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Keepers of Song, the Minstrels of the realm of Albion provide many helpful services to their realm-mates. They are capable of many tasks, including crowd control, direct damage, increased run speeds, and much more. They find themselves in the position of being good at many things, but gods at nothing. Holding these valuable skills proves great worth in the fight against monsters and enemies in other realms.

The Minstrel's run speeds makes them and their group-mates very hard to catch in the frontier. As a defensive mechanism, groups will seek out Minstrels in hopes of having this ability to outrun the enemy and to travel to their destinations much quicker than most. That's just one of several reasons that groups would seek out a Minstrel.

Minstrels have many offensive and defensive abilities, though they rely heavily on their songs to stay alive. They must play instruments when performing musical pieces, unlike their Skald counterparts in Midgard. Minstrels derive from the rogue classes of Albion. They have many similarities to the Infiltrator class in that they have the ability to stealth and sneak around their enemies whenever they are in danger. Though they have these similarities, they are not nearly as strong as the Infiltrator when it comes to hiding.

Attributes & Races[]

Briton 60 + 45 60 + 23 60 + 15 60606060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Highlander 60 + 45 50 + 23 70 + 15 70506060603% Crush2% Slash5% Cold
Saracen 60 + 45 80 + 23 50 + 15 50606060602% Slash3% Thrust5% Heat
Inconnu 60 + 45 70 + 23 50 + 15 60507060602% Crush3% Thrust5% Heat5% Spirit

Abilities & Specialization[]

409s Sprint
403s Stealth
Abilitys Evade I (1)
Abilitys Evade II (15)
Abilitys Tireless (15)


Instruments *

104s Cloth
105s Leather
163s Studded
106s Chain

209s Staves
202s Slashing
205s Thrusting
226s Shield (Small)

Master Levels
2628s Sojourner
2706s Warlord

Sub Classes
3616s Acolyte
3696s Disciple
3702s Elementalist
3628s Fighter
3699s Mage

496s Alchemy
498s Armorcraft
485s Basic Crafting
489s Fletching
488s Spellcrafting
492s Tailoring
499s Weaponcraft
497s Siegecraft

Common specializations

Grouping Specializations

  1. 50 Instruments, 44 Slash/Thrust (no Stealth and thus no Climb Walls)
  2. 50 Instruments, 34 Slash/Thrust, 25 Stealth (for Climb Walls)

Solo Specializations

  1. 50 Instruments, 29 Slash/Thrust, 33 Stealth (Most common Stealth spec)
  2. 50 Instruments, 44 Slash/Thrust (Common spec for visible solo with pet)
  3. 50 Instruments, 34 Slash/Thrust, 25 Stealth (For Climb walls mostly, but can Stealth reasonably well)



Charm an OJ+ pet, buff it, and farm. :)


Just a quick run-down of basic Minstrel tactics in RvR.


  • Primary role is Speed & Interrupts.
  • Make frequent use of your flute mezz as a 1500 range interrupt while running around looking for the best targets to interrupt. (Support and Caster classes)
  • Use your 4 instants for interrupts wisely.
  • Keep speed running at all times for your own support classes.
  • If your Sorc is mezzed or busy, demezz Sorc/others.
  • Only pull your sword out to interrupt or occasionally to peel with snare style.
  • Unless you're clearly winning a fight, your DDs are not for damage.
  • If you have nothing else to do, Champion Level Disease can be a useful thing to cast on enemies.
  • Use FZ wisely at key moments to disable a primary healer, or as a last ditch effort to peel someone off your own primary healer.

Solo w/pet:

  • See PVE section. :)
  • Stay alive
  • If in danger, kite, kite, kite...

Solo Stealth w/o pet:

  • A classic favorite "from Stealth" attack for a Stealth Minstrel is to start your mezz song on a player within ~1000 range, which takes a fixed 3s to cast. While it's still playing, and before it lands, lay your DDs down on your opponent. Then use champion debuffs to debuff your messed opponent (debuffs don't break mezz!), and break your mezz with champion disease and another set of insta DDs.
  • A modification of the above classic is to cast disease first to prevent Health Mythirians from healing all/most of the damage of the initial set of DDs. On a prepared and aware opponent this carries the risk of maybe not being able to land your mezz, but in most cases it's pretty easy to land all of them from stealth.
  • If your opponent purges your mezz, that leaves them open for the stun. If they don't purge, do NOT use your stun right away. Most often they're holding Purge for your stun, so if you stun right away then you allow your opponent to also purge the debuffs & disease on them! Make them fight debuffed for a bit, and then use your stun.
  • These are all just suggestions of course, and as anything they carry trade-offs. Some people like to stun first in anticipation of a minute-long fight, so they can stun again after a minute is up. So you can also stun right off the bat and not use mezz, and if they purge stun you can use mezz at any time to stop the fight and heal/debuff/disease. Beware though, many people won't purge a Minstrel's stun when they're at/near full health. They know a petless Minstrel can't deliver much damage in the ~6-7s that stun generally lasts.
  • If you're faced with a tough opponent whom is not purging your stun, you can try making them pay for it with a snare style and kiting them for another round of DDs. (Again works best if they have disease on them to prevent them from regenerating health.)

General Solo tactics:

  • Minstrels usually focus on their survivability more then their melee prowess. We can often outlast our opponents due to our ability to control a fight with CC, as well as our fairly strong ability to soak up melee damage.

Realm Abilities[]

Symbol vote yes2 Primary Realm Abilities Symbol vote yes2 Neutral Secondary Realm Abilities Neutral Symbol vote no2 Useless Realm Abilities Symbol vote no2

Ras Long Wind
Ras Mastery of Focus
Ras Mastery of Pain
Ras Wild Minion
Ras Wild Power

Ras Augmented Acuity
Ras Augmented Constitution
Ras Augmented Dexterity
Ras Augmented Quickness
Ras Augmented Strength
Ras Avoidance of Magic
Ras Mastery of Magery
Ras Toughness

Ras Ethereal Bond
Ras Lifter
Ras Serenity
Ras Veil Recovery

3003s Ignore Pain
3010s Purge
3020s Speed of Sound

3021s Ameliorating Melodies
3000s First Aid
3006s Mastery of Concentration
3007s The Empty Mind

3008s Mystic Crystal Lore
3009s Raging Power
3002s Second Wind

Realm Rank 5 Ability - Calming Notes[]

Insta-cast spell that mesmerizes all enemies within 750 radius for 20 seconds. (Reuse timer 5 minutes.) This recently upgraded ability has become a powerful tool in the Minstrels arsenal.

Usable Artifacts[]


  • Crocodile's Tooth Dagger (Slash or Thrust)
  • Battler (Slash)
  • Golden Spear (Thrust)
  • Malice's Axe (Slash)
  • Traitor's Dagger (Slash or Thrust)


  • Aten's Shield (Molvik Usable)
  • Cyclop's Eye Shield



  • Eirene's Hauberk (Melee Version)
  • Guard of Valor (Melee Version)


  • Arms of the Winds
  • Foppish Sleeves


  • Crown of Zahur (Caster Version)
  • The Winged Helm


  • Alvaru's Leggings
  • Wings Dive


  • Maddening Scalars (Melee Version)


  • Enyalio's Boots



  • Belt of Oglidarsh
  • Belt of the Sun
  • Orion's Belt (Molvik Usable)


  • Band of Stars
  • Ceremonial Bracers
  • Night's Shroud Bracelet
  • Snatcher


  • Harpy's Feather Cloak
  • Shade's of Mist


  • Atlantis Tablet
  • Dream Sphere
  • Eerie Darkness Stone
  • Flask
  • Gem of Lost Memories (Molvik Usable)


  • Goddess' Necklace
  • Phoebus' Harp Necklace


  • Crocodile's Tear Ring
  • Ring of Dances
  • Ring of Unyielding Will (Molvik Usable)
  • Scorpion's Tail Ring

Other Useful Items[]


  • Health
  • Blocking
  • Evading
  • Safe Fall