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Patch Notes: Version 1.50B

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.50B Release Notes

Wednesday, MAy 8, 2002


- Druid Realm Abilities were set incorrectly - Druids were not getting the abilities they were selecting from their trainer. This is now fixed. Please note that all Druids have had their realm abilities wiped and realm points refunded to correct the problem. All Druids will need to retrain to get their correct Realm Abilities.

- The realm ability Majesty of Magery has been renamed Majestic Will to reduce confusion with Master of Magery.

- Nightshade and Ranger realm ability lists have been revised. Nightshades get Wild Arcana, not Mastery of the Arcane, and the Ranger gets Mastery of the Arcane, not Wild Arcana.

- Strength enhancing Realm Abilities will now immediately increase Encumbrance.

- In certain situations, group abilities (such as Group Purge) were not having their timer set, allowing the caster to cast the ability over and over. This has been fixed.

- Some Realm Abilties were able to be used by characters that were dead. This has been fixed.