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Myrkwood Forest map
Realm: Midgard
Expansion: Classic
Gna Faste

Dark and foreboding, Myrkwood Forest is home to two towns and the most challenging dungeon in old world Midgard, Spindelhalla. The area around the city of Galplen has monsters appropriate to adventurers’ levels 25 to 30. Across the lake, the town of Gna Faste is home to a number of trainers not found in Galplen, but beware the creature Njessi who calls the lake its home.

Adjacent Zones


In Germanic mythology, Myrkviðr (Old Norse "mirky wood, dark wood" or "black forest") or, in anglicized form, Mirkwood, is the name of several forests.

The direct derivatives of the name occurs as a place name both in Sweden and Norway, and related forms of the name occur elsewhere in Europe, most famously the Black Forest (Schwarzwald), and may thus be a general term for dark and dense forests of ancient Europe.

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