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Each character that is a member of a guild can earn Guild Merit Points for their guild by leveling, getting new realm ranks, completing master levels and getting certain levels of tradeskills. If a character is guildless when he achieves a milestone, no Guild Merit Points are awarded.

Earning Points[]

Players receive a message when they've earned guild merit points for their guild. The points gained are greater for the first time that a character hits a milestone in a given achievement on that server. Secondary achievements on that server and account will receive a reduced amount of points.

For example, the first time that a player achieves Master Level 5 on a server, his guild will receive 100 Guild Merit Points. Every additional character on that account and server will only award 50 Guild Merit Points for Master Level 5. Note that these achievements are measured by account and server. So if one character on an account 'passes' the highest achieving character on that account in that achievement, then the guild will recieve the first time award.

Points awarded for the primary character of each area of achievement are
  • Levels 2-50: You get a certain number of guild merit points per level. (Value: These scale from 6 at level 2 to 253 at level 50.)
  • Realm Rank 2+: You get a certain number of guild merit points per RR. (Value: 3*(RR-1)^2.)
  • Master Level 1-10: You get a certain number of guild merit points per ML completed. (Value: 20*ML completed.)
  • Tradeskill 700, 800, 900, or 1000: You get a certain number of guild merit points per each of these levels. (Value: Tradeskill level -600.)
Points awarded for all secondary characters of each area of achievement
  • Levels 45-50: You get the same 45-50 reward as a primary guilded character, but no reward below 45.
  • Realm Rank 2+: Same reward as a primary guilded character.
  • Master Level 1-10: Half the reward that the primary guilded character receives. (Value: 10* ML completed.)
  • Tradeskill 1000: 250 points.

Guild Bonuses[]

Guilds can spend their guild merit points to get one of five merit bonuses. Merit bonuses cost 1000 guild merit points and will be applied to everyone in the guild. The bonus provided to the guild by the merit point system, as noted in /gc info, lasts 24 hours.

The current guild command is /gc buff <type>, where type is: artifact, crafting, rps, xp or mlxp.

Guild members must have permission from the Guild Master in order to select bonuses for the guild. (/gc edit <rank num> buff Y would be the command to allow a certain rank permission to grant the guild bonus buffs.)

  • Master Level Experience Bonus - 20%
  • Craft Haste Bonus - 5%
  • Artifact Experience Bonus - 5%
  • Realm Point Bonus - 2%
  • PvE Experience Bonus - 5%