Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

There are various types of non player characters (NPCs) this list will describe what each NPC function is, and other associated abilities.

Type Description
Class Trainers Trains player classes
Tradeskill Masters Trains players in tradeskills
NPCs A non player character (eg Guards, Enemies, Quest Givers)
Merchant Buys from and Sells items to the player
Guard (NPC) Will attack any hostile NPC within range
Realm Guard Will attack only enemy players within range
Channeler Teleports a player to a selected area
Hastener Gives a temporary, low level (despite in game symbol) speed buff
Vault Keeper Allows access to the players storage vault.
Smith Repairs condition of players items
Enchanter (NPC) Enchants players items with magical bonus
Stable Master Provides players with a Taxi Horse to take them to other Stable Masters
Dock Master Provides players with a Taxi Boat to take them to other Dock Masters
Consignment Merchant Sells items for a player at listed prices, and placed outside of player house
Market Explorer Allows players to view all consignment merchants throughout their server
Mission Master Gives several different quest to the player (only in RvR)