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Patch Notes: Version 1.49B

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.49B Release Notes

This is a server update that fixes a couple of problems introduced on the live servers when 1.49 went live yesterday.


- A Realm that controls four relics now has the proper amount of "Relic" Guards spawn. Previously, Realms with four or five relics would have no Relic Guards at all.

- You may no longer send pets to areas that are not normally accessible to players (through walls, etc.)

- When you are close to a monster that is rooted, it will no longer follow you at normal speed if you move away from it.

- Sheathing or wielding a weapon will no longer interrupt a pending trade skill.

- You can now go above 1000 in trade skill. Currently you do not get a new title when you achieve 1000 points, but you will in the near future.

- The toggle command /gc officerdisplay we incorrectly listed in the 1.48 notes. The actual command is /gc officerdisplay


Hibernia World: The horses at the parth farm in Lough Durg should now correctly be neutral to the players. Previously they conned aggressive but were, in fact, neutral.

Albion World: Tradeskills: Brach Leof has been moved into the building just north and west of the lathe.

Midgard Quest: War Concluded: Hunters that received a Crystalized Snowflake Pin for their level 43 reward and their level 45 reward should speak with Salevia in Fort Atla. She will ask for one of the crystallized snowflake pins and give out the correct level 43 reward (Arrowhead necklace). In addition, The Shadowblade’s reward, Dancing Flame, is now a more reasonable weight.

Midgard Quest: Saving the Clan: Runemasters who turned in Runil’s scrolls but could not continue may return to Danica in Mularn and resume their quest.


To alleviate some of the confusion brought on by the guard changes in 1.49, here's an explanation of how the system works.

Each home Outpost (frontier keep), when "owned" by the home realm, controls a contingent of guards at each Relic Keep. For example, if the forces of Albion control the Albion Outpost Caer Benowyc, a number of guards representing Caer Benowyc will appear at the Relic Keeps in the Albion frontier. The number of "Relic Guards" these outposts spawns depends on the location of the outpost - the number is either 2,3, or 4 guards. These are referred to as "Outpost relic guards", and are distinguished from normal guards at the relics by being higher level and having the name of the "controlling" Outpost keep over their heads.

However, the actual number of "Outpost Relic Guards" at the relic keep is modified by two factors: Outposts owned and Relics owned.

Relics owned:

Outpost Relic Guards are reduced by 25% for every relic over 2 owned by a Realm.

3 relics owned is 75% frontier keep relic guards
4 relics owned is 50% frontier keep relic guards
5 relics owned is 25% frontier keep relic guards
6 relics owned is 0% frontier keep relic guards

Outposts Owned

When an Outpost is captured by the enemy, the guards it controls are not spawned at the relic keeps.