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Patch Notes: Version 1.11
Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.11 BETA Notes
Sep 18, 2001


  • Snow has now been implemented in the "snowy zones". Please note that some zones snow pure snow, and some a rain/snow mix.
  • Siege weapons now animate when they are used.
  • Monsters should no longer disappear through floors in dungeons.
  • /where command now indicates if the NPC you are looking for is "above" or "below" you if the NPC is in a tower or building.
  • On failure in weaponcrafting, you should no longer lose both items. You're much more likely to lose just one -- although losing 2 may happen on a really unlucky roll.
  • The /autosplit function now goes through an additional round of randomization, which should even out who gets selected to get loot. It will always be possible for one person to get loot many times in a row, but over time it will average out so that everyone in the party gets the same amount.
  • There was a bug where monsters would not react if you missed on your first swing (or hit for 1 damage). This has now been fixed.
  • If trained or otherwise drawn away from their "home" areas, monsters will return home before doing anything else. This means that scout-type monsters that are trained in dungeons will not "scout" out players to kill until they get back inside their spawn radius.


  • The Cursed Tomb (found in Gotar) is for levels 15-22, though the lower levels shouldn't venture deep into the dungeon alone. It is the final resting place of dishonored warriors and kings of Midgard who deserted in the midst of battle, betrayed their comrades, let greed and vice get in the way of honor, or died in less-than-heroic circumstances, and whom the Midgard gods wouldn't allow into Valhalla for their misdeeds.
  • Aggro radii in Nisse's Lair tweaked slightly. A bit more caution may be required.
  • Some additional 4-6 level non-aggressive animals added to the newbie area in Camp. Forest.


  • Shout-type chants (Paladins and now Skald) have been fixed so that they can be canceled by using the ability a second time.
  • Spells are being renamed this week, and for the first installment the Thane, Hunter and Skald lists are provided here. The spells.html file in your Camelot game directory won't be up to date until all the spells are renamed.


1 Thor's Minor Bolt
3 Thor's Lesser Bolt
6 Thor's Bolt
9 Thor's Greater Bolt
13 Thor's Major Bolt
17 Thor's Minor Lightning
23 Thor's Lesser Lightning
29 Thor's Lightning
38 Thor's Greater Lightning
48 Thor's Full Lightning
4 Thunder's Bash
11 Thunder's Hammer
15 Thunder's Force
21 Thunder's Crush
27 Thunder's Strike
36 Thunder's Blow
46 Thunder's Rend
5 Thunder Shout
8 Greater Thunder Shout
10 Thunder Howl
12 Greater Thunder Howl
18 Thunder Bellow
25 Greater Thunder Bellow
34 Thunder Roar
44 Greater Thunder Roar
2 Thor's Vigor
7 Thor's Strength
14 Thor's Power
20 Thor's Might
30 Thor's Vitality
41 Thor's Fortification
50 Thor's Potence
16 Call Mjollnir
22 Invoke Mjollnir
35 Summon Mjollnir
45 Command Mjollnir
5 Toothgrinders' Hoof
8 Toothgnasher's Hoof
10 Toothgrinder's Bite
12 Toothgnasher's Bite
18 Toothgrinder's Horn
25 Toothgnasher's Horn
34 Toothgrinder's Ram
44 Toothgnasher's Ram


1 Minor Call of Gleipnir
7 Lesser Call of Gleipnir
13 Call of Gleipnir
20 Greater Call of Gleipnir
32 Superior Call of Gleipnir
5 Nimbleness of the Lynx
12 Agility of the Lynx
21 Dexterity of the Lynx
30 Quickness of the Lynx
40 Alacrity of the Lynx
50 Heart of the Lynx
6 Speed of Prey
16 Speed of Quarry
25 Speed of the Chased
34 Speed of the Pursued
43 Speed of the Hunted
2 Lynx's Pelt
4 Snake's Scales
8 Wolf's Hide
11 Turtle's Shell
14 Bear's Mantle
18 Crab's Shell
23 Drake's Hide
31 Wyvern's Scales
42 Arachite's Chitin
3 Influence Insect
9 Compel Insect
15 Charm Insect
22 Control Insect
35 Dominate Insect
10 Wild Spirit
17 Feral Spirit
24 Furious Spirit
33 Raging Spirit
41 Frenzied Spirit


5 Chant of the Brawl
9 Chant of the Fight
14 Chant of the Charge
19 Chant of the Battle
25 Chant of the Siege
35 Chant of the War
46 Chant of Blood
3 Simple Song of Travel
13 Song of Travel
23 Harmonic Song of Travel
33 Magnificent Song of Travel
43 Heavenly Song of Travel
1 Simple Song of Rest
10 Song of Rest
20 Harmonic Song of Rest
30 Magnificent Song of Rest
40 Glorious Song of Rest
50 Heavenly Song of Rest

2 Warcry
7 Warholler
18 Warshriek
34 Warbellow
4 Battle Woop
12 Battle Shout
26 Battle Scream
44 Battle Shout

6 Stunning Shout
15 Disabling Shout
21 Crippling Shout
32 Incapacitating Shout
42 Paralyzing Shout
11 Compel Surrender
17 Compel Submission
22 Compel Resignation
31 Compel Captulation
41 Compel Defeat

Thane changes:[]

  • Thanes have been re-tuned again due to imbalances in PvP. Thor's Lightning has been converted to an interruptible spell, and is intended to be a pre-combat (i.e. pulling) attack. The Thunder Shout line has had its timer increased and damage reduced, but remains a shout. A new line of direct damage, Toothgrinder's Hoof, has been added with low damage and a shorter timer, and is intended to add some extra damage during combat. Please test these changes before complaining about them.

Skald changes:[]

  • Skald songs are now on a short timer, but can be switched in combat.
  • Skald shouts have had damages reduced and timers increased to remedy some imbalances in PvP.