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=== {{pro}} Useful Realm Abilities ===
=== {{pro}} Useful Realm Abilities ===
*Mastery Of Pain
*Augmented Dexterity
- A paladin in a <u>group setting</u> is generally used as a support tank as it's primary job is to peel you oppponents tanks and to help protect your casters and support. In order to be able to help your group, you will need to not be mezzed, stunned, or rooted, so the realm ability 'Purge' should be the paladin's first realm ability if he or she decided to focus on group play. In my eyes, 'Purge'1 (5pts) is all you need and anything over it is a waste of points. I would only use 'Purge' 1 on a long duration mezz or root in a clutch time where I really need to be in the fight helping me group. The second Realm Ability a group oriented paladin should train is 'Determination'. With 'Determination' 9 (44pts), which I suggest getting as soon as you can after 'Purge' 1, you will walk through most castable stuns and only sit in single target high delve roots and mezzes for around 20 seconds.
*Augmented Strength
*Mastery of Blocking
Another really nice support realm ability for a group oriented paladin is 'Vehement Renewal' 2(10pts), which is a group instant heal that heals your entire group in range (excluding the user). Since paladins cannot heal, it is nice to be able to assist your clerics or friars with a little bit of extra healing. This used in addition to the paladin Realm Rank 5 ability and really help the group from a healing stand point.
As you get even high rank, you may want to start looking into damage Realm Abilities so you can help your group kill targets. You will need to keep 'Mastery of Pain' and 'Augmented Strength' around an even level as you progress (If you do not have enough points to evenly distribute between Aug. Str. and MoPain, put more points into MoPain). You will also need to have 'Long Wind' 1 (1pt) because of the high endurance usage in the 'Two Handed' spec line.
[[Special:Contributions/|]] 22:31, June 18, 2011 (UTC)Obeliskk - Realm Rank 11 Highlander Paladin
=== {{neutral}} Neutral Realm Abilities ===
=== {{neutral}} Neutral Realm Abilities ===
*Augmented Con
*Augmented Quickness
*Avoidance of Magic
*Mastery of Parrying
*Ignore Pain
*Raging Power
*Second Wind
=== {{con}} Useless Realm Abilities ===
=== {{con}} Useless Realm Abilities ===
*Ethereal Bond
*Long Wind
*Mastery of Magery
*Veil Recovery
*Wild Power
*First Aid
*Mystic Crystal Lore
*Anger of the Gods
*The Empty Mind
*Augmented Acuity
*Vehement Renewal
*Wrath of Champions
=== Realm Rank 5 Ability ===
=== Realm Rank 5 Ability ===
==Master Level Paths==
==Master Level Paths==

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Type: Melee
Profession: Church of Albion
Class Stats
Primary: N/A
Secondary: N/A
Tertiary: N/A

Paladins are members of the Church of Albion alongside the Cleric class. They are primarily hybrids between a Fighting class and a Clerical class due to their vast weapon training options and their Clerical group beneficial chants. They rely on their ability to chant holy battle vows to assist their realm-mates. Though having the ability to wear plate and train in weapons, the Paladin is not as strong in melee as the Armsman. Paladins are holy men who vow to defend the honor of the Church of Albion in the name of Arthur Pendragon, the late King of Camelot and leader of the realm of Albion.

They may not be as offensive as the Armsman, but Paladins do have a choice to become offensive or defensive through their options in weaponry. They may train in two-handed weapons or one-handed weapons. They also have the ability to train in Shields, which prove very useful when defending oneself and others.




Starting Race Attributes

Available Races







Dex Qui Pie Emp Cha
Avalonian 45 60 45 60 70 80 60 60
Briton 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
Highlander 70 60 70 50 50 60 60 60
Saracen 50 60 50 80 60 60 60 60


Armor: Cloth, Leather, Studded, Chain, Plate
Weaponry: Staves, Slashing, Thrusting, Two Handed, Crushing
Shield: Small, Medium, Large
Miscellaneous: Sprint, Protect I (9), Protect II - III, Intercept (10), Tireless (15)


Weapon Specializations






Realm Abilities

Symbol vote yes2 Useful Realm Abilities

  • Mastery Of Pain
  • Augmented Dexterity
  • Augmented Strength
  • Mastery of Blocking
  • Toughness

Neutral Neutral Realm Abilities

  • Purge
  • Augmented Con
  • Augmented Quickness
  • Avoidance of Magic
  • Determination
  • Mastery of Parrying
  • Serenity
  • Ignore Pain
  • Raging Power
  • Second Wind

Symbol vote no2 Useless Realm Abilities

  • Ethereal Bond
  • Lifter
  • Long Wind
  • Mastery of Magery
  • Veil Recovery
  • Wild Power
  • First Aid
  • Mystic Crystal Lore
  • Anger of the Gods
  • The Empty Mind
  • Augmented Acuity
  • Vehement Renewal
  • Wrath of Champions

Realm Rank 5 Ability

Master Level Paths


Useful Artifacts


Other Useful Items


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