Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

My computer freezes at the loading screen/bar when I try to log in.|The problem is occurring due to the firewall bringing up a popup window asking for you to allow/disallow the game.dll file from connecting. This is causing the computer to lock or in some cases just time out and you can hit Escape to exit. To get through this, please follow these directions:

1. Disable your firewall

2. Start the game again. Log in with your username and password and set Quick Entry to "No Thank You"

3. From the Character Selection screen, click on Options

4. Enable Windowed mode.

5. Exit the game and re-enable the firewall

6. Start the game again. This time the game will load in windowed mode and will allow the firewall popup(s) to come up. Allow the game.dll access through your firewall.

7. Log to the Character Selection Screen and click Options again.

8. Disable Windowed mode and restart the game. You will now be able to play in full screen and still be behind the firewall.

If however you can not disable the firewall to enable windowed mode via Options then try this:

1. The file you are looking for is user.dat. You can find it in one of the following locations:

Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows 98 Second Edition:

C:\Documents and Settings\<windows login name>\Application Data\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\<LotM or TOA or etc.>\


C:\Users\<windows login name>\AppData\Roaming\electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\<LotM or TOA or etc.>\

Note: The "Application Data" folder for XP and earlier, and the "AppData" folder for Vista, are hidden folders.

2. Right click on this file and choose Open With. You want to select from a list of applications to open the file with. Choose Notepad.

3. There is a function listed here named "windowed=" followed by a number 0. Edit this line to read as follows:


This will turn on Windowed mode.

4. Click on File and choose Save to save your changes.

5. Run the game again. It will then load into windowed mode. At this point you will be able to allow the popup from your firewall.

6. Once you have allowed the connection you can exit the game and re-edit the user.dat file to disable the windowed mode.