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Names on Role-Playing Servers

General Naming Rules

When choosing a character name for any server, bear in mind that the name must first meet the requirements of the standard DAoC Player Policies. For example, names containing hateful language or profanity are not permitted. These rules apply to every user on every server in every realm, with no exceptions. For a full listing of those rules, refer to the Rules of Conduct, available in the Player Policies portion of the support site.

In addition to the rules that govern all DAoC users, players who opt to make use of a Role-Playing server must agree to do so in accord with the additional rules that apply to the Role-Playing servers.

Role-Playing Overview

Mythic Entertainment offers Role Playing servers as an alternative to the standard DAoC servers. Players who opt to participate on a Role Playing server must agree to far more specific rules regarding naming, conduct and behavior. This is done to maintain the integrity of the experience offered on a Role-Playing server.

Remember - you are on the Role-Playing server in order to have the most immersive experience possible within the world of DAoC. If you are asked to change a character's name, it is because the staff at Mythic is dedicated to maintaining the believability of the experience offered on the Role-Playing servers - not because they "don't like" your name. If you do not wish to change your character's name, you are welcome to move to a standard server with that name (so long as it follows the standard naming guidelines addressed previously).


The primary difference between the Role-Playing servers and the regular servers is the tolerance of conduct and characters that, technically, would not be found in a medieval world. In other words, on standard servers, users are free to use names and behave in ways that fall outside of the bounds of "believability" in terms of the world DAoC users populate.

On the Role-Playing servers, however, users are bound by an idea we call the "spirit of the game." Any name or behavior which could not have existed during Medieval times is not tolerated on the Role-Playing servers. This means that users may not discuss modern sports, politics, music or other aspects of current, popular culture. In addition, users should refrain from discussions of hardware, technology and anything which refers to DAoC as a game, rather than being an actual world. Names should also meet these criteria.

Names like "BaseballFan" or "CaliforniaJoe" are not offensive, but will not be tolerated on the Role-Playing servers. On Role-Playing servers, all characters must have appropriate birth-names, rather than descriptions, nicknames, references to past deeds, etc. This means that names like "DragonSlayer" or "Healer" are inappropriate. A good rule of thumb when developing your Role-Playing character is to ask yourself if a mother from your realm, at that time would name her child what you are considering naming your character. This means that, in addition to not referring to people, places, objects or situations which exist outside of the Medieval world, names should fit within the realm the character is from. For example, a character from Albion should not have a traditionally Viking name.


Mythic Entertainment staff members will actively enforce naming and behavior guidelines on the Role-Playing servers. If a character's name is deemed inappropriate for any reason, a Mythic Entertainment staff member will change the name to something appropriate. You will be given a chance to change the name after this, by submitting a list of alternates to our names@darkageofcamelot.com address.

If the player requests help finding an appropriate name, Mythic's staff is more than happy to assist them in finding a name that the player likes that also meets the criteria of the Role-Playing server.

If a player comes across someone who is behaving in a way that is contrary to the spirit of the game (for example, they are discussing baseball in Midgard), we ask that they politely ask the offending party to respect the rules of the server. If that person continues to violate the rules of the server or becomes hostile, a /appeal should be filed immediately so that the responsible player can be addressed through official channels.

If a character possesses a name which is felt to be in violation of the spirit of the game, a /appeal should be filed immediately. That character will then be reviewed and assisted with a name change if necessary.

If a player is asked to change a character's name and they feel that this was done in error or for inappropriate reasons, they are asked to send an email to dispute@darkageofcamelot.com explaining their position regarding the situation. If the name is deemed to have been changed in error, that name will be restored. All decisions regarding names, however, are made at the sole discretion of Mythic Entertainment and all decisions made pursuant to a dispute are final.