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Patch Notes: Version 1.13
Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.13 BETA Notes
Sep 22, 2001


  • Some issues that were caused by zoning into cities from the home zones of each Realm. These have been fixed, although keep us appraised of any additional problems.
  • You should no longer "drop" characters when you type into the chat buffer.
  • Running animations were playing too slowly for id-sized and larger races and have been sped up a bit.


There are many postings on the beta boards and elsewhere that dual wield appears to be "bugged". We think this is a problem where we haven't educated you (the players) on how the system is supposed to work. Please note that this discussion is not about Left Axe (Midgard). It is only for Albion (Dual Wield) and Hibernia (Celtic Dual).

Basically, the dual wield system was designed for the dual-wielder to have two fast weapons, one in each hand. Testing with this scenario shows this to be true. If you use a slow weapon in your right hand and a faster weapon in your left, you will not be nearly as effective as a player using one weapon and a shield. If you use two fast weapons, though, you will do much more damage and be more effective. So, it does not behoove you to put all your money into one big weapon -- spread your cash out a little more by buying two level-appropriate ones instead.

Please test this out and let us know what you find.


  • A new dungeon, Tepok's mine -Albion - (small groups of 20 - 30 lvl players) Black Mts. South, has been added. The story:

The savage goblins of the Black Mts. captured this mine from the surrounding townsfolk, and now make a home there. Toughened by the rigors of underground life, these goblins and their allies aggressively defend their territory from invaders.

  • boundary problems in Lough Derg repaired.
  • The Hibernian death trap known as the Spraggon Den has been tweaked to allow the target-level players a decent survival rate. Grave-spotting should no longer be a valid sport.