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Patch Notes: Version 1.74B

Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.74b Release Notes
Server Clustering
February 11, 2005



 - The client will now correctly read your existing, pre-clustering Interface settings on Tristan, Bedevere, and Igraine.

 - Fixed an issue causing players to ignore line-of-sight checks in dungeons.
 - Spell icons at the top of your screen will once again correctly display colored red when you have immunity to an effect.

 - We addressed a number of mouselook and targetting related issues that were reported by players. We will continue to monitor your feedback and bug reports on this issue.

 - Defensive procs should once again function correctly.

 - Casters will now correctly overwrite their own bladeturn spells, as well as refresh the timer on them when recasting the spells.

 - Teleport to house binds will now correctly put you to the correct server's housing zone on clustered servers.

 - Fixed an issue having to do with inviting players to a group in the same zone, but on different servers in a cluster (for example, PlayerA in Albion TOA Bors and PlayerB in Albion TOA Palomides).

 - The Turn Left/Turn Right keys will no longer act as strafe keys while in mouselook mode. This will be reintroduced in a future version with a toggle option, but this feature is being reverted for players who were dependant on the old functionality.

 - The Shaman’s Focus Shield spell, Spirit Shell, will no longer lose focus immediately after the first pulse of the spell.
 - The Melos Wave Master and the Skyros Dreadnaught will now drop the Ceremonial Bracers artifact at the correct rate.
 - (Catacombs Only) Wearing a helm will no longer cause some Catacombs figures to show an odd facial expression.