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Patch Notes: Version 1.70

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.70 Release Notes

June 22, 2004



With version 1.70, the Dark Age of Camelot: New Frontiers free expansion makes its debut. All users who wish to continue participating in Realm vs. Realm combat will need to download and install the New Frontiers optional content for your current game client (Shrouded Isles or Trials of Atlantis). Please note that the Classic Camelot engine does not support New Frontiers - Classic users will need to upgrade to the Shrouded Isles engine. For more information about New Frontiers, please go to http://www.camelotherald.com/newfrontiers/ where you will find information about the expansion, realm ability system, maps, and other invaluable information.

Getting the New Frontiers Installer

Here is a list of places where you can find the New Frontiers installer for the Trials of Atlantis and Shrouded Isles clients:

- Download. Go to http://www.camelotherald.com/newfrontiers/download.php for a list of download locations.

- We have also arranged for a partner who now has the New Frontiers CDs for sale for the cost of shipping. The order form can be found here: https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=1637037

There are two different installer download options for New Frontiers: a Trials of Atlantis client version and a Shrouded Isles version. Classic client users who have upgraded to the Shrouded Isles engine can use the Shrouded Isles installer to install New Frontiers. For more information on upgrading to the Shrouded Isles engine, please see http://www.camelotherald.com/newfrontiers/download.php


Levels Through RVR Experience

Through the New Frontiers expansion, players now have the option of engaging in PvE OR RvR combat to gain levels. The experience awards for realm vs. realm combat have been increased for the standard servers. Players will be awarded 8 times more experience than they were previously awarded for killing enemy players in the frontiers.

New Grouping Level Range Changes

With this version, we are also relaxing the rules that govern the level ranges that can effectively group together. The intent of this new system is to allow lower-level players to group with substantially higher-level group leaders, and enable them to make some contribution to combat and spellcasting.

- Whenever a low-level character (5th level or higher) joins a group led by a higher level character, they are temporarily adjusted so that they can hit and land spells on monsters of the range that are normally fought by the group leader. They will be able to hit, and also to do damage to these monsters.

- This adjustment kicks in when a player approximately 90% of the level of the group leader or less joins a group. This means that if anyone less than 17th level joins a group led by a 20th level group leader, their to-hit and damage are boosted up so that they can hit and damage monsters that are commonly fought by a 20th level group. Also, while grouped, they will take less damage per hit from high level monsters.

- This system does not affect items such as weapons or armor - only to-hit and damage, and to some extent, damage taken is affected.

- Lower level group members must be within 3000 units of the group leader in order to receive the bonus.

- Experience gained by the lower level character is the same as it currently is on the live servers when lower level characters are grouped with higher level friends.


No longer will you have to wait until level 15 to be able to enjoy the thrill of fighting against other players in Dark Age of Camelot battlegrounds - now you can do it from day one of your character's existence.

- Players can use the portal ceremonies at the border keeps in their home realm to port into the battlegrounds using the Battleground Medallion of Passage. The names and level ranges of the battlegrounds are as follows:

1 - 4 Proving Grounds
5 - 9 The Lions Den
10 - 14 The Hills of Claret
15 - 19 Killaloe
20 - 24 Thidranki
25 - 29 Braemar
30 - 34 Wilton
35 - 39 Molvik
40 - 44 Leirvik

- Teleportation into a battleground will not check for a realm point cap for players to gain admittance into that battleground.

- Players will not earn realm points in the first three battlegrounds - Proving Grounds, The Lions Den, and The Hills of Claret.

- Players will be able to earn realm points in each of the remaining battlegrounds, however, there will be a limit to the number of realm points players can earn in each battleground. After they have reached this limit, killing other enemy players will not grant any more realm points (players will still be able to participate in that battleground until they exceed the level cap). The realm point limits for the battlegrounds are as follows:

Realm Rank 1 Level 3 - Killaloe
Realm Rank 1 Level 4 - Thidranki
Realm Rank 1 Level 6 - Braemar
Realm Rank 2 Level 0 - Wilton
Realm Rank 2 Level 5 - Molvik
Realm Rank 3 Level 0 - Leirvik

- Players who log out in a battleground not designed for their level will be placed in the appropriate border keep.

- Newly created characters entering the game for the first time have a Proving Grounds medallion of passage equipped on the character.

- The first three battlegrounds have reduced prices for their medallions of passage. Note that existing Medallions of Passage will also take players in this level range to the appropriate battleground.

1 copper - Proving Grounds medallion of passage
1 silver - The Lions Den medallion of passage
5 silver - The Hills of Claret medallion of passage

- Experience rewards have been added which will be granted upon the successful keep capture in the battlegrounds from levels 1-44. Upon successfully killing the Keep Lord/Jarl/Chieftain, every eligible player inside the keep region will be awarded approximately 25% of their level in experience. This experience reward can be earned once per level for every level, up to level 44.


- A full skill respec has been granted to all characters at or above realm rank 1 (characters with at least 1 realm point) upon login. To use this respec, type '/respec all' in front of your class trainer. Please note that if you wish to use the full skill respec, you must do so before your character gains a new level.

- We are providing players with the ability to obtain a full realm ability respec at a very low cost (10 silver). Players wishing to respec their realm abilities can visit the merchants set up specifically for this purpose and purchase special respec stones - Sophist's Realmstone. **These special stones will only be available until JUNE 28, 2004 (one full week), then they will disappear.** During the time these new stones are available, the Respec NPCs will temporarily not accept the old realm stones. Once the merchants are gone, the Respec NPCs will once again accept the old stones. These are the merchants that will be selling the new, temporary respec stones:

Albion - Brandonne Chauncy in Camelot
Midgard - Frumdall Helmer in Jordheim
Hibernia - Gwinna Galbrath in Tir na Nog

- Please note that in order to use these stones, you must turn them in to the appropriate Respec NPC and then type '/respec realm' in front of your class trainer. The NPCs that accept these respec stones are listed below.

Albion - Paiton Hazlett in Camelot
Midgard - Haili in Jordheim
Hibernia - Bretta in Tir na Nog

- For more information regarding the full skill respec and realm skill respecs, please see http://www.camelotherald.com/more/1531.shtml

- Please note that our customer service staff will be unable to reset your realm skills or reset your character's skills. They will also be unable to provide you with new respecs or stones. Please go slowly - proofread twice, hit accept once, as the saying goes.


- (SI and ToA Only) Changes made in 1.69 inadvertently caused players running two instances of DAOC to go linkdead or experience other problems. To address this and restore the original level of functionality, we have added a new "sleep mode" to the client, to allow it to run while using very low CPU usage when in the background or minimized. Setting it to "Background" will not render when the window is not the active window on your desktop, and setting it to "Minimized" will cause it to not render when the game is minimized. You can adjust your settings in the Options Menu or ingame using the "/clientsleep" command.

- The check which prevents players from joining groups in combat now only applies to PvE combat. Groups engaged in RvR combat can freely bring new players into the group.

- There is no longer a range restriction on inviting a player into your group with the "/invite [name]" command.

- We have added the /range command. This command works similar to /gtrange but is based off of your current object target rather than your ground target.

- Typing "/groundset 0" moves the height of your ground target back down to the default if it had previously been raised or lowered, in addition to setting your ground target position at your feet.

- The /release command now gives a warning when the player misspells or does not fully type out "house" for /release house.

- Added alliance and ranks to the list of /gc commands when just typing /gc.

- Stealth detection range is now hard capped at 1900 units. This change should fix the bug with stealth ghosts being seen on the battlefield. The 1900 unit hard cap should only come into play in the most extreme of circumstances where an assassin with several levels of Mastery of Stealth is detecting an enemy stealther whose stealth is in the single digits.

- A cap of 50% has been placed on the possible chance to gain a critical hit for melee and archery combat, direct damage spells, damage over time spells, and healing spells. Note that this cap could not be reached in version 1.69 of Camelot, but could be breached by combining the Mastery of Pain and Dual Threat realm abilities in version 1.70. Please note that the Berserk ability is an exception to this and has not been changed.

- Dead players can no longer initiate, modify, or complete trades.

- Melee damage done by a pet (controlled or otherwise) now reports back to the pet owner on the Attacks/Other channel.

- Damage done to an actively controlled pet now reports back to the pet owner on the Attacks/Other channel.

- Damage shield spells and damage add spells on pets now reports damage dealt to the pet's owner when applicable.

- Pets will once again follow their masters underwater when possible.

- Summon spells now check line of sight to their "summon destination" (this is usually about 64 units in front of the caster). If they don't have line of sight, they will summon at the caster's feet instead.

- It is no longer possible to use pets to attack targets with an engage radius when the caster is outside of the engage radius. This includes dragons, keep lords, and tower captains.

- Facilitate Painworking (the Necromancer quickcast spell) now works identically to other list casters' Quickcast ability. Previously it had a very small chance of failure when fighting higher level opponents.

- Petcast spells that would fail when the player's pet is in combat now correctly abort before casting, triggering timers, using power, etc.

- A player will only receive one "You are protected" message from the Protect skill per second.

- Targeted spells that also have a radius component should no longer fire off the radius portion of the spell when fired at a keep piece, siege equipment piece, or player you're involved in a duel with.

- You can no longer cast an endurance heal on yourself if you have over 90% endurance.

- Damage over time spells can no longer be cast on objects.

- Heal and power heal spells/abilities used on oneself and heal (and power heal) spells/abilities used by Necromancers on their pets (excluding the heal-over-time line) abort before casting and will not set recast timers if the user (or pet in the Necromancer's case) is at full health. This does not affect group heals or spreadheals.

- Ground targeted area of effect spells no longer experience a dropp off to the amount of damage caused to targets which are further from the center of the effect.

- The "All Melee" bonus on objects has had its named changed to "All Primary Weapon". Please note that the bonus for these objects is not changed.

- Necromancer pets and Animist bombers now get full benefit from their owners' spell piercing items and Traldor's Oracle Archmagery buffs.

- Spell Piercing bonuses now correctly modifies resistances downward instead of upward, for direct damage spells, debuffs and damage over time spells. A level 50 character can not have more than 10% Spell Piercing effect up at any one time (from items or spells); any Spell Piercing over 10% is ignored (previously Spell Piercing was "capped" at 25% for a level 50 character).

- Objects can no longer do critical hits from procs or reverse procs.

- When an offensive proc buff expires, it no longer clears shapechanges.

- Players are no longer required to have 1 skill point in Siegecraft to control, aim, and fire siege equipment.

- Players on personal boats will no longer be hit by radius effects from spells.

- Players will no longer be able to board a boat while in combat.

- Personal Boats are automatically removed from the water if there are no passengers on the boat after a 15 minute timer has expired. Once a player boards the boat, the timer is turned off and reset until the boat is emptied again.

- Fixed a bug where if a player has Master Level 0 or higher, some spell timer icons would not darken on the client when used.

- Fixed an issue where some monsters in Deep Volcanus would blink in and out periodically as they were fighting.

- Siege and Essence resist types now display as such in spell effect delves.

- All medallions of passage now have delve information.

Master Level Ability Changes and Fixes

- Font of Power no longer affects targets which have been engaged in PvE combat within the last 10 seconds. The Font was having an unbalancing effect on PvE combat. After much discussion and debate, we decided to leave the Font itself alone and make it work without restriction in RvR, and add a small restriction for PvE (rather than reduce its effectiveness or otherwise reduce its usefulness in RvR with an across-the-board change).

- The Convoker Master Level ability, Summon Warcrystal, now has a 30 second recast timer.

- The Warlord Master Level ability, Resilient Will, now has the correct delve information.

- Crystal Titan now grows much larger in size than before. This should give this intimidating creature much more presence in the frontiers.

- Fixed a bug with Faultfinder where the damage was not being modified by the level of the door or wall being attacked. Also reduced the effectiveness of Faultfinder overall.

- You can no longer infinitely cast Agony Transmission by pre-loading the spell queue with non-instant cast spells.

- The poison created by the Essence Flare master ability now vanishes when the user logs out of the game (this includes going link dead).

- Brittle Guards cast by Necromancers are now friendly instead of neutral.

- When Bodyguard fails because the user is preparing a shot or casting, it will now print a message to the user.

- Bodyguard will no longer borrow a re-use timer from Camouflage.


- All characters have been stripped of their realm abilities and their points refunded upon login.

- As a part of the New Frontiers expansion, the line of sight code has been revised to improve the keep battle experience. Players will not be able to use area effect spells to damage others through keep walls/gates. Keep guards will also obey line of sight rules when attacking enemy players.

- The Passage of Conflict dungeon is open for exploration. This dungeon replaces the original three dungeons that led to Summoner's Hall in the old frontiers zones. Entrances to the Passage of Conflict may be found in Jamtland Mountains, Pennine Mountains, and Breifine.

- The '/release' functionality for the frontiers and battlegrounds has been changed. '/release' takes you to the nearest border or portal keep for your realm. '/release bind' takes you to your bind point.

- /gc info now displays the following in regards to keeps - Outpost controlled and its current level, the update timer and the cost for the hourly update, the total time to upgrade the keep/tower from 1 to 10, and, if the keep/tower is currently upgrading/downgrading, it shows the level it is moving to and how long until it gets there.

- There is a five second timer when trying to teleport at portal stones. You must meet the teleport criteria at the beginning and end of the five seconds or you will not port (i.e. if you run away from the portal stone right after clicking teleport or if someone captures your destination, you will not teleport).

- Players have the option of right-clicking on keep and tower doors in order to teleport inside/outside of keeps/towers. Note that 'enter' and 'exit' commands will also work at these doors.

- Pets will accompany their masters on keep-to-keep teleports with the exception of Animist and Theurgist pets.

- Pets and Brittleguards will be teleported through doors with their owners, except for pets set to 'Stay' or pets which aren't within 1000 units of their controller, which will not teleport through doors with their controller.

- Only one instance of a given type of combatant can be purchased at any given time per keep piece. For example, if you already have a runemaster attached to a hookpoint on a keep piece, you cannot attach another runemaster to that piece.

- Hookpoints check versus the max active for a given piece when the keep is upgraded/downgraded. For example, if a keep with a merchant on an amenity hookpoint drops to level 1, the amenity merchant goes away as there are no amenity hookpoints active at that level. Likewise, if there are three guards on a level 10 wall, and the keep drops to level 1, you will lose two of them, keeping the most recently purchased one. However, if the most recent one is on a hookpoint that ceases to exist (such as the points on the second level of a tier 4 wall), you will lose him as well.

- Combatants purchased off hookpoints have their cost increased linearly from 10 to 75 based off of the upgrade level of the keep.

- Hookpoints that have become inactive, either through the object or monster being destroyed or their 30 minute timer expiring, will continue to block further purchases for a period of five minutes.

- At Keep Upgrade level 10, a new honor guard contingent will spawn around the Keep Lord to protect him.

- Players who attempt to log in near a keep that is owned by an enemy realm will be moved to a "safe point" at their border keep (or portal keep in the Battlegrounds).

- The PvP immunity timer in Frontiers regions has been changed to 5 seconds from 120.

- You can repair less than 5% of a keep piece or gate if you don't have enough wood. However, you must have at least enough wood to repair 1% of the piece.

- RvR death messages include region names when applicable (for example: Joe was just killed by Harry in Bratag Woods).

- We have added additional information to the bounty point, realm point, and experience earning messages to tell where the bonus earnings came from.

- Players need to take all four towers in order to teleport into a keep. Note that the central keep still determines supply chains.

- A single guard has been added to each dock in the Frontiers. This new guard can see through stealth and will attack any enemy who gets too close.

- A prescience node has been placed at each Frontier dock. These nodes are permanent and cannot be attacked.

- Melee attacks against a destroyed object (keep doors, pieces, etc) no longer print out damage messages, but instead print out the 'no effect' message. Attempting to cast on destroyed walls and doors will now prevent you from doing so.

- Players can no longer do positional styles on doors.

- Delve information has been added for standard and RvR resurrection illness effects.

- We have enabled a new set of ambient battle sounds that play when you are in RvR combat of sufficient size.

- Volley no longer has a minimum range restriction.

- Damage adds correctly apply to arrow shots fired from Volley.

- Volley no longer bypasses bladeturn spells.

- Trebuchets, rams, other large siege equipment, and boats have smaller clickable areas to make it easier to select targets when they are onscreen.

- Players under the PvP ruleset (Mordred) will not have any of the new types of RvR death sicknesses applied to them.

- (PvP & PvE Rulesets) /Release takes you to the nearest border keep, regardless of realm.

- Keep doors under the PvE ruleset are equivalent to a level 5 keep door.

Realm Ability System

- With this version, all characters (including players not currently New Frontiers enabled) are stripped and refunded of all realm abilities upon login. Please visit your class trainer to train in the new system.

- All realm abilities have delve information. Players can view the details of the new realm abilities by clicking the "Info" button on the class trainer when highlighting an ability before training it, or by delving the ability on the character sheet once it has been purchased.

- For more information on the Realm Ability System for New Frontiers, please see http://www.camelotherald.com/newfrontiers/realmabilities/abilities.php

RvR Death Penalty System

As part of the New Frontiers expansion and based on player feedback, we have decided to change the way our death penalty works in RVR combat. The existing system often results in gameplay with very little strategy, where people mindlessly fling themselves at a target over and over. Enemies are rarely worth realm points after the first few minutes, and all around it’s not very interesting or fun. The new system allows the player to make strategic decisions, gives more value to player resurrection, and provides an incentive to strategize attacks rather than relying on “the zerg rush.”

- There is a 20 second timer before a player can release (via the command /release) from an RvR death.

- If a player releases from an RvR death, a RvR Death Sickness is applied to the character. This Death Sickness lasts for three minutes and is incurable (with one exception, Restore the Soul). The player will get a 30% decrease in effective power (meaning that everything is affected - healing, spell damage, spell duration, melee damage, etc) and a 20% movement rate reduction for each Death Sickness icon of this type.

- Please note that this is a completely separate death sickness from the current PvE death sickness, which will remain in-game for PvE deaths. And, as always, the PvE death sickness will be curable at a Healer.

- If a player is resurrected from an RvR death, a different RvR Death Sickness is applied to the character (unless Perfect Recovery was used, in which case there is no Death Sickness). The 30% decrease in effective power still applies, but there is no movement penalty of any kind. This Death Sickness lasts up to three minutes and is incurable (with one exception, Restore the Soul).

- The duration of this Sickness can be reduced by the type of resurrection spell used. Currently:

Base Line Resurrection/Egg of Youth - 2 minutes, 48 seconds
Tier 1 Spec Resurrection - 2 minutes, 31 seconds
Tier 2 Spec Resurrection - 2 minutes, 13 seconds
Tier 3 Spec Resurrection - 1 minute, 28 seconds
Perfect Recovery - 0 seconds (again, using Perfect Recovery means there is no RvR Death Sickness)

- Both resurrection Death Sickness and /release Death Sickness can be completely cured by the Master Level 8 Perfector ability, Restore the Soul.

- Multiple Death Sicknesses can stack with each other, for cumulative effects. In other words, if the player dies and releases a second time while still bearing the icon for Released Death Sickness, he will have two icons, his movement will be decreased by 40%, and suffer a 60% decrease in effective power - at least until the first icon drops. If a player dies and releases, and then dies and is resurrected while the first icon is still active, he will have a 60% decrease in effective power, but only a 20% movement penalty.

- There is a maximum of two of each of the two types of RvR death sicknesses (released and resurrected sickness) which can be on a player at any one time.

- The Veil Recovery realm ability will shorten all timers by 20% for each level of the Veil Recovery ability that you have.

Realm Points and Player Deaths

- While you are dead, you will earn 25% of the realm points you would have earned if you were still alive. Please note that distance restrictions on realm points still apply.

- RELEASED AFTER DEATH - For three minutes after any death (RvR or PvE death), if the player releases, the player will receive a 50% reduction to realm points gained for enemy realm kills. In other words, if you die and release, you will be limited by 50% in your ability to earn realm points for three minutes.

- A released player will not be worth any realm points for one minute after death, and worth 25% of his total points for four more minutes after that. After five minutes, the player will be worth the full total. (As a point of comparison, on live servers, a player is worth no points at all for ten minutes after death.)

- RESURRECTED AFTER DEATH - There will be no penalty to the player's ability to earn realm points.

- Same as a released player, a resurrected player will not be worth any realm points for one minute after death, and worth 25% of his total points for four more minutes after that. After five minutes, the player will be worth the full total. (As a point of comparison, on live servers, a player is worth no points at all for ten minutes after death.)

Tower and Keep Claiming, Upgrading, and Maintenance

- There is no up front cost to claim a keep or set the upgrade level. You must have a full group of players to claim a keep.

- Keeps have an hourly guild bounty point fee based off of the current level of the keep. The fees per level are as follows: 50, 50, 50, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 1000.

- Keeps take varying times to upgrade based off of level. The upgrade times per level are as follows: 12 minutes, 12 minutes, 12 minutes, 12 minutes, 24 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 16 hours.

- There is no up front cost to claim a tower or set the upgrade level. You must have a group of at least four people to claim a tower.

- Towers have an hourly guild bounty point fee based off of their upgrade level. The fees per level are: 5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 100.

- Towers take 12 minutes to level, regardless of level.

- The upgrade time for high level keeps is based on relic ownership. The times to go from level 5 to 10 are altered based off the following formula:

0 Relics owned - Upgrade time from level 5 to level 10 is 3.2 hours
1 Relic owned - Upgrade time from level 5 to level 10 is 8 hours
2 Relics owned - Upgrade time from level 5 to level 10 is 24 hours
3 or 4 Relics owned - Upgrade time from level 5 to level 10 remains unchanged (32 hours)
5 Relics owned - Upgrade time from level 5 to level 10 is 48 hours
6 Relics owned - Upgrade time from level 5 to level 10 is 64 hours

- The keeps and towers claimed by guilds have the appropriate difficulty levels. Keeps located in the guild's home frontier have the lowest difficulty while keeps located in an enemy realm's non-coastal regions have the highest difficulty. The difficulty level of the keep determines the amount of guild realm points rewarded per hour. For keeps, the guild realm points rewarded per hour is equal to 1000 times the difficulty level. For towers, the guild realm points rewarded per hour is equal to 100 times the difficulty level.

Temporary Keep and Tower Cost Reductions

- Underpopulated realms will receive a 50% reduction of cost bonus for all hookpoint purchases and maintenance costs of keeps in New Frontiers.

Hookpoint Purchases - 5 gold/5 bounty points/5 guild bounty points
Keep Maintenance Costs (based on current level) - 25, 25, 25, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 guild bounty points
Tower Maintenance Costs per hour (based on current level) - 3, 3, 3, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 guild bounty points

Relic System Changes

- Dropping a relic (or getting killed with a relic and it falling to the ground) sends a broadcast as to where the relic has dropped by region/zone or just zone if there is no region applicable.

- There is a realmwide broadcast when any relic gate opens telling which relic is vulnerable.

- Players can no longer be stealthed by the Blanket of Camouflage master level ability if they are holding a relic.

- Trades of relics from a player above water to an underwater player now fail.

- Players holding relics no longer gain a movement speed benefit from water breathing potions.

- For information on how to open the relic milegates for each realm and take a relic, please see the New Frontiers manual at http://www.camelotherald.com/newfrontiers

The Realm Point Pool

- As players are killed around a keep, bonus Realm Points are added to a Realm Point pool that is awarded on a successful capture or defense of a keep.

- The Realm Point pool message reflects whether you have successfully defended or assaulted the keep.

Movement in New Frontiers

- Players move at 50% speed when wading in water.

- Players are slowed down when moving up hills with steep slopes.

- Some slopes are so steep that players cannot climb up them, though sliding down is permitted. There is a "slick rock" ground texture on many of the one-way areas in the game, to give players a visual indicator of these one way slopes.

- Please note that these effects will only take place in the New Frontiers areas, not anywhere else.

Battleground Siegemasters

- Siegemasters have been added to the portal keeps for all Battlegrounds. Prices for the equipment have been scaled based on the level of the battleground. Tokens from one battleground cannot be used in another battleground.

- There is one siegemaster per realm in the Proving Grounds (Level 1-4), The Lion's Den (Level 5-9), and The Hills of Claret (Level 10-14) Battlegrounds.

- There are two siegemasters per realm in Killaloe (15-19), Thidranki (20-24) and Braemar (25-29).

- There are three siegemasters per realm in Wilton (30-34), Molvik (35-39), and Leirvik (40-44).

- Note that since players will no longer need to purchase ammunition to use in the different pieces of siege equipment, no special ammunition has been included for the Battlegrounds. Normal ammunition is included with the new siege weapons.

- For those unfamiliar with siegemasters, here is how to use them: Purchase a token for the desired piece of siege equipment from the siegemaster. Turn in the token to the siegemaster and he or she will follow you. The siegemaster will follow you for a maximum of 10 minutes. Lead the siegemaster to the location you wish the siege equipment to be created at and right-click on the NPC. Answer the siegemaster's question and he (or she) will then create the piece of equipment. Once the equipment is made, the siegemaster will return to the portal keep so that someone else may purchase siege equipment. Watch out - siegemasters can be killed by enemy players!

Player Controlled Boats

- New player controlled boats can be purchased from the dock merchants at the various docks in the new Frontiers. The boat merchants will attempt to place boat owners on the boats they purchase as soon as the boat is placed in the water. Please note that Trials of Atlantis boats cannot be used in New Frontiers.

Scout Boat - Requires at least one person to launch at minimum speed and has a total capacity of 8.
Galleon - Requires at least two people to launch at minimum speed and has a total capacity of 16. The galleon has two siege hookpoints.
Warship - Requires at least four people to launch at minimum speed and has a total capacity of 32. The warship has four siege hookpoints.

- For each person under the total capacity that is not on the boat, movement speed is decreased approximately 3%. If a boat has less than the minimum requirement, the boat cannot be moved.

- The player controlled boats have hitpoints and can be damaged and sunk.

- Boats can only be built in your home frontier, away from enemy controlled keeps, and cannot be picked up once they are placed in the water. Once a boat is placed in the water, the boat object in your inventory is removed.

- The controller of the boat can set the boat to be public or private using the '/vset' command.

- Players attach onto seat hook points on boats after boarding. If the boat owner leaves the captain's seat (and no other passenger currently on the boat moves into the seat), the next passenger boarding the boat will automatically enter the captain's seat.

- Players cannot move, cast, attack, or perform any other actions while sitting on a boat. Players can only be attacked using targeted range attacks. AE spells, mezzes, roots, and melee attacks will not affect players on boats.

- Players can move to an attach point near a siege hookpoint on boats. Siege equipment can be built on these hookpoints while the boat is stopped. Siege equipment on these hookpoints can be fired while the boat is moving or stopped.

- To prevent players from jumping off of boats by mistake, a new '/disembark' command has been added. You will need to use this command to get off any boat in New Frontiers. Trials of Atlantis boats will remain unchanged.

Ram Operation

- With the changes to siege engines in New Frontiers, players can use other players as helpers to attack with a ram.

- In order to take control of a ram or help man a ram, right-click on the ram. If there is a ram controller and room for helpers, then the player will automatically be attached onto the ram as a helper.

- Once the player is attached to the ram, the player is unable to move until they release the ram using the Release button.

- As more players are added to the ram, the DPS of the ram goes up steadily, reaching a maximum DPS when the maximum number of operators is reached.

- Ram helpers will get messages on fire timing and damages. Ram controllers will get messages to let them know to add more helpers when under-helped.

- Gates and doors can only be attacked by one ram at a time. Rams can only be used to attack gates/doors.

- Players can not cast spells, use items, or sit while riding a ram.

- Players can move a ram similar to how a boat is moved - simply setting a new ground target or clicking on terrain will direct the ram to move to the targeted location.

- If the ram controller loses control of the ram while it is moving, it will stop its movement immediately. Players riding the ram receive a message when the controller leaves the ram, informing them there is no one controlling it.

- Ram operators can make the ram that they are driving move faster if they have the Lifter realm ability.

- There is a 50% chance of missing targets which are riding rams and more than 100 units below you. While riding a ram, players take 50% less damage when hit by boiling oil.

- Players can create battle rams and war rams using the Siegecraft tradeskill. Please see the Tradeskill notes section for more details.

Siege Changes

- In order to take control of a piece of siege equipment, players must right-click on it or type /control when the equipment is targeted. Siege equipment automatically begins arming when you take control of it.

- When a player targets by left clicking, it will also set the siege target to that location.

- /groundassist can be used on siege equipment to acquire its current ground target location.

- Siege weapons follow player/controlled pet damage rules when fired at enemy realm guards.

- Damage from siege ammunition impact hits any eligible target within the ammo's damage radius.

- Players are able to hit targets which are above water with siege equipment.

- Siege weapons created in Battleground zones automatically have their levels scaled down appropriately to make them attackable to players of that zone.

- Siege operators receive a "You missed the (target)" when they were using a piece of siege equipment with a specific target set and it misses.

- Ranged, Targeted (Non-ground target) siege equipment attempts to "lead" it's target based on the target's current heading, velocity, and the ammo's travel speed. This should make it possible to hit moving targets where before it mostly was not. Targets that change heading or velocity while the shot is in flight will stand the best chance at dodging these shots.

- Moving (not aiming) a siege weapon always unarms it. You must stop the siege weapon to go through the arming process again.

- There is a 30 minute timer before siege equipment decays when it is not being controlled. If a player takes control during this time, the timer will reset and not begin counting down until there is once again no controller.

- New catapult ammunition called stone shot, ice ball, and greek fire are available on siege ammunition merchants.

- The ammunition types created through the Convoker Summon Warcrystal ability have been updated. Players are able to summon ammo equivalent to stone shot, greek fire, and ice ball.

- You can load stacks of ammo into catapults. When selected, the catapult will continue to fire from the stack until the ammo runs out or another type of ammo is selected.

- You will now see siege ammunition flying through the air when launched from siege equipment.

Tradeskill Updates

- The Siegecraft recipe list has been reworked to reflect siege engine changes for New Frontiers.

- The Siege Ammo store has been updated to reflect the new siege engine changes.

- Removed the Ballista Bolt recipe from Siegecraft.

- A recipe for stone shot has been added to Siegecraft.

- Recipes that will enable players to construct battle rams and war rams have been added to Siegecraft. In order to use these recipes, the player must have two siege rams near them to use the battle ram recipe, and a siege ram and battle ram near them to use the war ram recipe.

- Recipes that will enable players to construct diminutive siege equipment have been added to Tailoring, Weaponcrafting, Armorcrafting, Fletching, Spellcrafting, and Alchemy at 800 skill.

Item Notes

- The monsters in the Passage of Conflict and the Summoner's Hall dungeons, with the exception of animals, have a chance to drop realm respec stones.


- The Shrouded Isles client now uses the new XML user interface that was introduced with Trials of Atlantis.

- You may choose from the Shrouded Isles UI, Classic UI, or Transparent UI, using the new XML interface.

- Custom skins are not allowed using the Shrouded Isles client.

- Any interface features previously marked as 'ToA Only' (such as quiver, Master Level window, extended buffing window, etc) are now available under the Shrouded Isles client.

- The options menu has been updated to be more user-friendly, similar to the Trials of Atlantis options menu.

- Players using the 'New Classic' client (accounts that have only purchased the Classic expansion, but are running with the Shrouded Isles engine) also now use the new XML user interface.


- Alchemy - A new set of dyes, Crafted Weapon Lusters, is available at skill level 1012. These dyes are intended for use only on player-crafted weapons. A crafted weapon luster remover is also available at skill level 730, under Dye Removal Agents. Please note that Legendary Weapons are not enabled to use the Crafted Weapon Lusters.

- Player-crafted instruments can now be dyed with regular enamels.

- Fletching & Weaponcraft - In response to player feedback, the constitution stat on Legendary Weapons has been changed to either strength or dexterity, depending on the type of weapon. As a result, the Spellcrafting gems required in the recipes have also changed to reflect the stat used on the final product. This change is not retroactive, so players who wish to utilize an updated version of a Legendary Weapon must seek out a Weaponcrafter or Fletcher to create a new product.

- Many of the ingredients in Alchemy and Spellcrafting stores have been re-arranged. Items should be better organized into similar groupings, and alphabetized in some cases.

- Gest in Jordheim should no longer mention incorrect armor when players join the Order of Armorcrafters.


- (All Realms) The portal ceremonies have been changed. The portal master and his lackeys no longer walk down to the teleport pad. The NPCs remain stationary on the pad at all times. A single player must right click the master to initiate the ceremony. Once the ceremony is cast, all players on the portal pad wearing a medallion of passage will be teleported to their destination.

- Cotswold has undergone merchant renovation, many of the NPCs in the town now have combined stores and some missing stores in order to reduce time spent looking around for a specific store. Please note that we will be renovating other towns in Albion, Midgard, and Hibernia in a future version.

Capital Cities

- All capital cities have undergone merchant renovation. A lot of the familiar merchants are gone and have been replaced with static NPCs who have combined stores on them.

- We have added a new NPC to each entrance of the capital cities to aid players in their adventuring. The NPCs can grant hastener speed and a 30 minute duration strength buff, and have the ability to teleport characters under level 10 to the border keep so new players can participate in Realm vs. Realm combat. The strength buff is automatically removed if the player leaves the capital city before the buff expires. Please note that these NPCs do not exist on Mordred or Gaheris.

Camelot - Minstrel Lucaris and Minstrel Olias
Jordheim - Skald Seisill and Skald Rumdall
Tir na Nog - Bard Eltonos and Bard Medrend

New Class Gifts

- We have added new class gifts to the game (in addition to the ones currently given out at level 5). These are given by the class trainers in each realm's capital city, as well as the class trainers in Caer Gothwaite, the Grove of Domnann, and Aegir's Landing.

- There are four new gifts for each class. The gifts are given based on the character's level.

- The first new gift will be given to characters level 10 to 14. The second will be given to characters level 15 to 19, the third to characters level 20 to 24, and the fourth to characters level 25 to 35.

- Please note that these class gifts are given out one time only. Once you receive one, you will not be able to get another gift for that level range, even if you lose or destroy the item.


- Upon promotion to an advanced class, players will be offered a free full respec by their trainer. Trainers will only offer this respec while players are level 5. Please note that in order to use the respec granted to the character, you must type /respec all in front of your class trainer.


- Castle Sauvage and its residents have been moved further inside the Camelot Hills zone area.

- Snowdonia Fortress and its residents have been moved further inside the Black Mountains North zone area.


- Svasud Faste and its residents have been moved further inside the Vale of Mularn zone area.

Quests - Albion

- Barnett's Shield - The maximum level of this quest has been raised to level 25 so that players working on Bedelia's Grief can continue working on their quest.

- Weakened Bonds - Necromancers may use the ley crystals while in shadeform.

- Shades and Shadows - Martley's cloak has an icon.

Quests - Hibernia

- Seek the Moonstone - The area around Macnol's tower has been named the Ruined Tower of Tir na mBeo to help players locate the correct place.

Item Notes

- Armor, weapons, and jewelry in the following dungeons have been upgraded to higher imbue, bonus, and quality values: Stonehenge Barrows, Coruscating Mines, and Spindelhalla. Note that this only applies to new items dropped in the game.

- Armor, weapons, and jewelry in the following dungeons have been upgraded to higher imbue, bonus, and quality values: Tepok's Mine, Catacombs of Cardova, Keltoi Fogue, Tomb of Mithra, Muire Tomb, Spraggon Den, Koalinth Caverns, Treibh Caillte, Nisse's Lair, Vendo Caverns, Cursed Tomb, and Varulvhamn.

- All arrows and bolts can now be combined in stacks of up to 200.

- Anrid, in Jordheim, now sells Roleplay Hats and Clothes.

- (Albion) Faded Boots now have the correct studded icon in place of the leather icon.

- The Tomte Bow (Midgard) now increases quickness instead of intelligence.

- The Gloves of the Malignant and the Boots of the Malignant in Midgard are now set to the correct material.

- All arrows and bolts labeled as "blunt" now do crushing damage instead of thrusting damage.

- Some bows and crossbows that had been set to a generic damage type have been changed to "Thrusting". Please note that this was done for consistency only, as the damage type is determined by the arrows/bolts.


SI Capital Cities

- We have added an NPC to each of the Shrouded Isles cities to aid players in their adventuring. The NPCs can grant hastener speed and have the ability to teleport characters under level 10 to the border keep so new players can participate in Realm vs. Realm combat. Please note that these NPCs do not exist on Mordred or Gaheris.

Gothwaite Harbor - Minstrel Trinnon
Aegirhamn - Skald Velder
Grove of Domnann - Bard Selveren

Quests - Albion

- Shades and Shadows - Martley's cloak has an icon.

Item Notes

- In some instances, Hibernia cloth dye merchants sold the same hooded cloak for two different prices. This has been corrected so that all hooded cloaks should be the same price.



- The djinn stones will now teleport players to other locations. Albion players have access to the following teleportation locations: Camelot City, Snowdonia Fortress, Caer Gothwaite, Caerwent Housing Zone, Personal House, and Guild House


- The djinn stones will now teleport players to other locations. Midgard players have access to the following teleportation locations: Jordheim, Vindsaul Faste, Aegirhamn, Erikstaad Housing Zone, Personal House, and Guild House


- The djinn stones will now teleport players to other locations. Hibernia players have access to the following teleportation locations: Tir na Nog, Druim Cain, Grove of Domnann, Meath Housing Zone, Personal House, and Guild House

Mordred and Gaheris

- The djinn stones will now teleport players on Mordred and Gaheris to all of the above listed teleportation sites.

Encounters - General

- The final encounter for each trial now has twice the chance to produce a Star of Destiny.

Oceanus Encounters

- As a part of the Eirene's Hauberk artifact encounter, Linos will remain up at his current location for a full day after spawning.

Stygia Encounters

- The cerabo iaculus no longer attempts to cast on a necromancer in shadeform.

Volcanus Encounters

- Shades of Mist - Destroying the Long Black Cloak correctly returns the cloak to the Aged Statue.

- Azar in Typhon's Reach will no longer attempt to teleport while engaged in combat.

Aerus Encounters

- The Jacina's Sash encounter has been reduced in difficulty. Furthermore, it will no longer be possible to pull Cyrek or Balasi outside of the canyon.

- Danos now drops the Guard of Valor artifact as treasure, instead of placing it on the ground for any player to pick up.

- Keres now drops the Wings Dive artifact as treasure, instead of placing it on the ground for any player to pick up.

Temple of Twilight

- A Cure for Kepa - Players that have A Cure for Kepa in their pending quest list but had no journal entry will now have one. These players will be able to kill Kepa and finish the quest.

Aerus City

- Players can no longer jump off of the Phoenix Fireballs.


- The Spirit of Sitamum in the Halls of Ma'ati can no longer be charmed.

New Artifacts

- We have added three new, lower level artifacts to Oceanus. The artifacts are Orion's Belt (can be obtained at level 30), The Ring of Unyielding Will (can be obtained at level 35), and the Gem of Lost Memories (can be obtained at level 30). The researchers and apprentices in the Haven of Oceanus have teasers for the encounters and information on where to locate the scrolls. The sphinx Callia also has riddles related to the encounters.

- Once the locked artifact and completed book have been obtained, they can be taken to the following researchers in either the Hall of Heroes or in the Haven of Oceanus for activation.

Albion - Scholars Shamira and Khalial
Midgard - Loremistresses Margit and Vendela
Hibernia - Sages Linyive and Narvla

Artifact Notes

- The delve information on the Eerie Darkness Stone no longer indicates a time of day requirement to earn experience.

- The primary ability of the Healers Embrace is now correctly be set to a self-target heal.

- The shapechanges cast by the Shades of Mist and Traitor's Dagger artifacts now work consistently while the player is running or in a crowded area, regardless of their target.

- The Guard of Valor artifact requires less experience to level. This is a retroactive change.

- The amount of experience required to level the Atlantis Tablet artifact has been reduced to an amount more appropriate to its level.

- The Tablet of Atlantis now shapechanges players into a large sobekite at level 5 and a smaller sobekite at level 10.

- The Wave of Healing spell on A Healer's Embrace cloak now heals the wearer in addition to realmmates.

- The Fountain of Health and the Fountain of Power spells on Jacina's Sash now affect the wearer in addition to realmmates.

- The Siege Lore spells on the Fool's Bow and Bruiser artifacts have been changed from a charge to a weapon proc. The duration of the siege lore spells has been reduced accordingly.

Item Notes

- The Whip of the Blaze (Albion) now has a bonus to Matter Resistance in place of the bonus to nothing.

- The Demonwolf Tainted Protector now has the correct speed of 3.5.

- The Lightning Embossed Studded boots now uses enamel dyes.

- The particle effect on the Zephyr Lute (Albion & Hibernia) has been replaced with one that fits a little better.

- The particle effect on the Flamespark Battle Axe (Albion) has been replaced with one that is a better fit.

- Zahur's Bracer (Midgard) now has the proper amount of hitpoints.

- (Albion and Hibernia) The Breath of the Wind instruments now has a more fitting particle effect.

- (Albion) Hermes Golden Sleeves can now be dyed with enamels.

- The Corroded Circlet of Sutekh (Albion) now has a bonus to Piety in place of Intelligence.

- Landrine's Hammer (Midgard) now has a weapon proc.

- Many pieces of Albion studded armor were incorrectly set to use leather dyes. These have been corrected to use enamels.

- The correct spells are attached to the Astral Cloak of Heroes and the Astral Cloak of Whispers.

- Astral Blade of Illusions (Hibernia) correctly summons Illusory Blades instead of Illusory Maces.


- All housing merchants have had the equipment they wear randomized to give the merchants a variety of outfits. Picking up the merchants (both consignment and internal house merchants) and placing them back down on their hookpoints (or porch) will cause the NPC to randomly choose an outfit from the equipment it has been given. Please note: Hasteners, Intoners, Pipers, and Vault Keepers have not had their equipment modified.

- The Siegecraft Supplies house merchant now costs 100 gold to purchase. Players who bought a Siegecraft Supplies merchant at the old price of 1 platinum can sell the merchant back for full price and purchase a new Siegecraft Supplies merchant for the new price of 100 gold.

- There are three new horse routes leaving each marketplace that head to another housing market. Every marketplace should now be within two horse rides of one another and most will be within one ride.

- New Trials of Atlantis Trophies have been added for the Deep-Chasm Matriarch, Dasyatis, Voracious Barracuda, Supreme Iaculus, and the Huleros Champion. Players can speak to the following NPCs in the housing zones to create the new trophies.

Albion - Ectant Dinailaine, Ilphrae Dinailaine, Jhanva Dinailaine, Airyn Dinailaine, or Ybaedric Dinailaine

Midgard - Frolder, Warmir, Hudi, Thieya, or Aenda

Hibernia - Sannan, Sabrea, Sionyn, Sadoc, or Sioned

- Players may once again turn in Typhon's Remains to the appropriate taxidermists in the housing markets.


Capital Cities

- The Medallion Masters inside Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog now also provides a 30 minute duration strength buff and hastener speed to aid players inside the city. The strength buff is automatically removed if the player leaves the capital city before the buff expires.


- Players once again have the option of triggering the teleports in PvP zones by saying "port me" instead of handing the scroll to the teleport NPC.

Capital Cities

- The Medallion Masters inside Camelot, Jordheim, and Tir na Nog now also provides a 30 minute duration strength buff and hastener speed to aid players inside the city. The strength buff is automatically removed if the player leaves the capital city before the buff expires.