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Online Auctioning Policy

Mythic Entertainment has a very definite policy about selling accounts and items using any online service or any other auctioning/sales system. Account selling and item auctioning is governed by the EUALA, violations of which will subject your account(s) to immediate termination. The current version of the EUALA may be downloaded from http://support.darkageofcamelot.com under the heading of "Player Policies."

1. Selling of Accounts, Items, Money and Equipment.
a. It is against Mythic policy to sell any items, money or equipment, using 'real' money. You MAY sell or auction your entire account, consistent with the terms and conditions set for in the EUALA.
b. We will ask all auctioning services to respect our policy and restrict the selling of equipment, money, and items on their services.
c. Use of any items that are significantly higher lvl than you are (Red con items or above), provides no noticeable benefit to you, as well as causing these items to degrade at a much faster rate.
d. We can and will take action (which may include suspension or termination) on any accounts found to be violating these polices.