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Quest Start: Evan
Quest Finish: Evan

Quest Text[]


Help Master Tailor Evan in Holtham by making a pair of roman gloves using rawhide salvaged from old leggings.


Hello again, *name*, hope you are having a better day than me.

I am still way behind on my orders and there is a leather shortage because the Hibernians destroyed our last shipment of leather! I am having to salvage bandit armor for rawhide... what a dark time this is for so many reasons. I fear I may never get caught up! Will you help me?

If you will hunt down a bandit and get rawhide leather from him, I will teach you to make roman gloves from salvaged rawhide. Furthermore, I will buy any additional rawhide gloves you make until I meet my quota. What do you say?

Get some rawhide bandit armor from a bandit.

You have obtained rawhide bandit leggings. (right click on the item in your inventory then click the SALVAGE button to salvage.

Speak with Evan to learn what to do next.

Evan says, "Those leggings will do fine. To salvage them, right click the icon in your inventory and then click the SALVAGE button to [salvage]."

Evan says, "Now, open your Specializations menu and find your Tailoring pattern book. Put the book on your quickbar, then click it to open the pattern window. Find 'roman gloves' in the list and click the gray box beside the title to reveal the [rawhide] gloves."

Evan says, "Put the rawhide gloves icon on your quickbar. Right-click the glove button to see the [ingredients] required. I have given you the 2 spools of woolen heavy thread required (in your backpack)."

Evan says, "Left click the glove button on your quickbar to make the gloves. You may not succeed on your first try, but keep at it. When the gloves are made, give them to me so I can inspect them."

Make a pair of gloves and give them to Evan

Evan says, "Done already? Well, let me have a look..."

Speak to Master Tailor Evan for your reward

Those gloves are well done! Here is some coin and a belt. I will be glad to buy any additional rawhide roman gloves you make until I meet my quota!

Miraveth sells wool thread in the marketplace but rawhide will have to come from the bandits....


  • Threadbare Belt
  • 965 experience
  • 2 silver 48 copper