Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Version 1.08


Sep 13, 2001


  • Some Bugfixes
  • Expiring effect blinking
  • Reworked bows


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  • Blademasters were having problems wielding bows since the last update. This has been fixed.
  • Spell effect icons now blink for ten seconds before they go away.
  • There is a third cloak type (with no hood at all) that will be slowly introduced into the game over the next few days.
  • Shield textures look much better now.
  • Above 30th level, the amount of experience loss per death has been reduced.
  • If you are above 35th level, your experience has been reset to halfway between 35th and 36th. Due to a bug, all over-35th level characters had their experience deleted. The bug is now fixed, and you should be able to progress normally. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Another possible bug with losing experience in PvP death has been fixed. Keep us updated if this is still happening.


  • The reply functionality should now work in the /advice system. If you are an Advisor, just hit "r" to reply to any advice asked of you.
  • You can now set chat colors for the /Advice channel, as well as choose which tab advice messages will appear in. Just right click on your chat interface to choose your color and tab.


  • Cornwall, Snowdonia, and Lough Gur monsters now drop treasure.
  • Mithril 2-handed weapons are now sold from the Camelot weapon vendor.
  • Fixed a few non-carryable loot bugs.
  • Virtually all Cloaks and Shields should now be dyeable/emblemizable.
  • There are now 2 bounty quests, one in Snowdonia and one in Cornwall, please seek out the NPCs.
  • All Hibernian base weapons had their delay and damage tuned.
    • Hibernian spears are now 2 handed weapons.
    • Albion thrusting weapons had their delay and damage tuned.
    • There were a few tweaks to some Albion newbie mobs loot tables. Some of them should drop loot more often now.
  • Bows were reworked to give Rangers and Scouts one more bow option, which the hunter makes up for by having pets and spells. The new specs are as follows:
    • Hunter
      • composite bow 4.0 del 10.8 dmg range normal
      • great composite bow 4.7 del 12.7 dmg range normal
    • Ranger
      • short recurve bow 4.0 10.8 range normal
      • recurve bow 4.7 del 12.7 dmg range +5%
      • great recurve bow 5.4 del 14.6 dmg range normal
    • Scout
      • hunter bow 4.0 del 10.8 dmg range normal
      • bow 4.7 del 12.7 dmg range norma
      • longbow 5.4 del 14.6 dmg range +10%