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There are those who do not choose to fight for glory or a higher purpose. They work for money. The Guild of Shadows employs Mercenaries for the defense of Albion, and these "dirty" fighters are known to be quick and light on their feet, charging an enemy and quickly cutting them down. They scoff at the shiny platemail of the heavier-clad fighters, choosing to wear chainmail, which affords them the ability to be able to occasionally dodge enemy blows.

Not necessarily able to put out the sheer devastating damage of a polearm blow, Mercenaries utilize a weapon in each hand to be able to break through the defenses that a slow tank might find difficult.

Loyal to Albion, they do not want to see it overrun by enemies, but they might as well make a profit by the conflict.

Attributes & Races Edit

Briton 60 + 45 60 + 23 60 + 15 60606060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Avalonian 45 + 45 45 + 23 60 + 15 70806060602% Crush3% Slash5% Spirit
Highlander 70 + 45 70 + 23 50 + 15 50606060603% Crush2% Slash5% Cold
Saracen 50 + 45 50 + 23 80 + 15 60606060602% Slash3% Thrust5% Heat
Inconnu 50 + 45 60 + 23 70 + 15 50706060602% Crush3% Thrust5% Heat5% Spirit
Half Ogre 90 + 45 70 + 23 40 + 15 40606060603% Slash2% Thrust5% Body
Minotaur 80 + 45 70 + 23 50 + 15 40606060604% Crush3% Heat3% Cold

Abilities & Specialization Edit

409s.png Sprint
411s.png Protect I (15)
411s.png Protect II (23)
411s.png Protect III (32)
410s.png Intercept (19)
abilitys.png Evade I (10)
abilitys.png Tireless (15)
478s.png Dirty Tricks (20)
abilitys.png Prevent Flight (24)
477s.png Flurry (30)
abilitys.png Stoicism (35)
abilitys.png Enhanced Evade (35)

Slash *
Thrust *
Dual Wield

104s.png Cloth
105s.png Leather
163s.png Studded
106s.png Chain

209s.png Staves
202s.png Slashing
205s.png Thrusting
211s.png Crushing
224s.png Shortbows
226s.png Shield (Medium)

Master Levels
2660s.png Banelord
2616s.png Battlemaster

Sub Classes
3616s.png Acolyte
3696s.png Disciple
3702s.png Elementalist
3699s.png Mage
3636s.png Rogue

496s.png Alchemy
498s.png Armorcraft
485s.png Basic Crafting
489s.png Fletching
488s.png Spellcrafting
492s.png Tailoring
499s.png Weaponcraft
497s.png Siegecraft

Examples for SkillingEdit

As a Mercenary it is always usefull to spec 50 Dual Wield to get all styles out of this specline, as well as increasing the chance to hit with your offhand (ak the left hand) weapon and to increase the styledamage by the Dual Wield styles. This is the way to go since Dual Wield styles are the styles you want to use to do damage.

The second important thing is to train the damage type you want to use. This depends on the race you chose and the weapons you have. It is important to reach 50 (including all +skills) in that spec at level 50.

If you want to advance you can consider to train Shields as well. Shields allow you to stun someone with the first style up to 10 seconds. However, since the patch 1.109 the main shield ability, called Slam (had 9 seconds stun), got the stun time reduced to 5 seconds. This leads to the point that you might consider to use the side style of the shild spec line, called Mangle, which stunes for 8 seconds or the back style Bash with a 7 second stun duration.

So one exampe of skilling a merc at realm rank 1 with +11 in all melee skills would be:

  • 50 Dual Wield (for max DPS if needed and the higher chance to hit with the offhand)
  • 39 in a weaponskill of your choice (for example: Slash)
  • 42 Shields (for side and back stun, as well as slam for casters that face you)
  • 6 parry (rest of skillpoints)




Mercenary are MA

Realm AbilitiesEdit

Symbol vote yes2 Primary Realm Abilities Symbol vote yes2 Neutral Secondary Realm Abilities Neutral Symbol vote no2 Useless Realm Abilities Symbol vote no2

ras.png Augmented Strength
ras.png Determination
ras.png Mastery of Pain

ras.png Augmented Constitution
ras.png Augmented Dexterity
ras.png Augmented Quickness
ras.png Avoidance of Magic
ras.png Long Wind
ras.png Mastery of Parrying
ras.png Toughness

ras.png Lifter
ras.png Mastery of Blocking
ras.png Veil Recovery

3034s.png Charge
3010s.png Purge

3003s.png Ignore Pain

3000s.png First Aid
ras.png Reflex Attack
3002s.png Second Wind
3007s.png The Empty Mind

Realm Rank 5 Ability Edit

Name Blinding Dust
Reuse 5 Minutes
Effect Insta-cast PBAE Attack that causes the enemy to have a 25% chance to fumble melee/bow attacks and a 50% nearsight for the next 15 seconds.

Useful ArtifactsEdit


Full Use:

  • Alvarus' Leggings
  • Arms of the Winds
  • Aten's Shield
  • Band of Stars
  • Battler
  • Belt of Oglidarsh
  • Belt of the Sun
  • Bruiser
  • Ceremonial Bracers
  • Crocodile's Tooth
  • Crown of Zahur (Melee)
  • Cyclop's Eye Shield
  • Dream Sphere
  • Eerie Darkness Lightingstone
  • Eirene's Chestpiece
  • Enyalios Boots
  • Flask
  • Gem of Lost Memories
  • Goddess' Necklace
  • Guard of Valor
  • Harpy Feather Cloak
  • Maddening Scalars
  • Malice Axe
  • Night's Shroud Bracelet
  • Orion's Belt
  • Ring of Unyielding Will
  • Scorpion's Tail
  • Shades of Mist
  • Snatcher
  • Spear of Kings
  • Tablet of Atlantis
  • Traitor's Dagger
  • Winged Helm
  • Wing's Dive

Partial Use:

  • Egg of Youth
  • Phoebus' Harp
  • Sceptre of the Meritorious

Other Useful ItemsEdit


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