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Patch Notes: Version 1.75

Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.75 Release Notes
RvR Missions
April 6, 2005
Version 1.75 contains an extensive number of features and improvements to Dark Age of Camelot. Here's a brief preview of what's in this version:

RvR Missions - In this version, we've implemented our new RvR mission system. This system is designed to provide a more immersive RvR gaming experience to players of all types. RvR missions provide many rewards for a variety of mission types in the form of solo, group and realm wide missions. Please see the "INTRODUCTION TO RVR MISSIONS" section below for more details.

Tower Razing - We're proud to introduce Tower Razing - a new RvR method for capturing and even completely destroying enemy towers, which allows for enhanced open field combat opportunities. Please see our "TOWER RAZING" section below for more details.

Master Level Updates - We've made many changes to our master level system, as well as some significant changes to the master level credit system. Please see the two sections "MASTER LEVEL UPDATE" and "MASTER LEVEL CREDIT CHANGES" below for details.

New Title System - We have expanded on the existing titles players may have on their characters based on activities in RvR. Please see the "NEW TITLE SYSTEM" section below for more details.

Run Speed Change - Based on a tremendous amount of feedback, we have enhanced the run speed for out of combat players, allowing them to move faster than was previously possible without the aid of a run speed spell or sprint. Please see the "RUN SPEED CHANGE" section below for all of the details.



We polled our customers, talked to our team leads, and read over tons of player feedback. We're very proud to present the results of this research and design to you here in version 1.75. Thanks in no small part to our players, we hereby introduce a brand new RvR adventuring system called RvR Missions. We thank the Dark Age of Camelot community for their help in providing the vital feedback that led to the development of this new feature.

"RvR Missions" is our name for a unique system allowing players to accept Personal, Group or Realm Missions that can ultimately play a pivotal role in the war raging in New Frontiers. There are many exciting possible missions within the system, suitable for forces of all sizes. One person can make a difference by uncovering a single enemy or scouting out an area. A noble band of brothers can play their part by patrolling their border or protecting a supply caravan from attack. The mission system even includes the full scale defense of the realm in the form of daily goals suggested to all players in the Frontiers.

Come join the battle!

RvR Mission NPCs

Each realm has its own RvR Mission Generals, as well as numerous RvR Mission Commanders. RvR Mission Generals are located in all six portal keeps in New Frontiers, while Commanders are located at all of a particular realm's friendly keeps and upgraded (level 3 or higher) towers.

Hibernia's Realm Generals:
Vegda: Crauchon Gorge - Druim Ligen
Sonvan: Mount Collery - Druim Cain

Midgard's Realm Generals:
Hagir: Yggdra Forest - Vindsaul Faste
Bruki: Uppland - Svasud Faste

Albion's Realm Generals:
Kogis: Forest Sauvage - Castle Sauvage
Muris: Snowdonia - Snowdonia Fortress

Note: While Realm Generals will give you a choice of many different types of missions, be aware that Realm Commanders will only assign certain random missions and will not give you a choice to change them.

Mission Types

 - Personal Missions - These missions are intended for those players who choose to go it solo in the Frontiers. Personal missions primarily lead players to areas of New Frontiers where they can find challenging encounters with enemy NPCs and even other players. Missions of this type are specifically designed to allow a single player a high chance of achievement and a reward. Personal mission types are: scout an area in the enemy lands, find an enemy assassin and slay him, kill a certain number of enemy guards, and kill a certain number of enemy players.

 - Group Missions - Designed specifically for groups, these missions concentrate on specific siege targets in the Frontiers - primarily single towers, low level keeps and the newly implemented caravans (more information below on caravans). Group Mission types are: capture an enemy tower, capture an enemy keep, kill a certain number of enemy guards, destroy an enemy caravan, and kill a certain number of enemy players.

 - Realm Missions - These missions are generated to everyone in a given realm. No action on the part of the player is required in order to receive this type of mission, as this mission type's goal is to encourage all members of a realm to work together for a common cause. Realm Mission types are: capture an enemy keep and all of that keep's towers, open Darkness Falls and open an enemy realm's relic gate.

When RvR Missions Can Be Obtained

 - Personal Missions - These may be granted by a General or by a Commander. Once a player has a personal mission, a new Personal mission cannot be obtained for 30 minutes, or until the current Personal mission is complete - whichever occurs first.

 - Group Missions - These may be granted by a General or by a Commander. There are no timer restrictions on Group Missions. However, only the group leader can accept or cancel a Group Mission.

 - Special note: Group and Personal missions can and will often be available to players at the same time. Because of this, when a player has a Personal Mission calling for the same action as a Group Mission, the Group Mission will take priority and must be completed before the Personal Mission. For example, if the Group Mission calls for the group to kill 25 enemy guards in Albion, and the Personal Mission calls for the player to kill 15 enemy guards in Albion, the credit for the first 25 guards killed will go to the group and the 15 after that will go to the player (or players if more than one group member has the same Personal Mission). This rule only applies when the mission is the same. For example, if the group's mission calls for 25 Albion guards to be killed, while the player's Personal Mission calls for 15 guards from Midgard to be killed, they can both be achieved simultaneously.

 - Realm Missions - These are granted to all players in each realm at 7 a.m. EST each day. Once a Realm Mission is complete, a new one will not be granted to the realm for 60 minutes.

How To View Your Missions

 - RvR missions are viewable in the quest journal.

Rewards And Credit

 - All three mission types award experience, gold and realm points. Rewards are granted at the time the mission is completed.

 - In order to receive credit for Realm Missions, players must be within 1500 units of the objective when it is completed; for Group Missions, players must be grouped and within 4000 units of the objective when it is completed; and in order to receive "helper credit" when assisting someone with a solo mission, the assisting player must be within 4000 units of the player with the solo mission when the mission objective is completed.

New Encounter Types

 - Assassins - Enemy NPC assassins will be dispatched to patrol friendly towers. Players on Personal Missions are encouraged to go and find these assassins and kill them. These assassins will only attack players who have these types of missions.

 - Caravans - NPC caravans, comprised of a horse, a horse drawn cart and some guards, will roam between friendly beachhead keeps. Enemy groups are encouraged to find and disable these caravans.


We are very excited to introduce Tower Razing into this version as part of the RvR Missions system. Tower Razing is the ability to completely destroy a tower until it is literally a pile of rubble on the ground. This allows for enhanced open field combat opportunities as well as a definitive end to a tower standoff.
Attackers may now raze enemy towers to the ground. At 25% health, a tower will reach a "broken" state, at which hookpoints no longer function and all line of sight restrictions previously caused by the tower's structure are removed. With Tower Razing, enemies can continue to attack the tower until it reaches zero health. At zero health, the tower will crumble to the ground, leaving only its foundation intact.
 - Razed towers cannot be manually repaired. They auto repair from the razed state to a lesser "broken" state at approximately 5% per half hour until reaching 25% health. At 25%, players may manually repair the tower to a higher state. Once repaired to a state of 35% health, the tower will no longer be considered broken and players may once again utilize siege equipment available to the tower.
 - When a tower gets razed, its level is automatically set to 1 - downgrading from whatever higher level it was at if applicable.
 - When a tower is razed, any occupants will be subject to falling damage if they are high enough inside the tower when it crumbles to the ground.
 - A realm can claim a razed tower, and may even set it to raise to level 10, but will have to wait until the tower is repaired to 75% before it will begin upgrading normally.
 - A razed tower area looks like the ruins of a destroyed tower (basically the foundation), but has no line of sight restrictions at all, and no movement restrictions. Functionally, it’s an open field with a tower lord and 3-4 lesser guards.
 - The razed tower functions as a normal tower in all other ways and it will still continue to generate guard alerts when guards at the tower are attacked.

 - Towers will remain razed, even if they are captured by the enemy, until they auto repair to 25% health.

In response to overwhelming player feedback about the master level system, we have made a change to the way that credit is awarded for all x.10 final encounters. This will make the entire ML system much more forgiving if you miss a step along the way to your x.10 goal in each master level. Thank you for all of your feedback on this issue!

 - You will now receive credit for any Master Level x.10 step without first completing all prior steps.

 - No matter what order you finish the 10 steps in, when you complete the final step you will receive a message telling you that you have finished all the trials for a particular Master Level.

 - To actually reach a new master level, you still must complete all Master Level XP requirements, and complete all 10 trials as part of the new level, then talk to the Arbiter.

 - For Example: You will now kill Cetus (ML 1.10) and receive credit for the encounter, even if you are missing the ML1 Solo Step (ML1.5). When you then complete the Solo Step, you will receive credit for completing all trials in Master Level 1, and may then visit the Arbiter to progress to Master Level 2.



In our continuing effort to address player concerns with how Master Level credit is awarded, we are making some changes. These changes are intended to help those players who might miss battlegroup credit for a specific ML due to going linkdead or being slightly out of range. We apologize for the complexity of these rules, but once in use, we are sure they will greatly enhance your gameplay.

There are two new commands, available only to BG leaders:

 - /bg credit will display credit for Battlegroup Master Level encounters that have been completed within the last 10 minutes. This command can be used by the Battlegroup leader without restriction.

 - /bg grantcredit [MasterLevel] [PlayerName] will allow you to grant credit for completed Master Level steps, with the following restrictions:

 - You may only grant credit for steps completed within the last 10 minutes.

 - You must be within 1000 units of the player you are granting credit to.
 - The ML step must be a battlegroup-enabled step.
 - You must be within 2000 units of 75% of your battlegroup members (in other words, the majority of your BG must be there with you).

 - You may only grant credit to up to half the number of players that received credit for that step correctly .
 - You may not grant credit for a step that the player could not possibly receive due to dungeon restrictions (for example, players must be at least ML8 to receive ML9 credit)

 - Example usage: /bg grantcredit 1.9 Player-ClusteredServer



As stated on March 17th, we have expanded on the existing titles players now receive for realm ranks by incorporating more choices available to players based upon their achievements, both in our new RvR Mission system and in normal RvR activities. Players will be able to pick from a selection of earned titles and choose which they would like to display for others to see.

 - Players will earn and increase their titles through various activities in the game. For example, a player can receive a new title based upon how many towers that player has participated in capturing.

 - In order for players to alter their titles, we have added a new title button to the player sheet, on the stats attributes panel. (We have also added a "/title" command to toggle the window.) In this window, players may select the title they'd like to have display above the character's head.

 - Players may only have one title displayed at a time. However, titles may be changed by the player at any time.

 - Currently, titles only appear to realm friendly players.

Here is a list of achievements for which players will be awarded new titles:

 - Enemy Players Killed - Based on the number of total enemy players whom the player has participated in killing.

 - Towers Taken - Based on the number of enemy towers a player has participated in capturing.

 - Keeps Taken - Based on the number of enemy keeps a player has participated in capturing.

 - Albion Players Killed - Based on the number of enemies from Albion whom the player has participated in killing.

 - Hibernian Players Killed - Based on the number of enemies from Hibernia whom the player has participated in killing.

 - Midgard Players Killed - Based on the number of enemies from Midgard whom the player has participated in killing.

 - Relics Placed - Based on the number of relics players in a group have participated in capturing. (Note that only players in the group directly responsible for capturing a relic will get credit for this achievement.)


Since Dark Age of Camelot's launch, we have heard continuous feedback from our community about the movement speed in our game. The concerns over how slow our movement is has continued to grow as we have added more and more areas in which to travel. Because we believe these concerns are valid, we have decided to make a long requested change to the game, enhancing the movement speed of all players who are out of combat. This new run state allows the player to move faster than normal run speed, provided that the player is not in any form of combat. Along with this change, we have slightly increased the speed of all secondary speed buffs (see below for details). Both of these changes are noticeable but will not impinge upon the supremacy of the primary speed buffs available to the Bard, Skald and Minstrel.
 - The new run speed works only in PvE. We are still assessing the possibility of this ability also working in RvR.

 - The new run speed does not work if the player is in any form of combat. All combat timers must also be expired.
 - The new run speed will not stack with any other run speed spell or ability, except for Sprint.
 - Pets that are not in combat have also received the new run speed, only when they are following, to allow them to keep up with their owners.

 - We have slightly increased the speed bonuses for the following spell lines:

Sorcerer – Amplify Movement
Theurgist – Brisk Wind
Enchanter - Effervescence
Hunter - Speed of Prey
Warden – Guardian’s Encouragement
Healer – Ease of Movement
Ranger - Forest Shadow
Runemaster – Token of Movement
Vampiir - Vampiir's Sprint



 - Players will no longer be informed when someone else leaves a starter guild.
 - We've corrected several alpha issues with Bainshee spell effects. First, the soundwave "cone" attacks should not appear to cut off rendering of objects behind them. Second, the Bainshee's shield effects will now appear as glossy instead of just black lines.
 - Rogue type monsters that use the stealth graphics will now more reliably be knocked out of stealth when attacked by player pets.
 - The loot bag has been updated with a new model.
 - Midgard cloth Epic vests, as well as some cloth vests from Atlantis, were not displaying correctly. This has been fixed.

 - Siege equipment can no longer be deployed in Darkness Falls, Passage of Conflict and Summoner's Hall.

 - Players will no longer be able to boot players from or set options on boats they aren't actually piloting.
 - Players will now need to be within 256 units to board a ram.
 - The commands /vforward, /vstop and /vfollow no longer work on non-controlled boats.
 - (PvP Server Only) Players will no longer be restricted from joining a new guild for 2 hours after leaving a newbie guild.


We have added tooltips to a number of items in the interface, to better explain their functionality or to provide useful feedback.

 - For spells on your quickbar or active effects, you will now see the name of the spell and a duration/disabled timer, if appropriate.

 - Based on player feedback, we have modified the tooltips from their original form in the 1.74 patch to make them smaller and less obtrusive.

 - To have your custom UI display tooltips, you must supply a FullResizeImage called "tool_tip_background". The Atlantis and Isles skins "tool_tip_background" use the same graphics as the "selection_box" template used in the Quiver window.

 - To add tooltips to statistics, resists, and experience bars, inside the control definition you must add an entry for <ToolTipID>#</ToolTipID>. The # should be one of the following:

1 - Strength
2 - Constitution
3 - Dexterity
4 - Quickness
5 - Piety
6 - Empathy
7 - Intelligence
8 - Charisma
9 - Thrust
10 - Crush
11 - Slash
12 - Heat
13 - Cold
14 - Matter
15 - Energy
16 - Spirit
17 - Body
32 - Free Level Info

 - The new adapters to display resists are named "stats_[resist type]". For example, Matter is "stats_matter".

Character Statistics Page

To help players better understand item bonuses, item bonus caps, and evaluate items, we have added a system of tooltips to your character statistics page that will display all relevant information.

 - Hovering over any stats display (Strength, Constitution, etc) will now bring up a tooltip that will list base stats, item bonus, item cap, item bonus waste (bonus that exceeds your current cap), bonuses from spells/buffs, and any bonuses from RAs or class specific abilities.

 - We have changed the layout of the main statistics page to include a new section that displays your current resists for each damage type. A tooltip will display bonus information broken out in the same way as statistics.

 - We have slightly changed the rules about when stats are highlighted, to give better feedback to players. Your natural level is now considered to be base stat, item bonuses, and realm ability bonuses. When you are above this value (from buffs or spells) the statistic will be colored green. When below this value (from debuffs) the statistic will be colored red.

 - Anytime you are missing Constitution due to a PvE death, the Constitution stat will be colored red as a reminder to visit a Healer.

User Interface Notes

 - We have added a new title window to let you change your current title, and view your title statistics. You may open it with the new "Title" button on the Stats/Attributes character sheet page (near the existing "Master" button) or use the "/title" slash command.

 - To better focus our efforts on user interface enhancements, we are officially dropping support for several of our less popular user interface skins. The only skins available in the Catacombs/Atlantis clients are now the Trials of Atlantis-style Skin, the Shrouded Isles-style skin, and any Custom Skins. Shrouded Isles clients do not support custom skins, and will only be able to use the Shrouded Isles-style skin.

 - Hovering your mouse over your experience bar will now display your character's free level information.

Multiple Quickbar Support

To allow players to use an ever-increasing amount of abilities, we have added multiple onscreen quickbars.

 - These quickbars are fully independant from other quickbars on your screen, enabling players access to up to 300 seperate quickbar ability slots, with 30 onscreen at once.
 - You may activate multiple quickbars by opening your Options Menu (via the button on the Character Stats page).

 - Optionally, you may toggle quickbars with the command '/quickbar Qbar# 1/0' (for example, to enable quickbar 2, use /quickbar 2 1)

 - To access abilities on second and third quickbars, you may use the Alt (2nd Quickbar) and Control (3rd Quickbar) keys, plus the corresponding number. You may only use these shortcuts if you have 'Ctrl Modifier' and 'Alt Modifier' turned on in the keyboard configuration.

 - To switch between quickbar pages on the second and third quickbars, you can use Alt-Shift-# and Ctrl-Shift-#

 - The /qbind command has been updated to take a quickbar as an additional argument (example: /qbind 1 2 2 will bind a key to Quickbar Page 1, Slot 2, QuickBar 2)

Character Creation Changes

 - Kobolds will now correctly list that they can become Warlocks in the Character Creator. They could always become Warlocks, it was just not shown in the list of advanced classes that they could become.

 - You will now get an appropriate error message when entering a name that is too short.
Housing Changes

 - Only the character that actually owns a personal house may pick up or place vaults and consignment merchants. Previously, any character on the account could pick up vaults and consignment merchants even though only the character that owned the house could place them.

 - Players may now use the repo merchants for missing vaults and consignment merchants, even if the house itself is still in the player's possession. Previously, repo merchant use was restricted only to players who lose the entire house.
 - Houses will now need to be completely emptied of all items in the house and in the garden before the house can be upgraded or downgraded.
World Changes

 - In 1.74 the stack size of many common sell loot items was increased. Unfortunately mistakes were made in the corresponding value adjustments, resulting in decreased sell values for these items. The items have been returned to their correct sell value in 1.75.



 - The monster population in the Frontier zones has been slightly reduced.
Passage of Conflict and Summoner's Hall

 - In an attempt to further deter trespassers into his Hall, the Grand Summoner has placed wards at the entrances to the Passage of Conflict and the Summoner's Hall. These wards will unleash magical damage to those who linger too long near the entrances.




 - We have addressed an issue that would cause the following spells in the following lines to occasionally skip a pulse: Crusader's Ward line, Body/Mind/Energy/Heat/Cold/Earth Ward line, Soul Ward line, Brisk Wind line, Ease of Movement line, Chant of the Brawl line, Song of Rest line, Body/Spirit Bolstering Chant line, Energy/Heat/Cold/Matter Diminishing Chant line, Effervescence line, Nature's Revenge line, Guardian's Encouragement line, Chant of Endurance line, and the Greater Battle Zeal.

 - We have addressed an issue with certain charm spells that could potentially cause the charm to drop without getting two sequential resists. This affects the following spells: The Minstrel's Captivating Melodies charm line and the Mentalist's Illusory Enemy charm line.

 - We have moved the level 2 buff spells for all Naturalist and Acolyte base classes to level 1.
 - Druid, Cleric, and Shaman focus shells will no longer block melee damage in PvE.
Master Ability Changes and Fixes

 - The duration of the Speedwarp debuff has been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

Realm Ability Changes and Fixes

 - Negative Maelstrom has had its damage increased by 30% for each tick, for all levels of this ability.

Base Classes

 - The Naturalist base class will now receive the Minor Bark Skin spell at level 1.

 - The Acolyte base class will now receive the Aura of Shielding spell at level 1.


 - The Polearm style, Distract, now has an improved growth rate for its style damage.


 - The Bainshee's Audible Barrier spell line has been changed so that a player cannot recieve the benefits of the spell more than one time every 30 seconds. This now works similarly to the way that pulsing blade turn works.

 - The Bainshee's Wraith's Shield spell line will no longer block boiling oil damage.

 - Fixed a bug where the Alarming Yell spell line had mesmerization spell graphics instead of root spell graphics.


 - The hotbar icons for Rhythm of Earth and Rhythm of Nature now have the correct color border.


 - All simulacrums now have updated models when using the Catacombs client.


 - The Friar's Saint's Stamina spell line now has the appropriate color borders for each level of the spell.

 - The Shield of Faith spell line can no longer be overwritten by the Paladin's Crusader's Ward spell line.


 - We have added two group power regeneration spells for the Mentalist. These spells are available at the following Holism (Mana) spec levels:

37 Invest Concordance
45 Invest Perfection


 - Necromancer pets can no longer be confused. Necromancer pets were not supposed to be affected by confuse spells, as the confuse effect can potentially take the pet outside of the leash range of the Necromancer, making the Necromancer unable to defend himself when the pet was dispelled.
 - The Cleaving Guardian spell line can no longer be overwritten by the Heretic's Diabolic Thorns line.


 - Nightshades will now receive an evade reactionary version of the Celtic Dual style, Tornado.

 - Nightshades will now receive an evade reactionary version of the Blades style, Return Blade.


 - The Paladin's Chant of Endurance spell line will no longer display a spell effect for each pulse of the spell.


 - The Runemaster spell line, Raven Drove, no longer delves as having a 20 second recast timer.


 - Shadowblades will now receive an evade reactionary version of the Left Axe style, Polar Light.

 - Shadowblades will now receive an evade reactionary version of the Axe style, Cleave.


 - We have added two group power regeneration spells for the Sorcerer. These spells are available at the following Domination (Mind Twisting) spec levels:

37 Circle of Cognition
47 Circle of Lucidity


 - Valkyries will no longer have the Odin's Lesser Aura spell stuck in their spell list after receiving a higher level version of the spell.

 - Vindictive Bite, Vindictive Nip, Valkyrie's Command, and Valkyrie's Dominance now share the same recast timer. Please note that the timer amounts for each shear set, 300 seconds for Vindictive Bite and Valkyrie's Command, and 60 seconds for Vindictive Nip and Valkyrie's Dominance have not been changed.

 - The spell effect for the Odin's Hoof spell line has been changed.

 - The recast timer for the Odin’s Hoof spell line has been decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.

 - The root duration for the Valkyrie styles, Odin’s Clip (Sword) and Pin (Shield) has been increased to 6 seconds.

 - The Odin's Retribution line of spells can now be cast while moving.


 - The spell effect for the realm ability, Vale Defense, has been changed.


 - The Vampiir will no longer use a casting animation when casting the Restoration spell.


 - Warlocks are able to combine certain abilities in ways that, in conjunction with a few of their high damage spells, significantly overpowers them. This is exaggerated even more because the amount of damage done by certain Warlocks spells is so high. To help mitigate this issue, we have reduced the damage for the following Hexing spell lines:

2 Lesser Beguiled Pain - Damage: 10
3 Beguiled Pain - Damage: 15
8 Greater Beguiled Pain - Damage: 34
13 Lesser Beguiled Pain - Damage: 66
18 Beguiled Injury- Damage: 77
24 Greater Beguiled Injury - Damage: 97
34 Lesser Beguiled Hex - Damage: 135
43 Beguiled Hex - Damage: 168
49 Greater Beguiled Hex - Damage: 191

5 Infernal Sore - Damage: 9/pulse
9 Infernal Eruption - Damage: 15/pulse
19 Infernal Rot - Damage: 37/pulse
30 Infernal Degeneration - Damage: 55/pulse
41 Infernal Infection - Damage: 76/pulse
46 Infernal Erosion - Damage: 88/pulse


 - The Searing Wind spell line now has a scaling duration and resist lower effect for the higher level versions of the spells.

3 Searing Wind - Duration: 20s, Resist Lower: 10%
6 Searing Wind (Lesser) - Duration: 20s, Resist Lower: 10%
12 Searing Wind - Duration: 20s, Resist Lower: 10%
16 Searing Gust (Minor) - Duration: 25s, Resist Lower: 10%
21 Searing Gust - Duration: 25s, Resist Lower: 15%
27 Searing Wave (Minor) - Duration: 30s, Resist Lower: 15%
37 Searing Wave - Duration: 30s, Resist Lower: 15%
47 Searing Blast - Duration: 35s, Resist Lower: 15%

 - The Simmering Cloud spell line now has a scaling duration and resist lower effect for the higher level versions of the spells.

8 Simmering Cloud - Duration: 20s, Resist Lower: 10%
14 Broiling Cloud - Duration: 20s, Resist Lower: 10%
22 Sweltering Cloud - Duration: 25s, Resist Lower: 10%
29 Burning Cloud - Duration: 25s, Resist Lower: 15%
36 Torrid Cloud - Duration: 30s, Resist Lower: 15%
46 Boiling Cloud - Duration: 30s, Resist Lower: 15%



Monsters - General

 - The monsters found in many of the homeland zones have grown greatly in strength. As players move away from the starting towns of Cotswold, Mularn and Mag Mell, the monsters will become steadily more dangerous. Adventurers are warned to explore cautiously until the extent of the changes is determined.

Items - General

 - Bounty items have been adjusted to drop from monsters at a consistent rate. Previously some bounty items were very rare drops.

 - Bounty items have been adjusted to a consistent sell value. In situations where this change would result in a lower sell value, the item was not changed.

 - Grymkin's Healy Belt (Albion) now has a bonus to rejuvination skill in place of regrowth skill

 - Trophies may now be obtained for Maldahar, Yar, Legendary Afanc, Evern, Green Knight, Orey-eyed Oghamist, and Stang.

Quests - General

 - The Pig Herder's Cap of Victory, the Badger Herder's Cap of Victory, and the Tomte Herder's Helm of Victory can now be traded and dropped into vaults.
 - Several quests in the classic zones have been altered to fit the monster changes described above (in Monsters/NPCs - General). The quest level, rewards and journal entries have been adjusted to match these changes.

Quests - Albion

 - The beginner quests starting with Master Frederick have been revamped. There are some optional guides to interface and game mechanics added to the early stages of these quests. There is also an extra quest called Battlegrounds which will give players some information on RvR. This quest will cover PvE or PvP on Gaheris or Mordred.

 - Arrows for Yetta Fletcher (levels 4 to 7 mini quest) - Yetta Fletcher is looking for someone to help her make some arrows. Speak to her in Cotswold if you can help.
 - The Growling Ghost - Growler can now be found in Salisbury Plains near the northwest guard tower.

 - "Beginning of War" Master Dunwyn has been relocated to Cotswold from Avalon Marsh. This will alleviate the excessive travel for players.
 - Shaken Squire - Sir Jerem of Prydwen Keep is looking for players between levels 6 and 9 to help him locate an adventurous squire who has gone missing.

 - Disenchanted - Prydwen Keep's enchanter, Palune, has been unable to deliver all of her newly-enchanted weapons since her courier has fallen ill. She's willing to pay players between levels 7 and 10 to deliver a special weapon for her.

 - Breaking the Bandits - Atheleys Sy'Lian, Avalonian emissary to Prydwen Keep, has noticed an increase in bandit activity in Camelot Hills. She's looking for players between levels 8 and 11 to help her eliminate a local bandit leader.
 - A Message for the Manes - Sir Jerem at Prydwen Keep is looking for players between level 9 and 12 to help him deal with an emerging threat from the demons of Darkness Falls.
 - Boulderling Balm - Brother Maynard, Prydwen Keep's healer, has run out of a key ingredient for his healing hand balm and is willing to pay players between levels 10 and 13 who will help him resupply.

 - Beginner Quests - The first two beginner quests in Albion have been replaced. Master Frederick will now give players some assignments in the Cotswold area. Players currently on the Important Delivery quest may return to Master Frederick to get the new quests. Players on the City of Camelot quest can finish that before getting the new quests.
 - The Jersey Devil - Robert, Lord of Jersey, and court rival of the powerful Lady Genevieve, has come to Camelot to pay his respects to King Constantine. Lady Genevieve is looking for players level 35 and above to help her teach the Lord of Jersey a lesson he won’t soon forget.

 - Point of Reason - Aricoer and his Captured Souls have been moved to Campacorentin Forest on the hill north of the Ogre Fortress.

 - Chains of Death - Erich and the Giant Skeletons have been moved northeast of Cornwall Station atop a hill.

 - Lisreen's Plight - Lady Nimue can now be found near a small body of water north of Nob’s Stable in Camelot Hills. Archibald Oakheart has been moved to West Downs in Salisbury Plains. The Fellwoods have been replaced with Druid Seers that are located atop a hill near the north western guard tower of Salisbury Plains.

 - Forged Excellence - Dooben and Vandush have been relocated to Salisbury Plains. They can be found along the shoreline near the slave camp.

 - Scura tragedia - The summoning circle has been moved to the Salisbury Plains. It is west southwest of Stonehenge Barrows.

 - La morti parla - The Skeletal Legionnaires for this quest can now be found in Salisbury Plains. They guard the bridge next to the Fallen Tower.

 - Animare il morti - Centurion Favius can now be found next to the Fallen Tower in Salisbury Plains.

 - Master Frederick will now offer players a Battlegrounds quest at level 5, following the completion of the Culmination quest. This will guide players towards advanced class selection and provide some RvR basics.
Quests - Midgard

 - The beginner quests starting with Dalikor have been revamped. There are some optional guides to interface and game mechanics added to the early stages of these quests. There is also an extra quest called Battlegrounds which will give players some information on RvR. This quest will cover PvE or PvP on Gaheris or Mordred.
 - Stolen Eggs - We have fixed a bug that was preventing Bonedancers from speaking with Griffin Handler Njiedi and advancing their quest.

 - Mauler Invasion (level 1 to 4 mini quest) - Viking Kreimhilde in Mularn is seeking brave new adventurers to help her deal with a problem with the black mauler cubs.

 - Waking of the Fallen - Casters and Ranged fighters will no longer have to kill Broch multiple times to complete this quest.

 - Lyna's Huldu Trouble (level 2 to 5 mini quest) - Lyna in Mularn has had her favorite staff stolen by a huldu outcast. She's willing to pay the person that is able to return it to her.

 - Vers' Armor (level 4 to 7 mini quest) - Vers in Mularn is looking to improve his armor-making skills. He needs someone to help him obtain some supplies. Speak to him if you can help.

 - Eater's Bounty (level 5 to 8 mini quest) - Tamara at the guard tower just outside of Mularn is looking for brave adventurers to help her defend the tower.

 - "The Birthday Gift" (Level 1-4) Following in the family tradition Barkeeps Nognar and Prugar run the bars in Mularn and Jordheim. Due to the brothers responsibilities at there respective bars they rarely see each other anymore. Nognar needs someone to help him obtain a birthday gift for Prugar. He has an idea for something that will remind his brother how close they used to be as kids and that he does not need to be so serious all the time.

 - "Family Reunion" (Level 2-5) Barkeep Prugar is thrilled. It makes him realize he has been working too much and not taking enough time for himself and his family. He plans on visiting his brother in Mularn but needs to straighten some loose ends before leaving. He has a letter he needs delivered to his brother, Barkeep Nognar of Mularn.
 - "Dinner Quest" (Level 3-6) In preparation for the arrival of his brother, Barkeep Nognar wishes to make his brother's favorite meal. He needs several ingredients for his Hobgoblin Stew but cannot leave the bar since his apprentice has not returned yet.

 - "Bow for a Gift" (Level 4-7) In the time since you have helped with the stew ingredients another letter has been received from Prugar. He wishes to go hunting one day during his visit. Unfortunately Nognar no longer has any hunting bows or quivers. He does have a friend in Haggerfel, Macalena, who should be able to help out.

 - "Family Ties" (Level 5-8) Now that everything is in place for Barkeep Prugar's visit there is just one last task. Barkeep Nongar wishes a letter to be delivered to his brother letting him know they anxiously await his arrival the following day.

 - "Battle on the House" (Level 6-9) Kristen works at her friend's bar in Vasudheim when not training with the Forces of Midgard. She sent her sword and shield off to Mildrid in Haggerfel for repairs while on leave from training. The Force of Midgard has sent a notice about an emergency meeting and she must have her sword and shield with her. She has much to do in Vasudheim and needs someone to fetch her belongings for her.

 - "Suspicious Mind" (Level 7-10) Hrugnar is making his wife a fur cloak as a 10th anniversary gift. To keep Luran from becoming suspicious of his plans he has side tracked her with a new puppy, Gealla. But he again feels she is onto him and needs help. Since he cannot leave his shop he needs someone to get him the items he needs to complete her cloak.

 - Galagore, in Vasudheim, will now accept Fenrir Tracker Paws for a bounty quest from levels 40 to 44. He was previously refusing to take them at level 40.

 - Mucking through the Ick - The Ick spider has been hunted to extinction in Gotar. You can now find Ick in East Svealand near Audliten.

 - Stolen Eggs - Griffin Handler Njiedi will now reward rogues with Recruit's Starklaedar Gloves instead of a duplicate Recruit's Starklaedar Jerkin.

 - Taldos' Amulet - Taldos and his companions can now be found in East Svealand.

 - Prove Kobold Helen's innocence - Kobold Helen, her escort guards and Sentry Litenberg have been moved to the guard tower near Dvalin.

 - The Red Dagger - Joseph Domr can now be found in Gotar, near Fort Atla. Korban now resides somewhere in Gotar as well.

 - Travelers Way - Players must now collect three skins from sveawolf prowlers. They can be found in the same area as the sveawolf mothers.

 - Runes of Darkness - The Lone Weeping Willow can now be found in West Svealand.

 - The Red Dagger - Korban and her seithkona sisters have relocated to Gotar.

 - Wisdom of Time - Niswen has moved towards the north end of the lakes in Myrkwood.

 - Grenlock Clan - Coplin has moved further north in Myrkwood. He can be found near the weeping willows.

 - Grenlock Clan - Ove Alfevson now resides near the entrance to Askheim. He has been seen wandering the road to Gna Faste as well.

 - Grenlock Clan - Players must now seek Jordande in Gotar instead of Tradande in Skona.

 - A War of Old - Scout Argyle now hunts in the region just below Vindsaul Faste in West Svealand.

 - A War of Old - Lieutenant Salurn has relocated to Gotar, not far from the Cursed Tomb.

 - A War of Old - The Witch now haunts Myrkwood just below Gotar.
 - Beginning of War - Master Briedi has been relocated to Mularn from Fort Atla. This will alleviate the excessive travel for players.

 - Dalikor will now offer players a Battlegrounds quest at level 5, following the completion of the Culmination quest. This will guide players towards advanced class selection and provide some RvR basics.
Quests - Hibernia

 - The beginner quests starting with Addrir have been revamped. There are some optional guides to interface and game mechanics added to the early stages of these quests. There is also an extra quest called Battlegrounds which will give players some information on RvR. This quest will cover PvE or PvP on Gaheris or Mordred.

 - Bones to Blades (level 2 to 5 mini quest) - Wony in Mag Mell has accepted a commission to make special weapons, but she's lacking all the necessary components. She is looking for brave adventurers to help her with this problem.

 - Valewalkers and Animists can now complete the Stolen Hatchling quest.
 - "Beginning of War" Master Lucyn has been relocated to Ardee from Connla. This will alleviate the excessive travel for players.
 - Rattled Recruit - Sentinel Moya in Ardee is looking for players between levels 6 and 9 to help her locate an overeager recruit who has gone missing.

 - Quick Fix - Nyderra, in Ardee, is looking forward to a hunting trip with an old friend, but her new bow has broken. She's looking for players levels 7 to 10 to help her in repairing it before her guest arrives.

 - Inherit the Wind Ghoul - Ardee's enchanter, Eiral, needs help proving a theory about the spirits that haunt Hibernia. She will ask players between levels 8 and 11 to assist her with her research.

 - A Friend For Gogarty - Aideen, a merchant in Ardee, has been too busy lately to visit her friend, Gogarty Muire. She's searching for players between levels 9 and 12 to bring him a new friend.

 - Creeping Darkness - Sentinel Moya, leader of the Sentinel garrison in Ardee, is looking for players between levels 10 and 13 to assist her with the first phase of a campaign against demons escaping from Darkness Falls.

 - The Troya’s Research quest has been renamed Josson’s Research and has been moved from the Connla area to Mag Mell. Players between levels 2 and 5 can begin the quest by speaking with Josson.

 - The Tyree’s Dyes quest has been renamed Rhian’s Dyes and has been moved from the Howth area to Tir na mBeo. Players level 11 and above can speak to Rhian to begin the quest.

 - The named wind ghoul, Little Wind, will now spawn more frequently for the Little Wind quest. He may be found during the daylight hours near the other wind ghouls in Connacht.

 - Roane Skin - Slevin has relocated to the barn at the parthanan farm in east Lough Derg.

 - Roane Skin - Resa has relocated to the northern coast of the lake in Lough Derg, north of the parthanan farm and can be found among the other roane maidens there.

 - Roane Skin - Hazard has moved to a circle of stones to the west of the town of Tir na mBeo in Lough Derg.

 - Seek the Moonstone - Nock has taken up residence on the Dergan Island in southern Lough Derg.

 - Seek the Moonstone - Tracker Tremain has been seen near Nock’s old hut in the northeastern Silvermine Mountains, near the border with Lough Derg.

 - Seek the Moonstone - Rory has taken up with the Empyreans in the Valley of Bri Leith and can be found near Keeper Rasa.

 - Criostoin’s Promise - Players will now learn the story of Criostoin’s Promise from Saraid in Caille instead of Kimba.

 - Connla’s Well - Slevin has relocated to the barn at the parthanan farm in east Lough Derg.

 - Secret of Nuada’s Silver - Miner Cucugar has fled the Sheevra lands and taken refuge with his Siog cousins near the entrance to the Coruscating Mine in the Valley of Bri Leith.

 - Secret of Nuada’s Silver - Players will now be asked to bring Dera a silver arrow from a Siog archer named Sloithi.

 - Secret of Nuada’s Silver - Hill hounds can now be found roaming near Sloithi’s Siog encampment.

 - Secret of Nuada’s Silver - Mermen can now be found along the western edge of Moon Lake in the Valley of Bri Leith.

 - Secret of Nuada’s Silver - Bran the Giant now roams near a grove of dead trees in the southeast of the Cliffs of Moher.

 - Enchanting Willow - Ciar can now be found in a cluster of birch trees to the east of Mag Mell.

 - Enchanting Willow - Lucan is now posted by the standing stones southeast of the Muire Tomb’s entrance in Connacht.

 - Enchanting Willow - Torrance has taken up residence in Ardee.

 - Cad Goddeau - Torrance has taken up residence in Ardee.

 - Cad Goddeau - The Old Hermit and his Blademaster have left their former home in Lough Gur and now resides in a camp south of Brynach in the Valley of Bri Leith.

 - Addrir will now offer players a Battlegrounds quest at level 5, following the completion of the Culmination quest. This will guide players towards advanced class selection and provide some RvR basics.

Monsters/NPCs - General

 - The meetings that were held in the three capital cities regarding Atlantis will no longer be held. Instead, new meetings are being held to inform one and all of the terrible situations that face the Inconnu, the Kobolds, and the Shar in the lands of Catacombs. Stop in the capital city and see the creatures that threaten the very lives of these three races!

 - The puppies summoned by the Whistle have been given new models.

Items - General

 - Players no longer need to have starter their master levels to gain credit for the Scepter of the Meritorious Encounter.

 - Artifact scrolls in Stygia have been redistributed and the drop rates increased. Setians and Mau now have a chance to drop any page of the Stygia scrolls.

 - Cloak of Divinity can now be dyed with cloth dye instead of leather dye.
 - (Midgard) The thrust debuff on the Golden Spear artifact has been changed to a slash debuff to match the damage type of the artifact.

Oceanus Quests

 - The named shark, Ancus of the Skyros Order faction quest can now be found hunting around a large rock north of the Kraken lair.

Aerus Encounters

 - Players are no longer required to have trials 9.1 - 9.9 complete to assist in attacking the Phoenix.

 - Dawar now will now be more reliably found at his spawn location.

Oceanus Encounters

 - Sightings of the Kraken and Leviathan have increased lately in Oceanus Hesperos and Oceanus Notos.

 - Moughart will now be more reliably found at his spawn locations.

Stygia Encounters

 - In the Snake Charmer's Weapon encounter, Maedion will move a little faster while playing his flute than he did before, though he should still be quite easy to keep pace with.

Temple of Twilight

 - Legends tell of adventurers using the severed head of Medusa as a weapon against the legendary Kraken


 - Sobekite Eternal Encounter - Pick Your Poison: Djedkare will now gain power faster so that he may grant the challenges for his Trial more quickly. Djedkare will also now grant an entire battlegroup credit for defeating his challenge of Horror (ML 2.7).

 - Stand Fast: Another sobekite observer has taken residence within Amenemhat's chambers.
 - (Temple of Twilight) Kepa will no longer ask players to retrieve a cure. Players will be able to talk to her directly and launch into the encounter without doing any additional questing.
 - (Temple of Twilight) Antioos will no longer demand players retrieve items for her. Players will be able to talk to her to launch the encounter without seeking additional items.



Monsters - General

 - Various archer based monsters have been made to engage in melee sooner when attacked.

Item - General

 - (Midgard) The Circlet of the Kobold Recluse, Circlet of the Desolate Kobold, and the Circlet of the Solitary Kobold have been adjusted in level from 45 armor to 50.

 - Spellbound Cerulean Short Bow (Albion) now has a bonus to quickness in place of the duplicate dexterity bonus

 - The Spellbound Cobalt War Mace (Albion) is now set to the correct material level.

 - (Hibernia) Numinous Shield of Numsi and Shield of Despairing Souls may now be recharged.

Instanced Adventuring

 - To coincide with level changes in the area, Taskmaster Jeryd in Tir na mBeo will now offer tasks to players between levels 11 and 20. Taskmaster Nelarid in Howth will now offer tasks to players between levels 21 and 30.

 - To coincide with level changes in the area, Taskmaster Mairlin Caer Ulfwych will now offer tasks to players between levels 21 and 30. Taskmaster Lucir in the Avalon Marsh will now offer tasks to players between levels 31 and 40.
 - (Darkspire) Monsters that were spawning outside of the cave walls will now appear properly inside the caves.
 - (The Gnolls' Den) Characters inside the Gnolls' Den adventuring wing will now be able to stealth when no monsters are around them.

Hibernian Frontlines

 - Fixed an issue that would cause the Possessive Spirit to not reset correctly if you died fighting it.

Quests - Hibernia

 - Down with the Madness - Champions, Heroes and Rangers will now receive the correct reward when completing this quest. Players who were given the wrong reward can return to Burniss in Shar Labyrinth to make an exchange.



 - The Albion Armorcrafting recipes for roman glove linings and roman sleeve linings will no longer have their skill levels reversed.

 - The Water Spell Stone (Hibernia) will now be dark blue like the recipe icon (and all other "water" gems)



 - We have added a /housepickup command that will automatically pick up and place into your inventory decorations from your house and garden. It will only pick up decoration objects - not Merchants, Vaults, or Tradeskill Tools.

 - The horse from Jorund in Erikstaad to Maisriath's Hitching post will now correctly let you off in the correct location.

 - The horse from Alamdar in Dalton will no longer make a sight seeing trip through the Chiltern Market.

 - Players may now obtain trophies for Dub, Mordred, Fafnir, Grubthor, Terracite Cthiyrkkftooift, Golnar, Orunos, Winged Terror, and Chief Amanita in Catacombs.