Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Version 1.07


Sep 12, 2001


  • Some Bugfixes
  • Last names added


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  • Last names are now supported in Camelot. To qualify for a last name, you must be at least 10th level. To get a last name, find your Realm's Name Registrar in that Realm's capital city. Select the Registrar and type /lastname <your lastname>. You will only be able to do this once, so choose well.
  • Chat text colors were "messed up" and kept changing. This has been fixed so that they stay their intended color.
  • Group and minigroup status bars now update much faster.
  • Right-clicking on the item you are trading in the trading window now works correctly.
  • Trade window now shows who you are trading with.
  • Paper doll should no longer disappear when you equip/unequip weapons and armor.
  • You can now select items and monsters in the world "through" the chat window.
  • You can now select doors and portculli and see their condition. In the near future you will be able to damage them; this reflects how damaged they are.
  • The Briarsprout spell was working incorrectly; it has been fixed.


  • Name Registrars are located near the guild and emblem NPCs
    • Hibernia: Filidh Filiara
    • Midgard: Ullag Nottlok or Jarl Uffenlong
    • Albion: Lady Charlitte
  • Hibernian Guild Registrar and Emblemeer have been moved into the palace of Tir na Nog where they belong.
  • The extra guild/name/emblem NPCs removed from Jordheim and the old ones moved to the Great Hall in Jordheim. This was done because Midgard had two emblemeers/guild and name Registrars and the other Realms had only one.


The Tradeskill vendors in Jordheim have decided to move out of the cramped building they were in. They have moved around to various buildings in Jordheim now. Also, Om has finally decided to move out from behind the dwarf eating table. He apologizes to his Dwarven patrons who have inadvertently gotten stuck while trying to talk to him.