Dark Age of Camelot Wiki

Quest Start: Lord Stamford
Quest Finish: Master Gethin
Leads To: Basics of Combat (Alb)

Quest Text[]

Lord Stamford says, "Welcome to Caer Stamford, *class*. Here, you will learn the basic skills needed to defend yourself needed to defend yourself as you explore our realm and grow in power and wisdom. Now, without further delay, let's get you started on your [training]."

You have been given the Movement and Interaction Quest.

Lord Stamford says, "If you exit through the doors behind me, you will enter the courtyard. In the courtyard, you will find Master Gethin, who will be your training instructor. Go now and speak to Master Gethin."

Master Gethin says, "Welcome, recruit! I am Master Gethin, and I will be your training instructor. We're at war with friends and foes of all kinds, so that's about as much small talk as you'll get out of me. Let's get on with your training, then! Are you [ready to learn]?"


Step Description
Step #1 After you have practiced moving around in the room, Right-click on the Lord.
Step #2 Left-click to open the large doors behind the Lord, then enter the courtyard of the keep. Look for Master Gethin, and when you find him, right-click on him.
Step #3 Master Gethin, the training instructor of Caer Stamford, is waiting to speak with you. Right-click on him begin a conversation.