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Muspelheim map
Realm: Midgard
Expansion: Classic

Home of the fire giants, Muspelheim is a charred land with pits of bubbling lava. Adventurers in their 20s to 30s can find monsters a plenty to hunt here. Be careful of angering the Dverge, who make their homes here because your trainer may send you to perform tasks for them in pursuit of magical arms and armor.

Adjacent Zones


In Norse mythology, Muspelheim ("Flame land"), also called Múspell, is a realm of fire. This realm is one of the Nine Worlds and it is home to the fire jötunn or the Sons of Muspell, and Surtr, their ruler. It is fire; and the land to the North, Niflheim, is ice. The two mixed and created water from the melting ice in Ginnungagap.

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