Dark Age of Camelot Wiki
Moving Around in the Game

You may use either the mouse or the keyboard to move within the game.


You may use the mouse to both control your pointer or to change your point-of-view. If you wish to move your mouse pointer to move, use the "Mouse Look" button. You can check which key this is bound to by typing /keyboard. You can also use the "Mouse Look Toggle" button to move about with the mouse only while the key is pressed. Many players prefer to map "Mouse Look Toggle" to the right mouse button, allowing them to move with the mouse by holding the key down. You may use the mouse pointer to select objects in the world, initiate conversations with NPCs, visit trainers and target players, objects or monsters.


The keyboard controls are designed to complement the mouse, or can be used independently. You can adjust your key bindings by selecting the Keyboard Configuration selection from the Options menu on the character select screen.

You can also bind specific hotkeys to a certain key by using the /qbind # # command, where the # represents the Quick Bar and hotkey you want to use. For example, to bind a the letter F to Quick Bar 5, hotkey 1, you would type /qbind 5 1 then R.

Camera Views

Dark Age of Camelot supports three camera views: first person, third person, and 3rd person "locked." If you are in 3rd person view and wish to pan around to see from a different angle, hold down the ~ key and use the movement arrows or mouselook to move the camera about.