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Patch Notes: Version 1.74A

Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.74a Release Notes
Server Clustering
February 9, 2005



 - The Vampiir's Sprint line will now properly overwrite itself when recast by the Vampiir.
 - Divine Intervention will now correctly generate aggression on the target of the heal instead of on the caster of the Divine Intervention spell.
 - In some rare cases, the door to exit the Concealed Guardhouse in Midgard was not working properly. This has been fixed.
 - (Midgard) Axe of the Half orc will now proc correctly.
 - (Midgard) Taskmaster Cheri should no longer send you on a task that can’t be completed to kill only 1 risen warrior

 - (Bug Fix) Bards and Rangers will now be able to use the Blade style, Kinetic Blade, after performing a successful Lunging Blade.
 - (Bug Fix) Armsmen and Paladins will now be able to correctly use the Wolftooth and Liontooth Thrust style chain after performing a successful Ratfang.
 - (Bug Fix) Thanes will now be able to use the Siv's Revenge Sword style after completing a successful Ice Storm.
 - (Bug Fix) Hunters will now be able to correctly use the Sword style, Rush, after completing a successful Reinforcement.
 - (Bug Fix) All items using Incendiary Pyre as it's proc or reactive will now work without the power cost.
 - (Bug Fix) The Crown of Glacial Curses now has the appropriate icon.
 - (Mordred and Gaheris only) The SI portal merchants now sell scrolls to the old portal locations near Adribard's Retreat, Nalliten, and Connla.


Oceanus Encounters

 - Cetus, Runihura, and Medusa will now drop a scroll from Oceanus.



Item notes

 - (Midgard) Cianan's Cataclysmic Trident now has a bonus to spear skill in place of shield skill and a reactionary bonus in place of the blocking bonus.



 - (Midgard) Hallbera will now accept tickets to Nittedal from Carlingford.