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Patch Notes: Version 1.50C


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.50C Release Notes



Up until the original 1.50 patch, Assassin characters were able to remain hidden if they killed their target in one shot. This "ability" has been in the game since the inception of Critical Strike Combat Styles. However, we never intended for it to work that way - it is generally not a good game dynamic to have stealthed characters killing people and not becoming visible. Some assassins (not all, just some) were abusing this "ability" to one-shot kill "gray" level enemies and kill them with no chance of being found. But, at the time that we found out that assassins were able to do this, the assassin classes as a whole were still a bit underpowered, so we made the choice not to fix the bug.

As most assassins know, in the 1.50 patch, we inadvertently fixed the "one shot kill but remaining stealthed" bug (by fixing a few bugs relating to hidden players attacking monsters). Now that assassin characters are no longer underpowered, and no longer need any additional advantages, we have decided to keep this fix in. So, assassins will no longer be able to remain stealthed after one-shot kills. Assassins will still be able to kill some lower level (and probably "blue" level mages) characters in one shot, but no longer will they be able to do this with the impunity that they have enjoyed.


- The ability to respec Realm Abilities is in. You can respec Realm Abilities at level 20 and level 40. Use the "/respec" command to do this. Please note that you can only use this command when you are near your class trainer.

- New and more complete documentation for Realm Skills is up on the Camelot Herald.

- Stun spells are no longer "un-resistable". In some cases, you would get a message when casting a stun spell on a monster that it had resisted your spell; and then the stun would stick anyway. This has been fixed.

- Ground Target area effect spells will no longer damage siege equipment and doors as much as they previously did.

- Hidden players can now trigger runes and be hit by volley.

- There was a bug where using a combat style with about 30% of your endurance would lead to a message saying that you didn't have enough endurance to perform the style, even though you did. This bug has been fixed.

- Slightly decreased casting time on Shaman Cave spec Grasping Creepers line.

- Disease spells have had their values tweaked. RvR effectiveness of the strength debuff has been increased, and the PvE effectiveness should be the same. The snare component of disease will work on players, but does not currently work on monsters.

- Concentration points will no longer be "used" if the spell does not cast on its target because that target already had that same buff.

- In some cases, Purge did not have its 30 minute timer reset, which led to "chain purging". This has been fixed.

- There was a bug when you respec Realm Abilities that the interface did not update to show you that you had your realm ability points given back to you. This has been fixed.

- Realm Ability Falcon's Eye has been raised from 3% per level to 5% per level, to bring it in line with the other critical-hit buffing realm abilities.

- Raging Power and Second Wind have been changed to have only one level (since they heal power and fatigue to full, respectively) that costs 10 points.

- The documentation for True Sight has been changed to show that the ability can be used every 30 minutes, and it lasts one minute. This was never actually changed in-game, but the documentation was. Now, both are synched up properly.

- Runemaster Epic Armor has been tweaked a bit to give it more of a "cloth" look.

- Purge and Group Purge should now properly remove all bad effects from yourself (and group members, for group purge).

- Falcon's Eye will now function correctly - previously it didn't help (or hinder) your chance to get a critcal hit.

- Realm Ability combat styles have had their bonus damages normalized to a 4 second weapons. Because these types of styles do not take endurance, they were penalizing fast weapon users. Now everyone does the same bonus damage no matter what speed weapon they are using.

- Realm Ability Combat Styles have had their timers reduced to 10 minutes (previously they were usable every 15 minutes).

- Siege Bolt now has a normal range. Previously, it could be used from any range.

- Severing the Tether now is area-effect and will turn enemy pets against their owners.

- Changed Mastery of Concentration realm ability to last 15 seconds instead of 60, but it now gives a greater chance to avoid interruption. Note that this ability is dependent on the level of your attacker. A red monster will still be very difficult to cast spells on.

- Mastery of the Arcane now boosts run speed chants. Buffs boosted by this ability are still under the existing spell caps, however.

- The Brilliant Aura of Deflection should give the proper level of bonus now, and is not capped.

- Avoidance of Magic is now outside the normal resistance bonus caps.

- Realm ability Mastery of Pain is now based on Augmented Dexterity.

- Realm ability First Aid has had its effect increased.

- Realm ability Ignore Pain is no longer a complete heal. It has 3 levels, like First Aid, and heals for slightly less than First Aid per level.

- Realm ability Thornweed Field has had its damage per tick increased.

- Realm ability Mastery of Water has had its effectiveness increased from 3%
to 5% per level.

- Realm ability Regeneration has had its effect increased.

- Realm ability Bladedance has had its damage changed so that it is more effective and scales with level.


Albion Quests:

Scouts, Infiltrators and Minstrels who have completed the quest Wizard's Appeal and recived a Brooch of Conferred Blessings may return to Cynwik the Wizard to recive a one time swap for the correct reward.