Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Version 1.06


Sep 11, 2001


  • Some Bugfixes
  • Fletching Implemented


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  • Some Briton female bandits had male sound effects. This has been fixed.
  • Name above head should now update on guild join/remove.
  • Tints and Emblems should now show correctly in the menu as well as in the game. Previously, they showed only in-game.
  • Weapon condition/durability should now degrade slower at low levels. Let us know how it works out.
  • You should no longer lose Constitution and Experience on PvP deaths. Please note that if you have been damaged more that 50% by an NPC monster, you must heal up to full before engaging in PvP or you run the risk of losing experience points on death.
  • Friars who cannot get new robes because of the quest wipe can now go talk to their trainers. If you already have a robe, but cannot upgrade it because of the wipe, drop or sell the one you have, then talk to your trainer. He'll hand you the 5th level one. Trade it in, it'll be upgraded. Keep doing this until it is upgraded to the appropriate set of robes for your level.


  • The first part of fletching has been implemented. For now you will be able to create bows. Hopefully within the next few days we will be able to get the ability for you to make arrows (both some out on the field, and the rest in town). You will need to be near the lathe as your "forge".

Fletching Trade Masters:

  • Hibernia: Arziqua
  • Albion: Acey Dalston
  • Midgard: Gils


  • Albion: Mercenary, Rogue, Scout, Infiltrator, Minstrel
  • Midgard: Rogue, Shadowblade, Hunter
  • Hibernia: Stalker, Nightshade, Ranger


  • Port Castles for Hibernia and Albion in Odin's Gate now have working doors.
  • Gates for all Frontier Keeps can now be opened without siege equipment (this is temporary until siege equip goes in).