieces in 24 hours on lot 3363 on Uther and neither the lockbox nor merchant has enough to cover it.

Note: Email reminders will not be sent if there is enough money on the consignment merchant to cover the rent.

 - We are happy to introduce a new housing zone for each realm with this version. Albion players can now construct their homes in Stoneleigh while Midgard players can now settle in Stavgaard and Hibernians can now stake their claims in Broughshane.

 - As a way to help ease the travel time between zones, Market teleportation tokens are now available on all market merchants for every housing zone within the realm.

 - Remains for trophies are now dropped by the Megalodon, Razorfin, and Vanol.
 - Fixed a bug where a Piper in Sherborne would not sell or buy music tickets.

 - All housing maps are updated to reflect the new housing zones.


 - We have updated the pathing in Aerus City. Necromancers will no longer lose their pet climbing down the ladders to the generators. Also, pets and brittleguards will now follow players up to the phoenix platform.
 - We have updated the pathing in the Den of Bones, The Sundered Tombs, Concealed Guardhouse, Deadlands of Annwn, Nyttheim, Midgard Abandon Mines and The Ritual Hall.
 - We have fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Spear of Kings to be too far away to pick up.



 - New sets of level 51 armor are now available for each realm using the crafting lore of the denizens of that Realm's Catacombs city. These new sets include chest, legs, sleeves, boots and gloves can be crafted using small amounts of powdered aurulite which can be purchased from the aurulite vendors in the Catacombs cities. Each set has a unique skin that will only be visible using the Catacombs client (otherwise it will appear as the regular level 51 crafted armor).

 - Alchemists and Spellcrafters can now bring their Seigecraft to 2% of their current primary skill (was previously 1%).

 - Alchemy and Spellcraft ingredients will now sell back to merchants at 95% of their cost (instead of 50%).

 - Spellcrafters will no longer see the recipe for +Pacification skill gems in thier recipe lists.