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AF Buff

Minor Bark Skin
Lesser Bark Skin
Bark Skin
Major Bark Skin
Greater Bark Skin
Superior Bark Skin
Skin of the Redwood
Greater Skin of the Redwood
Major Skin of the Redwood
Superior Skin of the Redwood

Strength Buff

Strength of the Oak
Strength of the Redwood
Vigor of the Oak
Vigor of the Redwood
Force of the Oak
Force of the Redwood
Might of the Redwood

Dexterity Buff

Dexterity of the Ferret
Dexterity of the Rabbit
Dexterity of the Badger
Dexterity of the Lynx
Dexterity of the Bear
Dexterity of the Wolf

Constitution Buff

Oak's Stoutness
Oak's Stamina
Oak's Girth
Redwood's Stoutness
Redwood's Stamina
Redwood's Girth

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