Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
I am experiencing crashing and/or freezing when playing Dark Age of Camelot, and I am using an nForce motherboard from NVIDIA. What can I do?

Please visit the following website and download the most recent nForce Platform drivers for your motherboard. Running older versions of these drivers is a possible cause of crashing and freezing with our graphics engine.


In the Product Type box please select nForce.

For Product Series, please select your model nForce chipset. (If you have an older nForce chipset that is not listed, please click on Legacy Driver Download System at the bottom of the page)

Now Select your Product in the next drop down box, and then the Operating System that you are using.

Click the Search button and it should take you to the proper download for your nForce chipset.

Once the drivers finish downloading, simply click on the icon on your desktop in order to install them.